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    Chapter 27 The Renaissance Begins

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    What is the French meaning of the word renaissance? How do historians use the word?
    Renaissance means rebirth. Historians use the word to describe the rebirth of widespread interest in classical art and learning that took place in Europe.
    What changes during the late Middle Ages pave the way for the renaissance?
    Trade and commerce. Humanism. The growth of the city states.
    Describe the believes of humanists.
    • believed in the world and potential of all individuals
    • balanced religious faith with believe in the power of the mind
    • interest in human society and the natural world
    • Believe people should use their minds for questioning
    What led to the rediscovery of Greek and Roman culture? Explain.
    Merchants and Crusaders brought back goods and ideas from the east, including classical learning
    Identify three characteristics of classical art.
    • Artist valued balance and harmony
    • figures were lifelike but often idealized or more perfect than real life
    • figures were nude or draped in togas or robes
    • bodies looked active and motion was believable
    Identify three characteristics of medieval art
    • figures looked stiff with little sense of movement
    • figures were fully dressed in stiff looking clothing
    • faces were serious and showed little expression
    • painted figures looked two dimensional or flat
    Identify three characteristics of renaissance art
    • figures were shown in action
    • figures were either nude or clothed
    • scenes showed real people doing every day tasks
    • faces expressed what people were feeling
    What made it safer for traders to travel along the silk road
    The Mongol conquest’s in Asia in the 13th century
    As a result of increased trade with the east what happened to the cities of Venice and Genoa? Explain
    They were located on the trade routes that linked the rest of western Europe with the east which made the cities very popular trading centers
    Why did crafts people merchants and bankers become more important in society
    The increase in trade lead to a new kind of economy. People bartered or traded goods. People were using coins to buy merchandise creating a money economy.
    As the wealth of merchants and bankers increased what did these individuals do with their abundance of money
    They could afford to make cities more beautiful. Wealthy patrons commissioned (ordered and paid for) new buildings and art. They also helped to found universities.
    Why did the Renaissance began in northern and central Italy
    During the Middle Ages, Italy was the center of trade in Europe. Trade led to new ideas and knowledge
    Who held the most power in Italian city states
    •republics (held some)
    •rich merchants (held some)
    •rich families (held the most)
    What made Italian city states dazzlingly wealthy
    They were in the middle of many trading routes and centers (Africa/Asia)
    Explain how the wealth of Italian city states encourage a boom in art and learning
    Rich families paid for statues, paintings, beautiful buildings, and elegant avenues, and build new centers of learning like universities and hospitals
    What did humanism seek to balance
    It sought to balance religious faith with an emphasis on individual dignity and an interest in nature and human society
    Which subjects make up the humanities
    They studied art, architecture, government, and language.
    What did humanists believe that they should use their minds for
    They believe that people should use their minds to question everything.

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