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Renaissance test

The intellectual movement that sees humans as the sole valid arbiter of their values and purpose, interest in the ancient world
The social, artistic, and cultural “rebirth” that arose in Europe in the 14th century
the rejection of supernatural religion as the arbiter of earthly action; emphasis on worldly and humanistic affairs
Renaissance test

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nowhere; Greek term used to denote an ideal place or society
Why did the Renaissance occur?
Change in economy, new ideas, appreciation of the arts; artists and money, new growing upper class
economy during the Renaissance
increased trade with Asia, Growth of wealthy city states: Florence, Venice, Milan
introduction to art in the renaissance
new interest in classics: Greek and Roman
Rise of the rich who spent their money on art
other interest in the renaissance
beautify and build cities, interest in science and technology
increased trade gave…
rise to Italian city states and a wealthy middle class of bankers and merchants
wealthy bankers and merchants wanted…
to show off their new high status by commissioning art
The rise of the cities brought
artists together which led to new techniques and styles of art
most important Italian city-state
Florence (but Milan and Venice also top 3)
wealthy family of Florence, led the way to revitalize Rome and made Florence the new athens
Values in Renaissance art
realism and emotion: first nude paintings since Rome
Classicism: inspiration from Greece and Rome
Emphasis on individual and interaction between people
geometric arrangements
perspective; vanishing point
using light and shadows

domes, statues, paintings, religion (Catholic), idealized, detailed, ornate, naked people

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Four main artist during the renaissance
Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael
1st great sculptor of the renaissance, statue of David
painter, sculptor, architect, and poet. He showed realism in the human body, Sistine chapel; painting
Leonardo da Vinci
painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist (true renaissance man)
last super painting, Masterpiece: Mona Lisa
perfected renaissance painting, student of both Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, got hired by the Pope.
School of Athens- Greek and Rome
Filippo Bunelleschi
Florence’s greatest architect, dome is specific to classic and renaissance, built centerpiece of the town; cathedral in the heart of Florence, studied in and studied the Penthian, *made single point perspective*
Northern renaissance
Spread from Italy as scholars and merchants from other areas visited Italian city states, as it spread it developed its own characteristics
England was most known for
literature especially the plays of William Shakespeare
France was most known for
its unique architecture
the Netherlands were most known forh
is realism in art
Characteristics of Renaissance literature
*Repeating: Classics (Greek and Roman) Humanism, Religion (Catholic) *
theatre, royalty (queen), science, technology, math, (rise of) the merchant class, exploration
most depicted religious figure of the renaissance
The Renaissance was never really
a thing because it happened over such a long period of time it could have never been an actual thing it was just a series of interconnected events that were dependent on eachother
why is the Renaissance so important even today
because Europe is the center of art and history even today, 4 countries of Europe make up the G7, Europe is so influential throughout the world,
during the renaissance the average person
didn’t really know or do anything, it was more for the upper class.
What renaissance values would encourage the kind of exploration and interactions that the Spainards and the other Europeans had in the Americas?
Perspective and vanishing point could have given explorers new curiosity about what’s beyond the “vanishing point” and wanting to the see the world from a new perspective
After the dark ages
Italy lit up the world. it emerged from the devastating clouds of the black death
The enterprise of renaissance engineering is
the recovery of ancient knowledge, achieving such genius was a struggle as builders built unprecedented natural disaster, church dogma, and each other
this bold new era gave the idea that
nothing was impossible
through the system of feudalism
stability is being reinstituted to the Italian peninsula mainly through the Holy Roman Empire
resource necessary for the prosperity of Sienna
renaissance architects were forced to focus their attention on
war, they built thicker slanted walls to defend during war. the were better because they held heavy machinery and were better defense, resisted incoming cannon balls
former powerhouse is on the rise again, begin papal state when pope moves back to Rome
Pope Sixtus V
felt the need to revitalize Rome, so he rounded up all the peasants and killed them, when water returned to Rome the population boomed
During the Renaissance
Modern culture begins, pulled Europe out of the dark age

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Renaissance test
humanism The intellectual movement that sees humans as the sole valid arbiter of their values and purpose, interest in the ancient world Renaissance The social, artistic
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Renaissance test
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