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One of the following was NOT essential to the medieval synthesis: Germanic Culture, Christian Culture, Roman Culture, Chinese Culture.
Chinese Culture
The Bayeux Tapestry famously recorded this landmark event?
Battle of Hastings
The Carolingian renaissance depended greatly on this
Benedictine monasteries

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Another name for an un-free rural laborer in the middle ages
Medieval serf
Medieval Feudalism in Europe involved the exchange of this for military service
This began as an effort to recue Jerusalem from the Muslims, were commonly fought by the younger sons of feudal nobility and was an economic boon to Italian merchants
Christian Crusades
This tradition shaped the modern concepts of gender
Courtly love
The largest collection of Old English Literature including the Anglo Saxon riddles is called this
Exeter Book
The “Dream of the Road” is inscribed in fragments on this piece of art
Ruthwell Cross
Romulus and Remus, Adoration of the Magi, and Wayland Smith from Norse mythology are all carved onto this place of Anglo-Saxon art
Franks Casket
Of the following peoples this one had the LEAST direct influence on the development of roman Cultures Greeks, Latins, Hittites, and Etruscans
These were the powerful landowners in Ancient Rome
This is Rome’s most famous satirist
Troy is the native land of the hero of Virgil’s epic entitled this
This is a building material which made large-scale architectural constructions cheaper to build for the Romans
A series of arches placed back to back and produces this
Barrel Vault
The immediate consequence of this event was a struggle for power between his first lieutenant and his adopted son
Assassination of Julius Caesar
This type of painting technique used by the Romans tricked the eye into perceiving depth on a flat surface
trompe l’oeil
These were typically more realistic than the Greek counterparts
Roman portraits or sculptures
There is little surviving evidence with which to judge Rome’s accomplishments in this mosaic
A Jewish service is led by a
This is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible
This is the birth place of Mohammad
This is the obligatory Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca
Islamic prayer is led by a(n)
The “heroic age” refers to the era that produced this
Greek Epics
The word “Hellenic” means this
This describes the what in Ancient Greece believed to be eternal, anthropomorphic figures, thought to be intervene in the lives of humans
The origins of Greek drama are probably found in this
Religious celebrations
Athens Golden Age flowered shortly after this event
Persian Wars
Alexander carried Hellenic culture as far east as this country
This thinker advanced the idea that reality lay in numerical proportions
In Golden Age Athens laws were made by these people
Male Landowners
The Iliad and the Odyssey feature heroes from this event in history
Trojan Wars
These contributions were made by whoms a treatise on ethics, the framing of the Syllogism, the classification of plants and animals
Twice a year dramatic festivals were held here
The Parthenon is dedicated to this god or goddess
These are the names of the three major architectural design for Greek Columns
Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian
Epicureanism, Stoicism, and Cynicism are schools of thought developed during this age
Hellenistic age
He is the blind author of the Iliad and the Odyssey

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One of the following was NOT essential to the medieval synthesis: Germanic Culture, Christian Culture, Roman Culture, Chinese Culture. Chinese Culture The Bayeux Tapestry famously recorded this landmark e
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