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Renaissance, Reformation, Absolution and Exploration MC

the word “renaissance” means…
a rebirth and revival of arts and sciences through Greco-Roman knowledge
where did the Renaissance begin in?

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wrote about ideas on behavior in the person of the ideal courtier who would be loyal to his lord and would strive to act like him. who is physically fit and brave, and must love the lord’s people as his own
sly, ruthless
Machiavellian person today
wrote about the power of princes and if it is better to be feared or to be loved by your subjects
printing press
Johannes Gutenberg
books were made quicker and cheaper, the spread of knowledge increased across Europe, things could be printed in the vernacular because of this
1450-1600 AD
Renaissance dates
urbane person
belief in human potential
financial supporter of the Arts
Act of Supremacy
made henry VIII Head of the Church of England
Council of Trent
met to re-evaluate Roman Catholic doctrine and teachings
Martin Luther posted 95 thesis on Church Door
the sinners and saints
John Calvin believed in a world divided into…
when a ruler has complete control over their subjects and controls every aspect of daily life
Treaty of tordesillas
in 1494 agreement between spain and Portugal that all newly discovered land to the East of the line of demarcation belonged to Portugal and west belonged to spain.
Bartholomew Dias
first european explorer to recognize that a land mass did not connect Africa to Asia
Hernan Cortes
explorer who successfully conquered the Aztec Empire
Ferdinand Magellan
successfully circumnavigated the globe
Jean-Baptiste Colbert
finance minister who encouraged Louis XIV to follow the economic policy of mercantilism
bureaucrats drawn from the middle class
Vasco da Gama
set sail in 1497, goes down west coast of Africa, across the Indian ocean the Calicut (India)
Christopher Columbus
1492- goes to find Northwest Passage across the Atlantic Ocean, lands on San Salvador, caribbean
doesn’t realize he found continent
Pedro Albarez Cabral
discovered Brazil for portugal
Amerigo Vespucci
discovered south and central america
Francisco Pizarro
conquered Inca in Peru
defend the catholic reformation
an important goal of Philip II was to
the monarchy as an institution
what did the restoration restore to power in england
english war, restoration, glorious revolution
English history events
french Calvinists
Charles I
parliament had executed
Philip II sent troops here to crush a rebellion
cultural center of Europe in 1600s
William and mary
invited by English people to rule England and start the glorious revolution
supporters of parliament
established a foundation for constitutional monarchy
in seventeenth century england
disappeared from map of europe as a result of Russia Prussia and Austria
edict of nantes
granted religious toleration to the huguenots

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Renaissance, Reformation, Absolution and Exploration MC
rebirth the word "renaissance" means... renaissance a rebirth and revival of arts and sciences through Greco-Roman knowledge
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Renaissance, Reformation, Absolution and Exploration MC
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