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    : Difference in music and importance of understanding Essay

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    Music: Difference in music and importance of understanding capstone Abstract This proposal is to identify the problem that has been occur to the campus and why is understanding different music from different places is important. SST. Johannesburg Academy is a school with diversity.

    But this diversity is not working its true value out. It is extremely obvious at the breakfast or the dinner time, when there are only dorm students.

    People are sitting with only who speaks familiar language, especially as a part of the dorm community; I have found this problem by my own experience. Because of my passion to music and dance, I personally started this project because I want to use music to solve this problem, or maybe Just make it better.

    But there’s a huge problem in it is some people do not understand other cultures’ music and they judge it by all kinds of bias. I would like to use this capstone project as a tool to create a talk and a concert Just to bring two sides of the gap a little bit closer.

    Literature Review: Background: Asian and Western culture have so many differences, not only generally, but more specifically, music has a big role in it. Literatures have mainly discussed the preference between Asian and Western music and how is it differ from each other.

    They includes: Tone system, couple analysis and what method was used in this literature. This review will be mainly focusing on why this differ has affected the : Difference in music and importance of understanding By Seeded-Jack than that, why is a product as a concert will help this situation.

    Formal Review: At the study of Expression of Emotion in Asian and Western Music Mirrors Facilitation, it says this “In Western music, the major mode is typically used to convey excited, happy, bright or martial emotions, whereas the minor mode typically conveys budded, sad or dark emotions. ” Which as an Asian, I could tell that most of the music from where I am from are about sadness, breaking up, they tend to go to the dark side more, which is referring to what I have said at the beginning, music is one of the most obvious part that is differ from each other.

    The essay of A comparison of Asian and Western culture has also brought up the same idea, “The East stands for spiritualism, the West for materialism, people of the East care more for the development of the soul and for life after death than for the life in this world and for physical comforts. The Westerners, one the other hand, are worldly minded. They do not care for any future life, but want to enjoy their present life. ” It claimed that the background of the culture is different, East stands more spiritually, and they usually have songs that relate more an emotional thing.

    For example, my favorite canton-pop song- by Season Chant, is a song that presents the emotion of what an artist or people who wants to be famous deep in heart, why are they being so outstanding even in an awkward way Just to grab others’ attention. But compare to most of the songs in America, for example “Party Rock Anthem- LLAMA”, no doubt they do have lyrics to express their feeling, but more of that, they focus on creating the atmosphere of the party. We can tell the differences between Chinese and America pop music, it is not one kind is better than the other, but the lack of understanding could create the gap.

    There is also a video on Youth called “Kids React to K-pop” even it was created by some commercials, it actually nicely reflects the problem we are having in this campus, people are not understanding each other.

    In the video, those kids are saying “what are they doing”, “what is going on”, “l can’t understand it”, etc. Even though they are kids, but it also tells us that when people were young, they were already experiencing the lack of acknowledge to another culture. History Now , I’ll talk about western music and eastern music.

    In eastern music, I’ll focuses on Asian music.

    First in western music history,the western music is the main form of European folk song, chorus, classic, country, rock and roll, hip-hop, electronic music. Many forms of pop music is from African Americans, he the Jazz and blues music innovation service as the foundation, from the modern pop music derived folk ultra and music in the 20th century and 19th centuries, the original himself, but then play further development and white and black American, British, and westerners generally.

    These measures include Jazz, blues and rock music (namely in the broader sense of rock and heavy metal style), rhythm and blues, funk, hip-hop, derived style, development and introduce the western popular culture, such as popular music, metal and dance music. Other famous western music genre of music playing mariachis Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay tango, North America Jazz and Brazilian wave Pad tile.

    And second I’ll talk eastern music. Eastern music have middle eastern music, Asian music . In Asian music . There are three music very famous.

    I think those three music are lead of Asian pop music.

    Those three music are J-pop is Japanese pop music, C-pop is Chinese pop music, K-pop is Korea music. First, I want talk about I-pop. I-POP word began to be known all over the world since Japanese music industry became big enough to influence Japanese pop culture and young people.

