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    Pros and Cons of Rap Music Essay

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    Conclusion Rap Music :Misinterpreted art form In a world with mass cultural diversity, it is unfair to blame Just one brand of music for all societies of crimes. Nonetheless, rap music is not a menace to society. Rap music as a whole is very motivating and has definite capabilities involved in rap music such as Cool, Naughty by nature, Queen Latvia, and Will Smith. Still there are many people that feel rap music should be banned from television and the radio. Only if we as a society can comet ether to accept each others culture, will rap music be accepted by everyone.

    Just like any other type of music there will always be critics, but who are the critics? Is it the parents of today or the media? In every industry there are always problems that exist. Like many Businesses there are always bad people involved, and sometimes they influence other people to follow them. Rap music is one of the nation’s top selling music industry and some of the artists are Just in it for the money. They have no care for what the art of rap music or poetry represents. In addition, they will do anything to make money, even if it means degrade their own ace. But who is to blame for this problem?

    Social acceptance is my goal and in order for me to reach it , I will have to answer the questions ,what is rap , who founded it, and how much influence does the news media have upon rap music. Just like any other art form ” Rap music displays a clear view of how young urban black and Hispanics in the mid-ass’s of New York City expressed themselves. Rap was associated with an athletic style of dancing known as break dancing. The word rap derived from sass’s slang word for conversation, generally consisting of chanted, often-improvised street poetry followed by a huge recording usually disco or funk.

    At Rap Music By Pardoner Contributor Rap Music: A Misinterpreted Art Form By Enoch Noel Submitted to Ms. Jones Cot. 9, violence. While others admire rap as an inventive manipulation of cultural slang that gives society an acute social and political awareness. (Columbia Encyclopedia) Some early performers were Grand Master Flash and the Beastie Boys and Run DMS. According Ron Walters a professor of political science, at Howard University. ) There are a lot of frustrations in this generation. When you take to these young people you understand that is where this expression is coming from.

    It is honest are form. Rap music and its complex rhythms have long been a form of communication. The very root of rap and hip-hop is the rhythm in the words as well as in the music that accompanies it. One could make up a rap about the man on the moon or how good his DC was. The main goal was to be accepted as the deft (good) by one’s peers. The fact that the praises and positive affirmatives a rapper received were on the par with any other urban role model. This unusual style is what makes rap music so efferent. But many parents feel that rap music Just influences their kids to lead a negative lifestyles.

    For example, the President of the National Political Congress of Black Woman, Mrs.. Dolores C. Tucker, is sending a strong message to the music industry. “She’s not taking it any more from rappers who spit out word such as Pitch and Where. ” (Redbrick). With people like that against rap music it would be hard for parents to accept rap music. Most parent feels that rap is degrading. According to Rev. Joseph Lowery “these rappers are sacrificing their dignity and respect of black omen for the almighty dollar”. (Redbrick). But Mr..

    William Red Jackson a retired sociology teacher feels that” Rap can be interpreted for either the good or the bad it depends on the individual” (personal interview September 16). What Mr.. Jackson has stated, is clearly the approach each and every parent should take towards rap. That is why most kids like rap music, because of rap’s originality. It allows his/ her to show their personality for example, in songs like ” Mo Money Mo Problems” by the late Notorious BIG is one illustration of how a rapper can take simple problems of society ND then turn them into a grooving top seller.

    Another song written by the late Tuba Shaker is ” I wonder if heaven got a Ghetto”. This song answers the question of reality for many youths. It also explains what it is like living in the ghetto in the ass’s. Many youths like rap music simply because it allows one to rap about anything on their mind. If the rapper were laid back they could rap at a slow pace. And if they were angry they could rap at a fast pace. No two rappers rapped the same even when reciting the same rhyme. ( History of Hip hop). Rap is a style that forces each paper to be different and that’s why the younger generation likes it.

    The influence that the media has on rap music is greater that one thinks especially on the black race. In society today the media partially tells us how to live our lives. Moreover , every time something goes bad the media us the first to show it. Many kids watch television. In addition, if all they see are rappers getting arrested and people being killed, Just imagine what they will grow up to be. The media has so much power that it can even influence society in what to listen to. But the media can also help rappers to show how they gave back to society.

    There are positive rappers. Only if the media would portray them as such, then society would see how good rap rap produces, like building dreams and winning awards. One prime example of rap music at its greatest is when Lauren Hill, a famous rap artist, won six awards in the American Music Awards. She was the only female to win six awards on her first album. Explicit events like this is what defines rap music. But sometimes rap music gets negative publicity simply because of all the negative rappers involved in rap USIA.

    Over the past five years the rap industry has seen many of its famous rappers either sentenced to Jail or convicted of a crime. For example, Snoop Doggy Dog was charged with attempting murder back in 1993 in a drive by shooting. These negative rappers gave rap music a bad name and whether they realize it or not they are giving society a reason to hate rap music. “If one wishes to remove a mountain he/she would have to start with removing each pebble at a time. ” (Barry White) Rap music like many other art music survive for so . Long is its true meaning, an expression of one’s feeling’s.

    Moreover, rap music is a clear definition of what our ancestors fought for, which is the freedom of speech. Rap music is a clear definition of what our ancestors fought for, which is the freedom of speech. Rap Music is going to take a ling time before society sees it as a normal source of entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop trying to defend it. To many times we have seen beautiful art destroyed simply because it was misinterpreted. Social acceptance will have to come sooner in order for rap music to survive in new millennium.

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