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The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht



Words: 1255 (6 pages)

The play that will be discussed in this critique will be The Caucasian Chalk Circle, written by Bertolt Brecht. I saw the play on September 29th at the Jose Quintero theatre and the production was directed by Justin Lucero. Before taking this theatre class I had never heard of The Caucasian Chalk Circle, so the…

Critique of Systematic Reviews (964 words)


Information Systems

Words: 964 (4 pages)

Databases searched by Loiselle et al. (2016) included PubMed; CINAHL, ERIC, Ovid, PsychINFO, EBSCOhost, EBMAR, and Scopus. Search dates included were all dates for PubMED and 1982 through February 2015 for the other databases. Eight key terms used for search were: medication compliance, sickle cell disease, adolescent, infant, child, treatment compliance, sickle cell anemia, and…

Ethics in Police Administration



Words: 1442 (6 pages)

Abstract This critique aims to dissect two articles on the ethics of different areas of police administration. These articles will be analyzed by their individual strengths and weaknesses. One article focuses on the ethics encompassed by undercover police work and the other focuses on what actual police officers view as the ethical trends and standards…

A Critique of Angela’s Ashes Essay


Words: 707 (3 pages)

Mrs. SingletaryIt is a frequent view that times for the Irish majority in the 1930s and 40s were very hard. Especially for the Irish Catholic families with the stereotypical drunken father, emotionally ruined mother, kids running around her with her a sore back from the next child to be born. In Angelas Ashes, Frank McCourt…

Fears Associated with Pregnancy and Childbirth


Words: 342 (2 pages)

?Melender, H. S. Lauri, S. (1999). Fears associated with pregnancy and childbirth-Experiences of women who have recently given birth Midwifery, 15(3), 178-183. This descriptive study was undertaken to describe fears associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Also to see whether women who have recently given birth feel that their fears were justified. A convenience sample of…

The Last Night Of Ballyhoo – Production Critique Essay


Words: 1246 (5 pages)

This paper is a critique of a production of The Last Night of Ballyhoo, a play written by Alfred Uhry, which was performed and produced by the Ball State University Theatre. Gilbert L. Bloom directed the production and was very successful with producing a truly entertaining, comedic play with an important message about the personal…

Critique of The Darling Essay (995 words)


Words: 995 (4 pages)

Critique of “The Darling”For centuries, women have turned and have entrusted in men for advice to fulfill their lives with romance. Some women, even though they had difficulty establishing a satisfactory bond with their spouse, still had a tendency to have a dependency on the male spouse for identity. For a woman to become a…

Critique: Getting Off The Welfare Carousel Essay


Words: 690 (3 pages)

Getting Off the Welfare Carousel written by Teresa McCrary, discusses thestruggle a single mother in today’s world goes through trying to give their children thebest they deserve. The article speaks of the stereotypical remarks, toward the women onwelfare and the accusations of them so called milking the system. Teresa tells us how thenation-wide view of…

The Fault in Our Starts Critique Essay


Words: 1037 (5 pages)

John Green shows the funny way to tell a sad story through the humorous, sarcastic tone while talking about something as severe and upsetting as cancer _ This book Will have you laughing and crying by the time you reach the end, it is certainly a book Roth reading. Hazel Grace Lancaster, the 16 year…

Piano Critique Essay (1554 words)


Words: 1554 (7 pages)

Friday, February 21, 2014, was the first time that I had the pleasure of sitting in on a piano recital in Merrill Hall. It was a concert by Hye Jin Cho, a young lady from Korea, performing three extensive pieces of music for her graduate recital. I was fortunate enough to be present to watch…

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What are the steps in a critique?
4 Steps to Useful Critiques: The Lerman Method
  1. Statement of meaning. There’s nothing fancy about a statement of meaning. You just say what you found meaningful, evocative, startling, or exciting in the work.
  2. Questions from the writer. The writer asks, the group responds. ...
  3. Questions from the group members. The group asks, the writer answers. ...
  4. Opinions. Gosh, I’ve already spilled so much ink on 1-3. ...
What should be included in a critique?
Collect basic information Regardless of the subject of the article you are going to critique, your paper has to contain some basic information, including the:
  • Title of the article reviewed.
  • Title of the journal where it is published, along with the date and month of publication, volume number, and pages where the article can be found.
  • Statement of the main issue or problem revealed in the piece.
  • Purpose, research methods, approach, hypothesis, and key findings. Therefore, the first step is to collect this information.
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