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Environmental Issues

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While the EIO-LCA model is useful in many regards, it is outdated and has some limitations. The data describing the inter-industry transactions were developed from the 2002 benchmark U.S. input-output table, and there likely have been considerable changes since then. in addition, the emissions associated with the various industries likely have changed due to increased…

Environmental Studies

It’s obvious that water use is a large component in everyday life, “each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day” (Pearlman). The people of Flint Michigan are struggling to find a clean water source to provide them with their daily water, specifically one that doesn’t contain lead. Corrosion damage to the water pipes…

Environmental Psychology

How does nature impact our wellbeing? Can parks help improve mental and physical health? These are the questions that I decided to focus on for this project. I chose this project because I’ve heard that nature can help improve mental health, especially when you live in cities, but I have never heard why it improves…



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Autism and its Environmental Influences

Autism is a severe developmental disability that typically occurs during the first three years of life and is the result of a developmental impairment that affects the normal functioning of the brain, affecting social interaction and interpersonal skills. Children and adults with autism typically struggle with verbal and non-social interactions, and recreational or entertainment activities….

The Environmental Impacts of Hydrocarbon Exploration

The exploitation and exploration of the environment date back to the early days of human existence on earth (Ajilowo et al., 2011). Such activities reveal sophisticated implications amid improvements in process technologies. Hydrocarbon (oil and gas) exploration processes are commonplace across different regions of the world. Such activities have triggered adverse environmental impacts, including habitat…

Environmental Advocacy Groups Use of Persuasion

Abstract Environmental non-governmental organizations have become increasingly important players in social movements and catalysts behind policy change. These organizations often use computer-mediated communication, such as mass emails and social media, to facilitate civic engagement (Obar, Zube, & Lampe, 2012). Previous research suggests that certain attitudes and beliefs can be targeted via strategic messaging to elicit…

Environmental Factors That Negatively

Measurement There were several variables that were keys to gaining insight during this study. Mainly the aspect of parental substance use and abuse. For example, mothers who were actively using illicit substances during pregnancy had a higher rate of children who exhibited developmental abnormalities. The adolescent’s psychosocial development has been classified as the dependent variable….

Environmental Organizations

There are different environmental organizations around the world. They each have their own idea of helping the world. There are some that try to help in ways that the government are against and those organizations end up being labeled ecoterrorists. Some organizations that have been labeled as such are Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Ocean Conservancy,…

External Environmental Factors

Describe External Factors That Affect Own Organisation… An external factor that affects ECCH is the political factors. An example of this is the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The CCG are given money by the government to fund various Healthcare Organisations across the UK such as East Coast Community Healthcare so that they can afford to…

US Government – Climate Change and Environmental Policy

Climate change is considered by many to be a defining issue of our time. Even though the environment is something that everyone shares, there is still fierce disagreement between political parties regarding not only what should be done about climate change, but whether it’s a problem at all. Conservatives are generally more resistant to government…

Trade Openness and Natural Disasters

The world’s economies and cultures have become more interconnected, and trade has driven the growth of many developing economies. This growth has led to a reduction in absolute poverty levels, higher living standards and more employment, greater variety and quality of goods, and more opportunities around the globe. It is perceived as a driver of…

Do Natural Disasters Stimulate Economic Growth

Throughout macroeconomic history, there has been an age-old debate on the impact of natural disasters on communities. The age-old debate is based on this question, do natural disasters stimulate economic growth? Essentially, economists debate whether the positive economic effects of a natural disaster outweigh the negative effects in the long-run. You can say that there…

How Natural Disasters Have Affected Japan’s Economy

For more than half a century Japan has proven to be a front runner in the global economic market. From pre-WWII days to more recent times, this geographically small country has made strides that have been unseen in other regions of the world. Even though Japan has seemingly achieved “effortless” economic success, it has not…

Equity During Natural Disasters

From June 1st to November 3rd, people all along the eastern part of the United States watch vigilantly for any developing storm systems in the Atlantic Ocean. From time to time, a storm brews into a hurricane, and people who are suspected to be affected begin to prepare. They go to stores and purchase essentials…

Can Technology be the Answer to Disasters

Earthquakes, storms, droughts and floods have been leading causes of death from natural disasters for many years, affecting all regions around the world. Recent figures show that natural disasters caused a lot of damage and affected millions of people around the world. Man-made disasters include hazardous material accidents, explosions and act of terrorism. They too…

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