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    History of Rock Ch. 10, 11, 12 Essay

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    This is a soundtrack to a film of the same name
    Purple Rain
    He is credited for perfecting back spinning
    Grandmaster Flash
    The New York punk scene was nourished here
    One of Sonic Youth’s main influences
    Glenn Branca’s guitar ensemble
    What is the significance of Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever
    Michael Jackson introduced the moonwalk
    Northern Songs
    the Beatles song catalog
    This album was recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder
    The theme of “I’m Waiting For the Man”
    making a heroin purchase
    Which does not correspond with the other three
    A. Lou Reed
    B. Andy Warhol

    Iggy Pop
    D. Maureen Tucker

    C. Iggy Pop
    Leon Huff
    romantic soul producer
    Steve Dahl
    Chicago DJ
    This song is about the troubles of a returning Vietnam War veteran:
    Born In the USA
    The theme of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”
    The violence in Northern Ireland
    Which did NOT contribute to the disco backlash
    Congressional hearings on disco lyrics
    Because of this, Bob Marley was forced into exile for a year
    An assassination attempt
    This artist was censured by the Vatican for a controversial music video
    “America’s Hippest Band”


    Who or what was TAFKAP
    This artist evokes the persona of a Woody Guthrie-esque working class hero
    Bruce Springsteen
    The moonwalk was first premiered on the “Thriller” music video
    December 8, 1980
    John Lennon murdered
    The E Street Band backed up
    Bruce Springsteen
    Three of the members of this band are practicing Christians
    This band was from Athens, Georgia

    The Harder They Come
    A film about reggae music
    The first debut album to enter the charts at #1
    This artist held the #1 spot on the charts for a total of 16 weeks in 1983
    Michael Jackson
    The producer of Thriller
    Quincy Jones
    Paul Westerberg
    Leader of the Replacements
    The London punk scene was inspired primarily by the
    Poor economy
    Which was a characteristic of soft soul
    Romantic lyrics
    The first video played on MTV
    “Video Cleared the Radio Star”
    This punk band emerged out of the 101ers and the London SS
    The Clash
    This band’s biggest successes came while working with producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois
    Two important 1960s archetypal punk bands came from this state
    The first rap song to address social issues
    “The Message”
    They wrote their own songs because they couldn’t learn songs from records
    This band was inspired by the dynamic of James Brown shows
    The punk movement occurred at roughly the same time as
    Henry Rollins
    Black Flag Lead Singer
    Which does not fit ?
    Kool Herc
    Afrika Bambaataa
    Grandmaster Flash
    Ice- T
    Jon Landau: “I saw rock’s future and its name is___________.”
    Bruce Springsteen
    Our Band Could Be Your Life
    a book about 1980s alternative rock
    Giorgio Moroder
    Disco Producer
    Andy Warhol was influential to the development of this band
    Velvet Underground
    Crew (or posse
    An informal neighborhood group
    Who was Debbie Rowe
    Michael jackson’s second wife
    The Sex Pistols broke up
    After a tour of the US
    The first record to be legally declared as obscene
    As Nasty as they Wanna Be
    He said “Check your egos at the door”
    Quincy Jones
    He developed an influential slap bass technique
    Larry Graham
    Seven of this album’s nine songs hit the Top Ten
    This artist was granted honorary knighthood by Queen Elizabeth
    Billy Joel’s 52nd Street
    First album released on CD
    This could be considered a Sun or Chess of the 1980s alternative scene
    Sub Pop
    Which was NOT a romantic soul producer
    Roger Waters
    Which is NOT an element of hip hop culture
    street theatre
    Which does not correspond with the other three:
    a.the Cars
    b.Black Flag

    d.the Police

    B. Black Flag
    This label was sold to MCA in 1988
    Which best describes the sound of the Velvet Underground
    Independent labels and renegade radio stations were the key players in this genre
    His prophecies were instrumental to the foundation of Rastafarianism
    Marcus Garvey
    The New York punk scene was driven by
    conceptualist art
    Their high-energy sound was referred to as a punk version of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound
    the Ramones
    The leader of Body Count
    Ice- T
    Which did NOT contribute to the demise of Stax
    Moving the company to LA
    Which does not correspond with the other three:

    the Replacements
    Sonic Youth

    This group/artist’s first four singles went to #1
    Jackson 5
    The first Michael Jackson/Quincy Jones collaboration
    Off the Wall
    This record label had the first rap hit single
    Sugar Hill
    Sylvia Robinson
    first rap producer
    Before starting a music career, this fixture of the CBGB scene was a painter and poet
    Patti Smith
    This artist has maintained artistic control of his/her while remaining in his/her hometown of Minneapolis
    This artist won a Golden Globe for acting in Evita
    Disco’s emphasis was on dancers and DJs rather than musicians
    The correct chronological order of development
    mento/ska/rock steady/reggae
    Which was NOT part of the ‘cultural underground railroad’
    online file sharing sites
    Which does not correspond with the other three:

