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    Natural Disasters Essay (706 words)

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    Natural Disasters Essay This being my senior project I wanted to look at a topic that I foundinteresting. Even though I find most topics in the fields interesting, nonecatch my attention better than natural disasters.

    I have always found disastersintriguing and have wanted to know more about them. The disaster that I foundmost interesting were Hurricanes. The thought of those storms with their powergives me the chills. Ever since I was in the middle of Hurricane Bob when I wasvacationing with my family off the coast of Virginia and we were asked by thestate police to evacuate our house, I wanted to learn more about hurricanes. Since that I have been able to take classes that enabled me to learn more abouthurricanes.

    That is why I have decided to take the focus of my paper towardshurricanes. Furthermore, I am going to look at the economical affects thathurricanes have on the United States. There are many reasons why I chose to usethis variable. The main reason is I couldn’t think of another topic that fitinto e veryone’s lives and had an effect on everyone. The hurricane year is broken up into two seasons.

    They are referred toas early season and late season. The early season starts June first and runs toSeptember 10. The late season starts on September 10 and runs to the end ofNovember. The date of September 10 is the midway point between the two seasons. This is the date that separates early season from late season. This leads me towhat my research was about.

    I am writing about the differences between earlyseason and late season hurricanes and how they effect the variable that werementioned earlier in the paper. I feel that late season hurricanes cause moreeconomic loss than early season hurricanes. I will start by taking about what a hurricane is and how they are formed. Then I will discuss where they are formed in relation to the seasons and why inthese places. Next I will talk about the paths that these hurricanes take inregards to the seasons. Then I will compare storms of each season from differentyears starting in 1988 and ending in 1995.

    Next I will give a brief historyabout some of the biggest storms to ever hit and how they compare to the windowof years I researched. The data from all the years storms in terms of loss ofboth variables will come next followed by the reasons for this. Finally asummary will end my research. The research of my paper will involve storms that form in the AtlanticOcean and effect The United States and its neighbors. The main reason that Ihave decided to research this part of the world and not look at the rest of theworld is I live in this part of the United States and have been part of one ofthese storms.

    Also the data was much easier to research. Most people think ofthe Atlantic when they think of hurricanes. The first priority is to find out what exactly a hurricane is. Ahurricane comes from the West Indian word hurricane, meaning “big wind” (NewOrleans, weather).

    A hurricane forms in the tropics around warm water. It startsas a disorganized storm in the ocean. When it starts to become more organized,it will be put into the first of three classifications. The classification istropical depression.

    The National Hurricane Center will get a letter to helpclassify the storm. When the winds of the storm reach 40mph it will go into thesecond classification, tropical depression. The service will give it a name atthis point. The name is pre-determined based on a list that recycles every sixyears. The list of names for the next few years are on figure one.

    A name willonly not appear on the list if it is retired. Finally, if the storm’s wind reach70mph, it would be classified as a hurricane. The “eye” of the hurricane is thecenter of the storm. This area of the storm is calm with no clouds.

    Around theeye the storm goes in a counter-clockwise motion. These walls are the mostdangerous part of the storm. This is where the worst weather is( New Orleans,Weather). One thing that I remember from class was learning that The Northwestcorner of the storm has the strongest winds while the Southeast corner has .

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