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    How Do Wind Storms Effect Climate Change

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    During these past 6 years many horrific natural disasters have impacted on the environment for example Hurricane Irma has hit more than 12 states, countries, or territories and left people without power, food, water, and shelter. But a few days before that, a hurricane named Harvey hit Texas and flooded everything leaving people stuck for days or weeks. Days before the hurricane, the government of The United States released an evacuation emergency so all citizens of Texas know that a hurricane was heading their direction. Move back a few years and head to the Asia, one of the most powerful Typhoons on the planet known as Super Typhoon Yolanda hit and effected the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hainan, Guam, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guangdong Province, Micronesia, Guangxi, South China, and Caroline Islands. But the Philippines took the most damage from the Typhoon. Move back a few months, The strongest tornado hit Oklahoma called the El Reno tornado. The tornado tore through everything in its path and it reached over 300 miles per hour. This shows as the years go on wind storms are getting more power due to climate change and many other scientific reasons.

    Over the years hurricane have been getting stronger and getting powerful quickly due to climate change like Hurricane Irma and Harvey. Before hurricane Irma and Harvey hit, hurricane Katrina was the brutal and costliest hurricane which happened in 2005. But now due to the earth warming up, the oceans are starting to warm up which means more power for the hurricane and moist air is also another main fuel for the hurricane to gather up its strength before it makes landfall. Each year about 70 through 110 tropical storms form over the Atlantic Basin. But only 40 through 70 make it to Category 1 hurricane level. In a century water levels will rise from 1-4 feet. Tropical storms with wind speed of 111 plus are considered as a major hurricane. 6 out of 11 storms are hurricanes. Over the years hurricanes will be able to surpass the wind speed of 300 miles per hour.

    Last year in 2018, their were no deadly tornado that formed. But since weather is unpredictable 2019 may have something dangerous and deadly coming ahead for us. One deadly tornado that still holds the recorded book is The El Reno Tornado that hit the city of El Reno. There were over 150 injuries. 3 storm chasers were found dead after the tornado. Their names were Tim Samaras, his son Paul Samaras, and his crew member Carl Young. Tim was found strapped inside his Chevrolet Cobalt, and found his son and crew member Carl Young half a mile away from the car. After the storm chaser were announced dead, the death toll rose to 18 people. The tornado wind speeds were recorded over 300 miles per hour. The tornado was 2.6 miles wide (4.2 kilometers). The tornado traveled 16.2 miles (26.1 kilometers). It did 35 through 40 million dollars of damage to the state of Oklahoma. The tornado lasted for 40 minutes but has done a lot of damage.

    During the month of November, the United States Military in the Philippines notices a little tropical storm headed their way and they weren’t worried about over the next 72 hours the hurricane gained so much power from a warm pool of water that was 86 degrees Fahrenheit. On its way to the Philippines, the United States Military warned the people that a powerful Typhoon was going to hit the but they all though it was a little one which they are use to. But once it made landfall immediate flooding happened and everyone had to get to the high ground to stay away from the flooding. Their was so much water that the foundation of buildings began to break off. At one point the Typhoon reached a staggering speed of 195 miles per hour. It tor roofs off. Threw debris around and broke everything in its path. It took 6,300 people’s lives. In 2019 the cost of the Typhoon would be 4.55 million dollars in damage. They compared to category 5 hurricane. It was noticed as a tropical depression.

    Tropical cyclones are usually forming next to Asia since there is a difference platform of storms. Tropical cyclones usually form in moist air that could reach up to 15 kilometers in the sky and a wind vortex starts to from around it which gives it power. The Pacific warm pool gives the cyclone enough energy to move and gather more. Typhoons can be as long from 1000 kilometers through 2000 kilometers long. Something similar to the pacific warm pool is the Atlantic Basin which where most hurricanes for. Tropical cyclones relieve drought conditions.

    Supercells look beautiful and gorgeous but they can release beasts for example lighting storms and tornadoes. Supercells have 5 percent chance of spawning in a tornado. Supercells mostly form in moist climate conditions and can be as high 55,000 feet in the sky. They last from 2 through 4 hours. They are common in the Great Plains also known as tornado alley and Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay which are apart of the tornado corridor.

    Climate change has affected the world we leave in today for example we’re ruining it and it’s ruining itself. Society has changed which mean our whole ecosystem and environment we live has changed due to us and we can fix it only if the people listen. All wind storms have had an effect on the world since it has been formed. Destruction is ruining us and the world. This is how the world has changed so much from climate change.

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