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Natural Disasters

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Natural Disasters Essay (706 words)

Natural Disasters

Words: 706 (3 pages)

Natural Disasters Essay This being my senior project I wanted to look at a topic that I foundinteresting. Even though I find most topics in the fields interesting, nonecatch my attention better than natural disasters. I have always found disastersintriguing and have wanted to know more about them. The disaster that I foundmost interesting were…

Michigans Natural Disasters Essay

Natural Disasters

Words: 399 (2 pages)

Disasters, What you Need to Know About ThemEvery day there are natural disasters all the time occurring all around the world. They are something that we can’t help, but we can be aware of them and what to do if one occurs near you. Tornadoes are common during Michigan’s Spring months. They are usually smaller…

Tsunamis are natural disasters. A tsunami is a hug Essay

Natural Disasters

Words: 673 (3 pages)

e wall of water that canreach up to 1500 feet high! They come in sets. Tsunamis are incorrectlynamed tidal waves. Tidal waves are caused by extremely strong winds andtsunamis are caused by other things. Tsunami means “harbor wave” in JapaneseTsunamis are one of the deadliest natural disasters. They can wipe outlarge numbers of people. An…

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