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    Martial Arts Essay (4866 words)

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    The writer is not responsible for any injuries sustained as a result of the reader not following said instructions. Any form Of exercise or taking part in martial arts, should be delayed until consent is given by the readers family doctor. All arranges in this PDF are the property of the writer and as such, should not be copied. All images in this document and on the writers, blobs are under the coop. ‘rite process. Please consult a lawyer if you intend to copy or steal any images or do not intend to follow the instructions laid out in this legal disclaimer. The writer is an affiliate of many different products.

    The writer may or may not e paid a commission on any sales that may or occur, should a link be clicked and a purchase be made. Please read the guarantees and refund policies of the issuing companies. The writer suggests that anyone purchasing products, always keeps any documents or receipts to speed up the process tot any product refunds. The writer promotes products that are rarely returned, however the writer insists on using providers that offer a refund policy and a help desk. Please Note: The writer freely admits any mistakes in formatting of this eBook are his.

    This eBook was created using a variety of sources, including Offensive. Org. Chapters are not broken into separate pages, in order to save space. Http://Venn. Familiarities. Com Chapter One A Close Look At Belts With most types of martial arts, the color of the belt that you have will signify your rank within your style of martial arts. The belts that are used with martial arts signify your rank within that style, although they have no universal means or ranking within the martial arts world. More or less, they tell others how much you know about your specific martial art.

    Some dodo’s use stripes on a belt to signify the progression of a student. Typically a tripe is applied as each form is learned. A student may get a black stripe for learning a form, another stripe tort sparring and a final stripe to show they are ready to be tested for the next belt. Each doc is different, The use of belt colors in martial arts is an old practice, dating back hundreds of years. Belts and their use in martial arts all started by a man known as Igor Kane, who created the style known as Kodak Judo. Kane started out by using only white and black belts to signify rank within his style of martial arts.

    His reason for using belts, was to specify which students could compete in different activities. For example, those with white belts couldn’t compete in the same activities as those with black belts. Shortly after Kane introduced his idea of using belts, other belt colors were introduced to the world of martial arts. Over the years, it became a great way of telling what experience a student had in his style – just by the look of his belt. Other styles began to use this system as well over the years, including Karate, Teakwood, and several others.

    The only problem with using belts to signify ranking, is the fact that one school may have different requirements from another school. Even though they both may teach the same style of martial arts, their ranking system and requirements to get a certain ranking may be totally different. This can cause confusion in ranks, especially if a black belt from one school isn’t as versed in the style as a black belt from another school. Even though most schools stick to the same criteria, there are schools that choose to incorporate their own unique style as well.

    Although most martial arts styles use belts to signify rank. There are some martial arts out there such as Ghostwriting that don’t use belts at all. The styles that choose not to use belts don’t go by rankings either, as they are more or less for self defense purposes, Pitching is another style that doesn’t use belts either. Http://WV. Flamethrowers. Com These styles are great to learn for protecting yourself – although they differ from the traditional sense of martial arts. All things aside, belts are an innovation to martial arts.

    They give students something to aim for, and a reason to keep practicing. Most students that study martial arts aim for getting the black belt, which is the most prestige belt in martial arts. A black belt takes years Of practice o obtain, as the student will move through many lower ranked belts before getting the opportunity to try and earn the black belt. Chapter TWO A Look At Gung If The martial art Of Gung If is an exchange Of culture, a type of exercise, and also a way of defending yourself. The art is very popular throughout the world, also being known as Gung If, Www Shush, and even Quo Shush.

    It shares some common traits with Karate, such as using both hand and foot techniques. Gung If is one of the most popular forms of martial arts – and also one of the oldest. Within Gung If, there are several styles and variances, although the most popular are those that have their roots in the well known Shallow Temple. What most people aren’t aware of however, is the fact that Gung If was practiced in China years before the first Shallow temple was even though of, A majority of martial arts enthusiasts think of self defense as being the ultimate goal of any martial art, including Gung If.

    While sell defense is involved with Gung If, the martial is so much more than just fighting and defense – it is a true art, one that develops the mind, body, and the soul. Gung If doesn’t teach students to overcome others, as it teaches students to look within themselves ND learn to have complete and total control over their emotions. Gung If is an art of harmony, that teaches to students to remain at peace and avoid confrontations. If a situation threatens bodily harm to the student, then he must rise to the occasion – becoming the warrior and defending himself.

