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MUL1010 Section 2

The phrase Middle Ages refers to the period of European history spanning_
In the Middle Ages, most important musicians were_
A virtual monopoly on learning during the Middle Ages was held by_
monks and monasteries

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During the Middle Ages, women_
were not permitted to sing in church
The church frowned on instruments because of their_
earlier roles in pagan rites
The use of organs in the church_
distracted the listeners from worship
The music the Medieval monks and nuns sang was call_
Gregorian Chant
The two types of services at which monks and nuns sang were_
the office and the mass
In the Middle Ages, the organ_
was a prominent church isntrument
An important woman composer of the Middle Ages was_
Hildegard of Bingen
Most medieval music was_
The view of the later medieval church on music during religious services was that it should be_
used only as a discreet accompaniment
Gregorian chant_
All of these
Gregorian chant is_
monophonic in texture
Gregorian chant consists of_
melody sung without accompaniment
Which of the following is not true of Gregorian chant?
It is usually polyphonic in texture
Pope Gregory the Great_
reorganized the liturgy of the Catholic church during his reign from 590-604
The earliest surviving chant manuscripts date from about the__century
The church modes were_
the basic scales of western music during the Middle Ages
-may be translated as “praise ye the Lord”
-is Latinized form of the Hebrew hallelujah
-is often used in Gregorian chants
*all of these are correct*
Hildegard of Bingen was_
-the first woman composer to leave a large number of works that have survived
-abbess the convent at Rupertsberg
-a visionary and mystic active in religious and diplomatic affairs
*all of these are correct*
The first large body of secular songs that survives in decipherable notation was composed__
during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by French nobles called troubadours and troveres
One function of secular music in the late Middle Ages was to provide accompaniment for__
The French secular music in the late Middle Ages was to provide accompaniment for_
A famous French woman troubadour was__
Beatriz de Dia
The notation of the secular songs of the Middle Ages does not indicate__
The medieval jongleurs, important sources of information in a time when there were no newspapers, were_
ranked at the lowest social level
An estampie is a medieval
Which of the following statements is not true of the medieval estampie?
It was intended for religious services
The first steps toward the development of polyphony were taken sometime between 700 and 900, when__
monks in monastery choirs began to add a second melodic line the Gregorian chant
___is a term applied to medieval music that consists of Gregorian chant and one more additional melodic lines
The earliest known composers to write music with measured rhythm were__
Leonin and Perotin
The terms ars nova refers to__
French and Italian music of the fourteenth century
One of the major characteristic of ars nova music is its use of__
The foremost composer of fourteenth-century France was__
Guillaume de Machaut
The Notre Dame Mass by Guillaume de Machaut was__
-written for three voices without instrumental accompaniment
-is the only mass from the middle ages to incorporate the entire proper of the mass into one work’
-the first polyphonic treatment of the mass ordinary by a known composer
*all of these are correct*
Cantus firmus is the term used for__
a chant that is used as the basis of polyphony
The Renaissance in music occurred between_
The dominant intellectual movement of the Renaissance was called__
Which of the following statements is not true of the intellectual movement of the Renaissance known as humanism?
The humanists were basically atheistic in their beliefs
Many prominent renaissance composers, who held important posts all over the continent, came from an area of Europe known at that time as__
Which of the following statements is not true of Renaissance music?
Instrumental music became more important than vocal music during the Renaissance
Renaissance music sounds fuller than medieval music because___
-composers considered the harmonic effect of chords rather than superimposing one melody above another
-the bass register is used for the first time
-the typical choral piece has four, five, or six vocal parts of nearly equal melodic interest
*all of these are correct*
The texture of Renaissance music is chiefly__
A cappella refers to__
unaccompanied choral music
Renaissance melodies are usually easy to sing because__
the melody usually moves along a scale with few large steps
The two main forms of sacred Renaissance music and the mass are the__
The Renaissance motet is a__
polyphonic choral work set to a sacred Latin text other than the ordinary of the mass
Josquin Desprez was a contemporary of__
Christopher Columbus
Palestrina’s career centered in__
Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina’s__
music includes 104 masses and some 450 other works
An attempt was made to purify Catholic Church music as a result of the__
deliberations of the Council of Trent
During the Renaissance every educated person was expected to__
-read musical notation
-play a musical instrument
-be skilled in dance
*all of these are correct*
The Renaissance madrigal is a__
piece for several solo voices set to a short poem, usually about love
The madrigal anthology The Triumphes of Oriana was written in honor of__
Queen Elizabeth I
Thomas Weelkes’s As Vesta Was Descending is notable for its__
word painting
Much of the instrumental music composed during the Renaissance was intended for__
A versatile plucked string instrument with a body shaped like half a pear, popular during the Renaissance, was the__
The passamezzo is a__
stately dance in duple meter
Among the most important Italian Renaissance composers was__
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

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MUL1010 Section 2
The phrase Middle Ages refers to the period of European history spanning_ 450-1000 In the Middle Ages, most important musicians were_ priests
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MUL1010 Section 2
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