    Music industry in Japan is now one of the biggest industries in the world and affecting the music scene in other countries. Along with the expansion of Japanese music industry, J-pop has been eating popular in some countries in Asia, Europe and U. S. , since internet makes it easier to access any information at home.

    In fact, some I-pop musicians like Gala often tour around Asia, especially China, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea. As well as Japanese artists tour around Asia, some Japanese bands tour in Australia. For example, the bands like Softball, Beat crusaders*l , Skibobs and Suns owl toured in Australia during the last couple of years. Then C-pop.

    C-pop is an abbreviation for Chinese popular music , a loosely defined musical genre by artists originating from mainland china, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Others come from countries where the Chinese language is used by a large number of the population, such as Singapore and Malaysia .

    C-pop is sometimes used as an umbrella term covering not only Chinese pop but also R&B, ballads, Chinese rock, Chinese hip hop and Chinese ambient music, although Chinese researched off as a separate genre during the early sass. There are currently three main submerges within C-pop: Canto pop , Amanda pop and Hookier pop.

    The gap between canto pop and Amanda pop has been narrowing in the new millennium. Hookier pop, though having its roots in Japanese Anna, has been re-integrating into C-pop and narrowing its trend of Then is K-pop. K-pop (Korean: ah, kayo) development towards Amanda pop. An abbreviation of Korean pop or Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of dance, electronic, electro pop , hip hop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea.

    In addition to music, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults around the world. Although in a bigger scope K- pop may include other genres of “popular music” within South Korea, outside of the country the term is more commonly used for songs sung by Korean teen idols, which over mostly dance, electronic, rap, hip-hop, and R&B genres.

    Starting in 1992, dance and rap music became popular due to See Tail & Boys, which is seen by many as the beginning of modern K-pop. Genres such as ballad and rock are still popular today; however, the term can be debatable.

    With the rise of social media networks during the mid sass, the ability of K-pop to reach a previously inaccessible audience via the Internet is driving a shift in the exposure and popularity of the genre. The Korean Wave has spread K-pop to the Pacific Rim, the Americas, Eurasia, and North Africa.

    Those are Asian pop music . Han I want talk about Asian classical music.

    Beautiful history. So, I will focus on the description of the classical music culture of the two countries. First, I will talk about Chinese classical music history. More than 2,000 years ago, there were many instruments in China, including bell, chime, drum and Sun (an egg-shaped, holed wind instrument).

    In the Chou Dynasty (1 lath century – 771 SC) and spring and Autumn (770-BBC) and warning states (475-221 SC) period, the instruments totaled 80 kinds.

    During the period of the Gin Dynasty (221-BBC), the Han Dynasty (BBC-ADD), the Three Kingdoms (220-280), the Jinn Dynasty (317-420), the Southern and Northern Dynasties (386-589) and SSI (581-618) and Tang Dynasties (618-907), there appeared instruments of Hunched (like today’s bamboo flute), Gained (a musical instrument of the Kiang), B’, bronze drum and waist drum, etc. They were all key instruments in national orchestral music.

    There appeared more wind instruments, plucked string instruments and bowed string instruments during the period of the Five Dynasties (907-960), the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368), the Mining Dynasty (1368-1644), the King Dynasty (1644-1911).

    National Orchestral Music was well developed in ancient times. The most influential orchestras in history are wind music (Chihuahua) in the Han Dynasty and Yankee in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The first one mainly consists of percussion instruments and the latter one focuses on tender music.

    Traditional Chinese ensemble instrumental music has diverse origins, and forms of arrangement, performance and transmission.

    Generally speaking, geographic origin is its most distinguishing characteristic: Percussion and wind ensembles native to the northern region include Asian percussion and wind, Shania Province’s Boat, the orchestras of central Huber Province, southwest Sandhog Province’s percussion and mind, Longing Province’s percussion and wind and the Shiplap music of Laying City.