    Just like other types of martial arts, Gung Fun teaches the balance that is crucial for executing techniques and the proper movement. The basic concept behind the balance is that same balance that the Chinese believe keeps the balance between heaven and earth. This concept Of balance can be achieved by http:,’/view. Almightiness. Com students if they completely focus their thoughts and empty their minds free from any type of distractions. Gung If is a martial art that can be learned by anyone. It does take a strong desire, just like any other martial art, It has a rich heritage, and a proud legacy.

    Gung If is indeed a deadly martial art, if used in the wrong ways. There are variations of Gung F-u as well, which include the infamous five animals – Tiger, Dragon, Eagle Claw, Crane, and the Snake. Adapted by the animals in which they are named after, the five animals style is some of the most impressive in martial arts. Tiger Claw is by far the deadliest of the five animals, teaching students to strike just like the dreaded tiger _ This style teaches the student power in his hands, so that when he strikes, he tears the flesh.

    Tiger Claw is very deadly, although it is very hard to find instructors that teach this style now days. Unlike other martial arts, there really are no competitions for Gung GU. Stylists can compete it other competitions, although there really aren’t any that are for only Gung If. It is an ancient martial art, that is to be used only in instances were there is no Other option than to fight back. When provoked, the stylist should try everything he or she can to avoid confrontations. Gung If aims to teach the lessons Of respect, fairness to Others, harmony Of the spirit, and total self control no matter what.

    These characteristics, when paired together, allow students to achieve success in a hard to deal With society. Gung If is all about developing the student’s overall well being – and following the straight path to mental and physical toughness. Now that we have talked about Gung If, let’s mention that the ideas probably came from India, brought to China by a traveling monk. India has a long history of martial arts and the system of pressure strikes. Weapons found in India, include a trident spear which had small metal balls at the end.

    The weapon was used to strike an opponent from a distance and render a portion of his body useless, The same idea can he applied by hand. A spear thrust to the nerve which is centered between your arm and chest, starting just at the underarm.. ,if hit correctly will cause the arm to become useless for about two minutes. The arm ceases to function and drops to the side, which in olden days of battle would have been handy for getting a foe to drop his sword, so that o could move in for the kill. Chapter Three A Look At Unjust http://www. Almightiness. Com The martial art known as Unjust is very secret, With a very clouded history. The history isn’t documented all that well, as most of what is known about the martial art is that which has been passed down frown generation to generation. There are a lot of historical records that state families from the Gaga region as being the creators to this very secret style. Over 70 different Unjust Rye have been identified and discovered over the years, however most of them have died out.

    A majority of them were created around a set of specific techniques and skills, although when those skills of a specific Rye were no longer needed or wanted, the Rye seems to die out and Dade away trot existence. The art of Unjust is best associated with the ninjas from ancient Japan, The ninjas are well known all around the world, tort their stealth and very secreted elite. The ninja is known to have went through very tough and demanding training, which hardly anyone really knows about. Those that were actual ninjas are either dead, or not allowed to let anyone know their true identity.

    During the sass’s, when the ninja trend really hit the United States, the instructors of Unjust popped out all over the place, making black a very happening color _ Years later, the trend seemed to die out, and there arena that many people trying to learn the art. In regards to the art, the term of Unjust doesn’t actually refer to any certain style, but rather a group of the martial arts, with each one having it’s own view that’s expressed with each of the different Rye_ The Rye vary, meaning that one may focus on one certain physical dynamic, while the next may be focused on redirection.

    What many people aren’t aware Of, is the fact that Unjust involves both unarmed and armed fighting skills, along with philosophy, strategy, and history. There are a few dodo’s that Offer the art, many Of them being quite comprehensive With the way they teach. During combat, Unjust focuses on distance, posture, and flow. Stylists are taught to react to every movement, and respond in ways that Will place them in the advantage position. From being in a position of advantage, the stylist can effectively change the outcome of the encounter. Quickly going from negative to positive.

