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    Graffiti as Expression Art Essay

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    Graffiti for me is a graphic expression that expresses the inner personality of the applied, in which the basic tool is spray paint, these expressions are seen in the streets and public places, that have a primary purpose which is to show the presence or the existence of any individual, all these expressions that are made with the graffiti are clandestinely and all the time with risky, because it damages the image of the streets and public and private places, each drawn of graffiti on the streets of any place in the city requires a lot of creativity and ability to perform each of the expressions or feelings of these anonymous authors reflect, which most are young guys.

    In my own opinion I think that graffiti is an art form that can be valid and accepted by society, it’s just a matter of giving these young artists the opportunity and confidence necessary for them to prove that it is an art form that meets all requirements to be admired and recognized as any artwork of some famous painter, and so in this way it could be shown and give any special space for them to realize their creativity and feelings they want to show in their work.

    Gradually, we have seen today that as many communities are giving them the space and opportunity for them to express themselves freely and to prove they are not just a scribble or simple reflected or paints on a wall or in a train car stripes, because for them these paintings has a very important meaning that people do not know, maybe it’s a type of communicating they use express to people as their daily lives, or are living that life, or simply to forget any problems they may have at home these children, or by a simple passion to art and color, and when they are going to do some kind of graffiti they already have in mind a kind of design, shape, color, perspective, etc. because like many things called art, this has many features to get into the category of being a good work of art, since it authors can express their feelings and do so in a different way which we are all used to seeing in an art gallery. But this does not mean it cannot be called art.

    Maybe I agree that many aspects that the authors of these works shows and express that they feel is not right, and you can take them into conflict with the people around you for doing this kind of art in one place specific, and this will guide them to have some aggressive behavior, because they think that people do not understand them when they want to reflect their skill at anywhere and in the instant they are feeling, but this is because not everyone accepts it as something recreational, since most of these young people just walk down the street wandering around and people think they might be a bad influence in the future for those which is in contact with this type of urban art.

    The important statement of this is to show young people that are interested in learning techniques of graffiti the difference between graffiti art or vandalism, could be called art when these techniques are used in a permitted place, since all this could be related to the art, history and culture of a Country, considering and reflecting many of the famous artists painted their works of art on the walls, with the only difference that using other media, another personal point of view is that the graffiti could have an important place in the branch of art, or maybe it already is part of it, which is most likely, because it requires much knowledge to create something like this because it combines several technique’s art in a single drawing, with unique and different from the rest of the other designs, by this way should be valued differently to other forms of art manner, appreciating that may also have the same sentimental value as any work of art, and maybe not everyone might have the same opinion as me, but for me I think that’s what really matters whenever a work of art is being developed, should be done with what we have within ourselves, do it with heart.

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