    Native to the south are the gongs and drums of eastern Jagging Province, the shill gongs and drums of southern Jungian Province and Fuzz, the Longing of Quantico and the Shifts of southwest Fijian Province. In the string and wind category are the Southern Tunes of Fijian, the poetry accompanied on string instruments of Cachou, Gudgeon Music, the string and wind music of south of the Yanking River and the northern string music. The distribution of the artistic groups that played the various types of Chinese folk music was connected with the yester of managing music of the feudal imperial court.

    Generally speaking, the locations of the imperial capitals in ancient times are the centers of the transmission, orchestras and maestros of folk music today. For example, Asian percussion music dates from the days when Asian was the capital of the Tang Dynasty; the Disdaining Temple music of Gaffing emerged when that city was the capital of the Song Dynasty; and the Chihuahua Temple music of Beijing and the wind orchestra music of Huber Province have associations with the days when Beijing was the capital of the Lila, Jinn, Yuan, Mining and King Dynasties.

    Hobbies Changed City, which is not far from Beijing, was the summer resort of the King emperors, and local musicians can still play the court music of that time, despite the fact that the dynasty disappeared long ago. This makes it easy to understand why so many farmer-musicians can have such comparatively high artistic attainments.

    This is an important component of the Chinese people’s musical artistry.

    Among the diverse musical instruments in China, orchestras that perform On Ill MUSM, the southwest Lushness orchestras that use various kinds of Lushness (reed-pipe wind instrument), and north orchestras that use rose-head stringed instrument, traditional Chinese four-stringed fiddle, Chinese torched simian and so on. The forms of these orchestras are also employed by local orchestras. With the development of national orchestral music after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, some new-type national musical orchestras gradually emerged.

    They reflect the fine Chinese tradition and feature distinct uniqueness in sound effects and tamper. New national orchestras continue to play important roles, and have embarked on the world stage. Second, the Japan classical music. Traditional Japanese music, Japanese called bond music.

    Often use “foreign music” as antonyms, refers to the western music outside of the Japanese traditional music. Relative to the western music of the heptathlon, modern nations music is so scales, the rhythm of the music most nations for two Pat, four shoot even beat, almost no singular beat, and songs is various, pure musical instrument music seldom.

    Musical Instruments are generally as the vocal music accompaniment for use, but still and vocal music, has a subtle differences in the complex. In addition, because sansei line, harp and Chihuahuas etc.

    , the structure of the instrument itself, has the murmur of he sex factor, also become bond music complex timbre by one of the favorite. Since the Meijer era begins, the music was introduced into Japan later, the music becomes the mainstream of the Japanese music, the music and so repressed.

    But in recent years, the music is to be sure, hobby music nations who are continually increased. Lovers of foreigners who also had an increasing trend.

    People Frequently marginalia in academic circles as the study of “exotic”, “non- Western”, or Third World music, it has finally begun to overtake and surpass its sister field in two ways: ideologically, in grappling with cultural and musical realities as lobar rather than delimited phenomena; and methodologically, in the range of techniques available to it from cross-disciplinary fertilization.

    This has materialized, first, because of profound demographic changes throughout the world; and second, because an increasing awareness of “world music” in the media has been brought about, primarily by a record industry based in metropolitan areas where emigration, exile, or categorization is the normal condition for Third World minorities. Ethnomusicology could be defined as: critical inquiry into, explanation of and mediation between, the musical gestures of Self and Other (Porter 1993: 88).

    The whole issue of performance, and what is understood by that term, came into prominence in the sass.

    Roger D. Abraham’s is a prominent folklorist whose work focuses on the expressive cultures and cultural histories of the Americas, with a specific emphasis on African American peoples and traditions. He is the Hum Rosen Professor of Humanities, Folklore and Folklore. He is the author of a large number of books, among which Everyday Life: A Poetics of Vernacular Practices is a recent title.