    Those that practice the martial art of Unjust are instructed and trained to use their entire body for everything they do, which provides the most leverage and power. Unjust is well known in Japan, and for good reason. It is a very secretive martial art, yet very powerful. The techniques can be used or self http://vim. Flamethrowers. Com defense, along with stealth. It can be a great martial art to learn – if you can find a doc that teaches it. Chapter Pour A Look At Wing Churl up until the turn Of the twentieth century, the martial art known as Wing Chuan was very obscure not known much about.

    Back then, Wing Chuan was just getting started, not practiced by a lot Of martial artists. Over the years, it became a very dominant force in China, becoming one Of the most prominent martial arts in existence. Even today, hundreds Of martial artists study Wing Chuan and everything it provides them with. The first thing that students are taught when studying Wing Chuan is that they should always use force to counter force. By using force against force, weaker and smaller fighters can easily and quickly take out bigger and stronger opponents.

    Whenever they get in a confrontation, Wing Chuan stylists will use their brains – ND use an opponents strength and force against him. Throughout training, a lot of emphasis is put into that very concept. Students will learn all about force and strength, and how they can properly counter it. What many don’t realize, is the fact that countering force requires very little strength from the stylist, Even the weakest Wing Chuan stylist can take down an opponent 3 – 4 times his size it he uses the proper technique and his opponents force against him.

    Wing Chuan teaches other techniques as well, such as punching, kicking, and a few grappling holds, It doesn’t teach much grappling though, as most of the techniques use Orca against force through throwing and striking. The strikes that are taught with this martial art are very fast, and aimed at vital areas on the body of the opponent. A majority of the most vital areas on the human body are found along the center line, the very area that Wing Chuan teaches stylists to protect as well as attack with their techniques.

    This line is the most vital in battle, which is why martial artists should always aim their attacks for any area that exists along this line. Most of the vital points found in the center line can be the end of the encounter if the stylist is able to land one powerful blow. As Wing Chuan emphasizes time and time again, the shortest straw between the stylist and the opponent is the center line, Which is where a majority Of movement http://view. Flamethrowers. Corn takes place.

    Due to the linear fashion of Wing Chuan, students will spend a lot of their training learning how to direct attacks as well as opposing force towards the center line, Wing Chuan is an exceptional martial art, teaching students how to use force against force in any type tot encounter. There arena that many grappling holds or weapons used with Wing Chuan, although the techniques and eves that are taught are tried, proven, and above all – very effective for self defense.

    Chapter give An In Depth Look At May Thai Also known around the world as Thai boxing May Thai is an ancient art of self defense that was created and tested in battle by the fearless warriors of ancient Thailand. Today, May Thai is used all around the world. The United States Navy SEALS, Thai military, and even the CIA takes full advantage of the devastating and bone crushing techniques this martial art aforethought my martial arts training included a large dose of may Thai, I never used it in the security or bouncer field. Legally, I would have been found guilty, had I ever struck anyone.

    I stuck completely to grappling and the Odd pressure point, in order to protect myself, Others or to affect an arrest. Unlike other martial arts, students of Thai don’t earn belts for their skills and their progression. Instead, their skills are tested in the ring. Since Thai fighting first began, the only things that the fighters themselves are interested in are the championship belts which showcase their dominance in May Thai fighting. The skills that are taught with May Thai are far more dominant to other striking based martial arts.

    May Thai uses very little grappling, but focuses more on crushing kicks, punches, and bone shattering elbows, Students of Thai fighting can often take an opponent down with just one shot, often times breaking bones and sometimes even killing them with just one lethal kick or elbow. The reason why May Thai didn’t utilize ground grappling or submission holds is because it was developed in ancient battlegrounds where there were always multiple attackers. These attackers were knowledgeable in sword fighting skills, which made the need for a dependable martial art more or less a necessity.

    May Thai seed swords, spears, sticks, and hard strikes. In this bye of environment, you didn’t want the fight to go to the ground. The strikes and weapon movements needed be fast, hard, and very precise. With these types of http://ёmm. Flamethrowers. Com conditions and the type of environment, May Thai needed be a very fast responsive martial art With an excellent weapons system. Even though grappling and submissions were planned for May Thai, the martial art became more of a ring sport before grappling could be implemented.

    With Thai originally being a martial art for striking purposes, a lot of martial artists have started using he techniques that have been proven time and time again with time boxing. Although there are other martial arts that put a lot of emphasis on striking, May Thai is quite different. The first area in which May Thai differs is the effective use of both elbows and knees, The elbows and knees that are used with most Thai techniques are feared all around the world by boxers and other stylists.

