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    Middle Ages time era
    5th cen- 15th cen
    Inventions of middle ages
    glass mirrors
    events in the middle ages
    Marco Polo journey to China
    Black Death
    What church was the only church in Europe
    Catholic Church
    Nobility to Peasants
    Kings– Lords–Knights–Serfs
    owned nothing, worked the land and paid taxes to the King
    The Serfs
    had no voice and were considered property
    both religious and secular
    distinguished between folk and dance as an art from court dances
    dance masters
    dance became an accomplishment of the ______ for _____ as the standard training for gentlemen and women
    nobility, etiquette
    True or False Performers were baptized
    What are Minstrels?
    traveling performers who brought entertainment and news from other lands
    What type of entertainment did Gleeman & Gleemaidens offer?
    sword & rope dances, novelty acts, tumbling and balancing, TRAVELING ACROBATS
    Who are the Troubadours?
    Strolling musicians- traveling entertainers who performed dance songs
    What are Jesters?
    comics and fools associated with the devil and are permanent residence of a noble household
    musicians and jugglers- permanent residence of noble household
    Commedia dell “Arte
    dance, music, and theatrical components; family traveling troupes with roots in byzantine mimes who fled Constantinople
    liturgical and sacred type of dancing
    Religious Dance
    men and women worshiped separately true or false
    performed for church festival
    Religious Dance
    Mystery Plays
    educate people on church teachings, held in church
    Miracle Plays
    told the lives of saints and martyrs, traveled the streets
    Morality Plays
    Illustrated moral truths (ex good vs evil)
    performed in graveyards to ward of dead spirits and death
    Dance of death
    to remind people of the fragility of life and “how vain were the glories of earthly life”
    dance of death
    The Children’s Crusaders and the Pied Piper (led children to their death)
    Dance Mania
    St. Vitus’ Dance
    went crazy and started dancing and mass hysteria spread and dance into oblivion
    people had health issues that made their bodies move involuntarily
    dances for fun, folk dance
    secular dance
    Renaissance Era
    14th -17th century
    cultural movement that affected intellectual life in the early modern period
    Renaissance Dance
    search for realism and human emotion in religion, art, and life
    humanist method
    rise of ________ and development of ___________
    secular morals, protestantism
    driving force behind period
    merchant class
    inventions in the renaissance
    printing press
    gunpowder and cannon changed warfare
    metals and textiles produced in bulk
    ship building led to trade and global exploration
    discoveries in the renaissance
    columbus lands in bahamas
    vasco de gama discovers roue to india
    Magellan circles the globe
    slow, dignified, gliding considered low
    basse danse
    earliest court dance performed by nobility to show off attire 4/4 time
    pavane dance
    energetic dances with leaps and lifts
    haute dance
    gay, vigorous dance couples held hands while dancing around or up and down the hall several times
    popular among young dancers; risque dance; revealed the knees and left both partners giddy and breathless from continuous turning and lifting
    La Volta
    secular music evolved from folk songs to refined songs
    Renaissance Ages
    _________ & __________ changed the theology to include humanism
    Martin Luther King , John Calvin
    pope power became limited due to corruption true or false
    _________and ________ helped produce musical instruments
    Metal tools , math theories
    music cost less b/c of printing press true or false
    1400 and 1500 what music instruments were invented
    organ and violin
    religion change, humanistic values
    significant life on earth =

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