    Having earned his Ph. D. Here, Abraham’s returned to the University of Pennsylvania in 1986 after caching previously at the University of Texas and at Scripps and Pitter Colleges in Claremont, California. (salesman: 1986) He was the founding Director of Peen’s Center for Folklore and Ethnography, a research and public outreach unit associated with the Department of Folklore and Folklore.

    He was awarded the Kenneth Goldstein Award for Lifetime Academic Leadership by the American Folklore Society in 2005. And is also an OAFS Fellow. I saw a web. I found a people knows a lot of music things.

    His name is Joseph Haydn. He excelled in every musical genre.

    He is familiarly now as the father of the symphony and could with greater Justice be thus regarded for the string quart; no other composer approaches his combination of productivity, quality and historical importance in these genres. A central characteristic of Heyday’s music is the development of larger structures out of very short, simple musical motifs.

    Heyday’s formal inventiveness also led him to integrate the fugue into the classical style and to enrich the rondo form with move cohesive tonal logic. Heyday’s music is known for its humor. The most famous example is the sudden loud chord in the slow movement of his “Surprise” symphony.

    Heyday’s formal inventiveness also led him to integrate the fugue into the classical style and to enrich the rondo form with more cohesive tonal logic.

    And I found another people. This person know a lot of folk music. His name is John Llama. I think I don’t know folk music .

    Because most of folk music is old . And I think folk music is not popular in this world. So people don’t know this music. Even attention this music.

    So, John Llama told me a lot of information about folk music. He said a pioneering musicologist and folklorist who did much for the preservation of American folk songs . Conclusion

    In conclusion, these article or video have sent us a message, people now is experiencing a lack of understanding of other culture, personally as an Asian, I could tell that people from China, they tend to listen to Japanese song more than American song, Just because most of them do not understand. Myself has the luck to become people who could enjoy music from everywhere, and I also see this as a problem to be solved, that’s why I have this has my capstone topic.

    Purpose Have you ever thought that music could either isolate people from each other or it could also bring people together? In SST.

    Johannesburg Academy, there is a problem; international students do not go with day students that well. Part of it of course is because of the ability to communicate Just because most international students do not speak English that well, but more of it, is because of the difference in culture, and music has played a big role in it. This problem is actually more obvious between Asian students and American China has 12 hour of time difference with the US.

    They have represented two different side of the world. Now, the author has decided to do a capstone about it in order to close up the gap between cultures a bit.

    Capstone is a project about taking advance at something that people is not only being passion about but also having some academic or artistically experience from the past. The author of this coming capstone has decided a product which could bring people together.

    A music talent concert that would give a chance to both day and resident students a chance to hang out at fuller hall and enjoy music together with all those music from difference culture and have the chance of making new friends. This capstone will be mainly focus on why is this gap has been created. What has created this gap? Is it because of the culture?

    Or is it Just mainly because of the race? The author came up with this idea not Just because he is passion about music and dancing, but he would also like to have a master piece to make this place better than we found it. There was one time at the sophomore year of the author, second semester, someone held a dance party for all kinds of languages, at that time, the author actually went in and brought some Chinese music to share in the party, but what comes out was everyone stopped at the same second when they heard this song, not because they didn’t like it, Just because they didn’t understand it.

    In the article “Expression of emotion in Eastern and Western music mirrors facilitation. ” Which was written by “Bowling, Daniel Lieu; Junkyards, Janis; Han, Sheerer and Purses, Dale” has claimed that, in western music, the major type of the music from the western music is about happy, excitement, bright or martial emotions. Which compare to the author as an Asian has realize that most of the Asian music now has turned into a format, a format that it is actually more of an expression of the failure in love and the sadness, which is totally an opposite with the western music for now.

    So here he sees the problem that people might not understand each other’s music not Just because of the lack of understanding through language, but also the differences of how the music was created.

    Also, by dancing and watching music videos, the author has come to an idea that eastern or more accurately Asian music is more of a kind that is focusing on performing. We could totally tell that Just by how k-pop and I-pop music video was created. But back into the western music videos, they are not that much of dance included, even if that is a song that could be totally nicely danced.