    Kicking and kneeing is the main objects in May Thai, In order to become efficient with kicking, the shins need to be conditioned – which can be quite painful. Once the Thai stylist has conditioned the nerves in his shins for impact, he shins can be used just like a club or a baseball bat. This is something you should really see for yourself in action – as the sound of the impact alone can send chills down your back. Through years of training and conditioning, May Thai fighters can become lethal and deadly weapons.

    A properly trained fighter can make deadly impact, meaning that his knees, shins, and elbows are quite possibly deadlier than a gun or other type of weapon. For this very reason – May Thai is one of the deadliest and most feared martial arts in the world. All in all, May Thai is a great martial art for defense and competition. Thai is One Of the best martial arts in the world, proving time and time again – in both ancient times and anytime it is used today. One only has to look at mixed martial arts to see how may Thai, combined with other skills, can lead to one deadly fighter.

    In my Old doc, I was taught a system that had 8 different martial arts rolled into one. May Thai was a big part of it as was haploid. Chapter Six An Introduction To Kiddo There’s no mistaken the fact that Kiddo is one of the best and most popular martial art in the United States today. The art of Kiddo is best associated with actor Steven Sexual, who made it even more popular with his movies. Now, never got the chance to speak to Mr.. Sexual but I was about one foot away from 11 him in the lobby of a hotel worked in. I avgas surprised at how big he was. Ad dealt with a lot of stars in my security career and some of them are much smaller than expected. Mo, Adrienne. Steve is a huge man and could see how the other Kiddo people back in Japan would have been in awe. Kiddo is rich and history in tradition, an art that originally started in Japan back in the asses. Kiddo’s founder, Morphed Subside, avgas born on December 14, 1883. As he was growing p in modern Japan, Lesbian Witnessed the local thugs vandalize his father. The young boy decided that he would make himself strong in order to seek revenge against the thugs.

    Subside was strong Willed, and devoted every waking moment to physical training and martial arts. He received a lot of certificates in jujitsu, spear fighting and fencing. Even though he was very impressive With his abilities, he found himself not happy with his skills. He knew that there was more to it, and began to look into religion, hoping that he would find a greater significance with life – pursuing martial arts all the while. Sahib’s founded the martial art of Kiddo by combining both his religious beliefs and his training in martial arts.

    At that time, the style was known as kibbutz, it wasn’t until 1942 that he decided to go with the name Kiddo. The style was quite different indeed, incorporating several different styles of jujitsu, kaki-jujitsu, and spear and sword fighting techniques as well. Even though a lot of us think tot Kiddo as the ultimate martial art, it is an art that is based on religion and harmony, Kiddo uses joint locks, weight manipulation, and throws to achieve it’s purpose. The martial art s very effective, which were the intentions of Subside from the start.

    Kiddo consists of many techniques, and it is the result of sahib’s creative innovation. You would find Haploid very similar in the way people are thrown, using a wrist lock. Aside from what many think, there really is no unified belief or philosophy in the martial art of Kiddo. While Kiddo is indeed rich in heritage and religion, it believes in harmony and peace of the spirit. By achieving a higher spiritual power, Lesbian has always believed that the human body is capable Of anything.

    Even though he wanted revenge, he still stated that Kiddo wasn’t about fighting, UT rather a way to reconcile With the world and make every human being on giant family. Over the years, Kiddo was introduced in America with amazing results. Steven Sexual is by far the most popular, showing the world the power and harmony of Kiddo through his many movies. There are a lot of martial arts dodo’s around North America that offer Kiddo to study, possibly even some in your area. Not only Will Kiddo teach you self defense, but it will also teach you harmony of the spirit and how to find inner peace as well. Http:,’/YMMV. Flamethrowers. Com Chapter Seven An Introduction To Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu Even though it has been round for many years, Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu was made famous in the United States by Royce Gracie in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, You may not be aware that the LIFE was conceived by his older brother and Royce freely admits that his older brother, Erickson, visas the best fighter in the family. Erickson was the Gracie who taught Mel Gibson, the B. J. J. Move at the end of the movie, Lethal Weapon.

