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    Critique: Getting Off The Welfare Carousel Essay

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    Getting Off the Welfare Carousel written by Teresa McCrary, discusses thestruggle a single mother in today’s world goes through trying to give their children thebest they deserve. The article speaks of the stereotypical remarks, toward the women onwelfare and the accusations of them so called milking the system. Teresa tells us how thenation-wide view of them is totally wrong. The majority of women Teresa knows onwelfare are hard working individuals and would do anything to hold down a descent job,but being a single mother is hard enough without having to worry about some lousyminimum wage job that they more than likely will only be able to find. Teresa herself isworking on her fourth year of college and is doing rather well in her complicated path forsuccess. The article points out that more people than recognized are legitimately tryingtheir best, and forcing them to get a low paying job will do nothing but hurt them andplace neglectfullness actions upon their children.

    All of these excuses are legitimate andin some certain cases are probably true, but the welfare situation in the United States isgetting out of control and something needs to be done about it. Certain families whorightfully deserve the benefits that this great country provides for them probably will gethurt in the outcome of the reforms, but everyone has to suffer a little in achieving what isbest for the whole nation. This article written by Ms. McCrary is a fine argument speaking for the singleparent families who are actually trying to make something for themselves. I personallyfeel sorrow for those people who truly need welfare to survive, but there are many peoplein this country who abuse the privileges and the systems given to them. This is going tocause some sort of reform to allow welfare to maintain its existence.

    I agree with herconclusion on needing an education to make it in this world today. I personally am froma family of average middle class and do not have the money to attend college. I was notraised on welfare, although I do understand the concept of money in the sense that it takesmoney in order to make money. I am from a family of six and my parents do not have themoney to send there children to college. I took the initiative upon myself to make theright decisions for my future, and now am unfortunately taking out student loans, butsomeday I will have a degree and a well paid job to pay back my loans and makesomething for myself and family.

    Education is the path for success in the future and as oftoday. This is only an answer for a certain percentage of the people on welfare and thereare reasons why people can’t go to college, but if that percentage did get an educationthere would be a large amount of people off welfare. This would abolish the excuse thatthere are only minimum wage jobs available to people anymore. With an education youcan make enough money to support your family. Aside from the point of education for an answer to the excuses of welfare, aperson needs not to be content with getting by with the hand given money of welfare.

    What would people do if they had never been given welfare? Teresa McCrary arguesmany more people would be on the streets. I don’t agree, I believe they would havephysically and mentally motivated themselves to do what it takes; rather than being lazywith an open hand receiving money from this countries hard working peoples pockets. Once again I do believe welfare is a great modification of this country and I dothink it is strongly needed. On the other hand I think alot of people receiving it are doingnothing but abusing the system and taking needed money from other people by theirignorance and stupidity.

    This is causing the reduction of funds for the legitimately needypeople of our country, such as Teresa McCrary and others who honestly make an attemptto support their families. Reforms are needed in order to keep the money available tothese people, and the best advice that I can suggest is to get an education and make thebest for yourself and your family.

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