    It would be more focus on the effect from he screen that you would more enjoy because it is more focusing on the lyrics.

    Also, in the article of A comparison of Eastern and Western Culture, it mentioned that “The East stands for spiritualism, the West for materialism, people of the East care more for the development of the soul and for life after death than for the life in this world and for physical comforts,” which has shown that what are the roots that occur this problem. All those differences were obviously showed in many ways.

    In order to help, the music (Details) And in order to keep this benefit the campus at the coming years, this reject would also start to cooperate with Dry. Swarthy to make it annually so that every year, people have a chance to understand other culture by music.

    Also there would be a fund rising with 1 dollar for the ticket and all the money that would get collected would go the Mellissa Jenkins fund or whoever needs help in the community, so that not only student but the community could be benefit from it.

    Methodology To achieve my goal which is bringing the gap between people by music a little bit together, I have several methods that I considered. They are surveys, actual interview and by the concert I will be holding at the end of the year. First of all, yes, surveys.

    Of course the topic that I am working on has less academic profession than a lot other topics. Less research paper was done, less academic outcome was studied by previous people, and so I came up with an idea that I could eventually Just make my own server to get the data that will be needed.

    In order to create a nice survey, me and my partner will be talking to Mr..

    Seaman since he has the expertise on foreign culture Just by he could speak 20% of Chinese and his experience of music and traveling, he could totally be a mediator between me and American students to create this survey. I have the basic outline of it right In the survey, I would divide it into 2 parts, one is for American students and one is for Asian students, more generally, Eastern and Western.

    In both parts, they will both include parts that will be mediator; they will have general questions, for example: what is your personal feeling about other language music? I would also include some more specific questions in it so I could have some specific details that would totally help my research and finish my capstone. Also, I will be holding a concert at the end of the year because I would like to have tooth days and dorm students perform or Just sit together, relax and enjoy music from all places together.

    In this concert, I will be focusing on all kinds of music expression, as a dancer, I would definitely have dance performances, I will also have people to play piano, violin, singing, all kinds of expression, Just to bring culture together. During the concert, I will have both western and eastern music, I will actually cut and produce my own remix but putting couple pieces together, which would both include both kinds of music, and I would also try to organize activities that would be audience interacting so that people don’t feel like only listening, but they are also participating during the concert.

    I will also have an intro video being shown on the capstone day and also on a chapel announcement Just to keep up the project and heat it up by having the intro, I will make this to be the greatest concert ever. Feasibility much it could actually give, by my own experience; I could already tell this problem is actually affecting this campus the most.

    Every morning when I step into the cafeteria I wanted to sit with someone who speaks a different language, but tables like that hey actually form a group of people who speak their own language, so I had to adapt to this environment so I could also talk with someone.

    So a capstone to bring people together would not be a bad idea Recently there is a song called Kananga style and its heat had run over the whole America, it is the first step of people start to get globally accept music instead of being in the comfort zone and Just listen to the language they familiar with, and I am sure that they would eventually find Kananga style is not the nice music that was created in Asian, there are a lot others that are nice, and Asians could also have the name chance to discover the greatness of English music.

    Desired Outcomes and Impacts I would expect a short term effect would be people start to listen to Asian or any other culture’s music more, not globally but at least on this campus. I would expect that people not only listen to Kananga style but all kinds of foreign language music and understand the differences and treasure the diversity between them.

    Because native language music is only a very small part of the world, people who want to get adopted to the world, needs to be globally adoptable, and I am sure that music will be the easiest way to make it.

    Not only because how easy it is to understand, but also because it is a representative to a country, a culture, and a part of the world. And my hope is that people would start to recognize the differences and to admire them instead of avoiding them. Measuring Outcomes and Impacts How it would actually turn out depends on how effective could my presentation and how would the concert be.

    If the concert is popular enough that most of the seats will be filled by people both day and dorm students, I am sure that the impact would be greater than how it would be if there are less people come.

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