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    Neoclassicism | Painting Styles Essay

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    In addition, during the Neoclassicism art movement artist stumbled across an unforeseen problem, in which neoclassical artists were unsure as to whether an image of a hero or famous person in artwork should be portrayed as in the traditional Classical or Contemporary costume. Furthermore, neoclassical artists were not known to have incorporated gestures and emotions in images within their artworks (Assayer, 2010). For example, this is visible in a piece of artwork from the Neoclassicism moment known as The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Utilities.

    The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Utilities is an astonishing piece of artwork by neoclassical artist Jacques Louis David in 1812, This particular piece of artwork was originally painted on a canvas with oil (National Gallery of Art, 2009). In addition, this particular painting portrays a portrait of three subjects also known as that of Napoleon, soldier, emperor, and administrator (National Gallery of Art, 2009).

    This paintings style and technique are typical to that of the neoclassicism movement, in which virtue has been reinforced by simple lines, and where color helps to enhance moral perfection along with measure and proportions. Furthermore, the artist here as accomplished a sense of order and harmony as well as perfection, in the painting of the Emperor Napoleon. Impressionism Impressionism was an art movement closely associated with the late 19th century to early 20th century (Sayers 2010).

    According to Assayer, 2010, the Impressionism art movement started out as paintings and then opened the doors for a new form of art known as music. Impressionist artists created artworks that were a record visual reality to them, in terms of paintings that used transient effects of light and color to portray this reality (Assayer, 2010). In addition, Impressionism artist were less interested in social criticism, rather than in depicting works of art associated with life’s pleasure (Assayer, 2010).

    Thus, artwork was created with an array of flat colors giving a perspective depth, while minimizing the setting to help the viewer see the surface patterns and the relationships of the picture (Britannica Encyclopedia, 2009). An example of artwork tromp the impressionism movement is the painting tot The Luncheon tot the Boating party, The Luncheon of the Boating party is a painting by Pierre- Augusta Renoir from 1880 to 1881 (The Phillips Collection, 2009). According to The Phillips Collection (2009), the painting was a reflection to the changes of Preach society during the mid to late 19th century.

    Renoir tended to create his artworks by painting the models themselves as they posed, traditionally depicting real life pleasures and situations. This particular artwork uses very bright and vivid colors With long strokes in different directions, While this change in light gives the appearance of transforming impressions. Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism art movement began in American painting in the sass’s and by the ass’s it was the most popular movement in Western painting. Abstract Expressionism painting is very abstract and also referred to in Other terms as action painting (Assayer, 201 OX.

    This movement brought about artworks and paintings that were not familiar to the visible eye or world, rather expressive capacities produced large scale gestures and styles (Assayer, 2010). For example, some of the most common characteristics used to describe the artworks of the Abstract Expressionism are spontaneous, personal emotions, and freedom. An example of a painting from the Abstract Expressionism movement is Autumn Rhythm. According to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Autumn Rhythm is a painting by Jackson Pollock in 1950.

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