    Many people weren’t all that familiar with the style until Gracie entered the CIVIC and continued to dominate fighters of all styles and weight classes one after the other. Once people began to see how quickly Gracie could defeat an opponent, they quickly became interested in the art of Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu. As many now know, Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu is an art that is utilized With ground grappling, With very little stand up skills involved. A majority of the techniques used vivid the martial art are executed on the ground.

    The techniques involve very little strength from the stylist, as most of them are all about the technique behind the move. With Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu stylists that weight 100 lbs or less can quickly put a submission lock on someone who is 2 – 3 times their weight and size. Even though Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu is great for tournament fighting, isn’t so great against multiple attackers. With one on one fights it is very dominant, although if you are against multiple attackers it will be very hard to pull off one of the choke holds or arm locks.

    You simply won’t have the time to do it, as the other attackers will be trying to take your head off. From the ground, utilizing Brazilian Juju-jujitsu, the stylist will have many options that he can utilize. He can pull off choke holds, arm locks, leg locks, and dozens tot other techniques that can take someone out tot the picture in a matter of seconds. When the stylist is on his hack with the opponent on top of him he has the guard, which is where he wraps his legs around the attacker. From the guard position, the stylist can execute dozens of techniques – even though it may appear that he doesn’t stand a chance.

    The mount, side control, and back mount are primary positions, along with the guard. The mount position is where the stylist is mounted on top of the attacker on the ground – a position where he can punch or execute a submission hold. With side control, the stylist is laying on the opponents chest, a position where he can easily execute an arm sock. Back mount is among the most dangerous positions – where the stylist is on the opponents back and really do some damage if the opponent has no Juju-Jujitsu experience.

    With Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu, the ranks start out at white belt, then move on to blue, purple, brown, and the highest color – black belt. To move through the ranks it takes a lot of practice and dedication, usually around 2 – 3 years per belt. Once a student reaches the black belt, he is capable of teaching other students what he knows, It takes a long time to reach this point, more than years – although it is well worth it. In the world of martial arts, Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu is very effective.

    It is one of the best martial arts for ground fighting, especially in tournaments, Ground grappling is very common with tournaments these days, which is why it pays to be a well rounded stylist, Very few martial arts styles can compete with Brazilian Juju-Jujitsu on the ground, which is why so many people are deciding to study it. If you’ve decided to start studying this exceptional ground based martial art – you can pat yourself on the back for making a decision you won’t regret. Chapter Eight An Introduction To Capybara The martial art of Capybara was originally created over 400 years ago in Brazil by the African slaves.

    This martial art is unlike any of the other martial arts there anywhere in the world, and possesses a blend of power, beauty, mental balance, physical power, music, and an overwhelming sense Of art and finesse. Logon it’s creation, Capybara proved to the world that it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of size, weight, or age. The style is more than a martial art, but also a social event that is rich in tradition and history. Capybara is a truly powerful martial art, resembling a collaboration Of music, dance, and exotic movements – and even a game. Those Who witness Capybara games will note the music.

    Both the music and the lyrics play a big part in the way that the game (known as jog) is conducted. For the players, there are several different rhythms that call for different speeds. When watching the game played, spectators are normally in awe from the movements. The jog consists of a circle, with the players in the middle and the musicians at the foot of the circle. Players that enter the game will enter into the circle, with a spring, cartwheel, or other type of visually stunning movement, upon entering the circle, players will omelet back and forth with various combinations tot poetic movements and breathtaking aerial displays.

    It takes years of practice and hard work to become 14 great at the jog, as it requires precision, fast movement, and flawless application of the Capybara techniques. Prom a defensive standpoint, Capybara is flashy, very creative, and also very useful, as the techniques seem to come out of nowhere and can be very hard to defend against. The opponent or attacker has no clue what to expect from the student. The Capybara student defends himself through the use Of dancing movements and acrobatic techniques, executing reflect movements that up until Capybara were only dreamt of.

    Capybara and the jog game are really big in Brazil, with hundreds of students learning the martial art. It isn’t one of the most popular in the United States, although it is offered. In South America it is more off lifestyle, with jog games being played on a daily basis. A lot of martial arts students don’t want to learn Capybara for the simple fact that the movements can be a bit of a risk. Once you see how the style is performed, it can make you cringe at any second. Over the last couple of decades, the art has grown a lot.

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