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Desert Storm Essay (285 words)


Words: 285 (2 pages)

OutlineThe Second Persian Gulf War began August 2nd 1990, with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and ended March 3rd 1991 with the expulsion of Iraqi forces from Kuwait. There are three main reasons why Iraq invaded Kuwait. The main reason was that the small country of Kuwait was filled with oilrigs that Iraq claimed were…

Perfect Storm Essay (634 words)


Words: 634 (3 pages)

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger was an account of an immense storm and its destructive path through the North Atlantic. In late October of 1991, many a crew of several different fishing ships left their port for their final haul. Little did they know that they would soon cross paths with one of the…

The Snow Storm Essay (613 words)


Words: 613 (3 pages)

The winter of 2014 was quiet an experience for me, especially when January the 29th hit. Mostly, because me and one of my friends was one of the thousands of people stranded on the interstate miles from home and no way to get to my fathers place of work. First off, I was at home…

The Lightning Storm Essay (885 words)


Words: 885 (4 pages)

“In one heavy thunder-shower the lightning struck a large pitch pine across the pond, making a very conspicuous and perfectly regular spiral groove from top to bottom, an inch or more deep, and four or five inches wide, as you would groove a walking-stick. I passed it again the other day, and was struck with…

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