    “Wonderful World, Beautiful People”


    “Stir It Up”

    “Love Train”

    “Love Train”
    Which does not correspond with the other three:

    Maureen Tucker

    Lou Reed

    Iggy Pop

    Andy Warhol

    Iggy Pop
    Intertwined rhythmic patterns found in reggae music
    This Springsteen album reflected on life after the 9/11 attacks
    The Rising
    Which does not correspond with the other three:

    New York Dolls


    the Stooges

    Patti Smith

    The Stooges
    Which was NOT true of both cassette tapes and CDs
    Superior Fidality
    The band The Revolution backed up
    Some consider this band a fraudulent trick played on the record industry
    the Sex pistols
    Which of these emerged in the South Bronx in the 1970s
    back spinning
    This artist writes his songs and records them in his own studio, and produces his own music videos and albums
    He managed the Sex Pistols
    Malcolm McLauren
    The definitive hardcore band
    Minor threat
    This artist’s career began as a DJ
    Sly Stone
    Which did NOT contribute to the changing status of Motown records in the late 1960s and early 1970s
    Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated
    This 1977 soundtrack LP went 30x platinum
    Saturday Night Fever
    One of Sonic Youth’s main influences:
    Glenn Branca’s guitar ensemble
    Before starting a music career, this fixture of the CBGB scene was a painter and poet:
    Patti Smith
    This artist was signed by Columbia’s John Hammond in 1972
    Bruce Springsteen
    The most political English punk band
    the Clash
    This song was denounced by the President, Vice President, and the PMRC
    “Cop Killer”
    What is Jobete music
    a publishing company for the Motown recordings
    Even though they were a punk band their music was high-energy and fun with sometimes humorous and mindless lyrics
    This studio was rebuilt in the 2000s and now houses as a museum
    This artist was signed by Columbia’s John Hammond in 1972
    Bruce Springsteen
    A “black Frank Zappa or James Brown on acid”
    George Clinton
    Godfather of Punk
    Iggy Pop
    In this song the phrase “no future” is repeatedly used
    “God Save the Queen”
    Cassette tape sales grew
    when the walkman was introduced
    Musical Instrument Digital Interface
    Disco demolition occurred in
    Thom Bell
    soft soul producer
    Which does not correspond with the other three
    A) Thom Bell
    B) Leon Huff
    C) Kenny Gamble
    D) Brian Eno
    D) Brian Eno
    First generation of rap is known as
    old school
    The 1977 soundtrack LP went 30x platinum
    Saturday Night Fever
    Which does not correspond with the other three
    A) Fulfillingess First Finale
    B) Talking Book
    C) Songs in the Key of life
    D) There’s a riot going on
    D) There’s a riot going on
    Many soft should were produced in
    Frank Zappa, Dee Snider, and John Denver all testified against this
    warning labels for records
    One of their songs was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho
    Talking Heads
    He played her father in a Madonna music video
    Danny Aiello
    “They didn’t sell many records, but everyone who bought one started a band “
    The Velvet Underground
    Which does not correspond with the other three
    A) Evita
    B) Downward Spiral
    C) Hard Candy
    D) Truth or Dare
    B) Downward Spiral
    One of the songs from this band/ artist channels the serial killer Charles Starkweather
    A) Bruce Springsteen
    B) Sonic youth
    C) U2
    D) R.E.M
    A) Bruce Springsteen
    Eric Clapton’s cover of this song became a #1 hit in both England and America
    “I shot the sheriff”
    Who were the Rude Boys
    Jamaican urban gangs
    Which was not true of punk
    slick production
    Which does not correspond with the other three
    A) the Isley Brothers
    B) Kool and the Gang
    C) The Wailers
    D) the Ohio Players
    C) the Wailers
    Record sales fell during the years
    Which genre was not instilled with a DIY esthetic
    Which is Not a characteristic of Gangsta Rap
    party themes

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