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art appreciation exam 1 Essay

“footprints on history” Cai Guo-Qiang
pyrotechnics for Olympics, known to be stunning, and widely admired. Art of architecture, also created art using gun powder
“Birds Nest” Herzog and de Meuron
environmental, geothermal, purification of water, solar heat absorption; architects
“You are getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies” Yayoi Kusama
wanted to show just how small we are in the grand scheme of things

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“Gare Saint Lazare” Claude MOnet
(1877), oil on canvas, environmentalist, shows Paris changing through industrialization
“World Flag Ant Farm” Yukinori Yanagi
(1994), represents united nations and the unification of the globe- by having flags of different countries in sand boxes and having ants move through tubes. Symbolizes immigration and border crossing
“The Gates” Christo and Jeanne
21M dollar project, 16-day event, visual outdoor performance (NYC), first great public art of 21st century, temporary
“Fushimi Inari Schrine” Torri Gates
links the 8th century with the present, two corners of the globe, environmental issues of global warming
“Les Demoiselle d’Avignon” Pablo Picasso
contradicting painting; artists own conflicting thoughts regarding women (prostitutes), abstraction of the human (female) form, harsh angles, masks, one of the first paintings of the modern movement- cubism
“Three Flags” Jasper Johns
(1958), policy on US politics, painted when country was obsessed with patriotism, flag becomes less grand & physically smaller the closer it gets to viewer.

Channeled into Pop Art movement- commands highest prices

“Race Riot” Andy Warhol
depicts events from May 1963 in Birmingham, AL (4 great leaders were assassinated), photo documents visual record of the people, time, place and events. King of Pop Art
“Treason of Images” Rene Magritee
“This is not a pipe” (1929), words and images linked, art powerfully persuasive, informative, and aesthetically challenging
“She” Lorna Simpson
shows lack of identity and individualism, challenges stereotypes of gender and race, shows tension between words and images (film photography),
“Necklines” Lorna Simpson
depersonalize, subject without identity, potential violence that lies between the surface of the black person’s world is depicted
“Rebellious Silence from Women of Allah Series” Shirin Neshat
minimizing words and images that results in misinterpretation of the story, pictorial essays, (photography)
“Grey Tree” Piet Mondrion
series of abstraction of a tree, becomes abstract over time; pod-like shapes become a part of the painting
“God; Ghent Altarpiece” John Van Eyck
unpopular truths, spiritual forces, human emotions
“Marriage of Giovanni Arnofini and Giovanna Cenami” John Van Eyck
image shows pregnancy, bondage, fidelity within marriage pact
“Plumpity..Plump” Slyvie Fleury
shopping cart work (gold cart of 24K gold), symbolizes consumerism, high end shopping, wealthy investors, business of art informs museum
“The Holy Virgin Mary” Chris Ofilli
controversial artist; British, Catholic, displayed in Saatchi gallery: dared to challenge the tradition version of Virgin Mary (blue cape, pious expression)
“Luncheon on the Grass” Edouard MAnet
controversial painting because of accusation of abandoning painterly tradition, caused public scandal in Paris; rejected from museum exhibit, brush stroke was too modern, now considered a masterpiece
“Nude Descending a Staircase” Marcel Duchamp
successful scandal, movement into a 2D surface, got critics attention
“La Grand Vitesse” Alexander Calder
public sculpture (1969), Grand Rapids, MI; mobile artist
“Tilted Arc” Richard Secca
NYC public outcry, large/steel sculpture, arrogant gesture, “a scar in plaza”
“Vietnam Memorial” Maya Lin
(Washington DC), polished black granite (in ground), early 80’s it wasn’t excepted right away- people were shocked, now it’s essential to nation
“Black Suit with White Stripe” Marley
(photographer, film), chronophotography: led to invention of Mayar Brothers- motion picture
“Homeless Vehicle” Krzysztof Wodiczko
in NYC homelessness became a major epidemic
“The Crucifiction Project” Guillermo Gomez and Roberto Sifuentes
artist activists that fooled around with political ideas, public attention to immigration issues in CA
“Whisper, Wave, and the Wind” Suzanne Lacy
(photographer), visual piece, subtle political statement in CA, older women talking about their lives on a beach
(by 2020, US population will have many “old, poor females”)
“David Piazza della Signoria”
Symbolize Republican Florence, Aesthetic issues discussed in the public arena ARTFUL POLITIC

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art appreciation exam 1 Essay
"footprints on history" Cai Guo-Qiang pyrotechnics for Olympics, known to be stunning, and widely admired. Art of architecture, also created art using gun powder "Birds Nest" Herzog and de Meuron
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art appreciation exam 1 Essay
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