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    A Personal Narrative About Drawing and Painting

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    As a young girl, I doodled on every empty spot on whatever paper I could get my hands on, while the sport of volleyball is my cup of tea, drawing and painting are, as they have always been, my passion. As an elementary school student. I cherished every moment of art class, even if I found the demands of my art teachers too stifling. Art teachers always dictated both the subject and medium of every art project instead of giving free reign to our artistic talents. Fortunately, my love of art compelled me to pursue my talents outside the classroom, i.e. in the privacy of my room that I fondly called my studio. Art has been and continues to be, the main outlet for my feelings. When Im depressed, melancholy expressions overwhelm my paintings.

    Frustration or rage is highlighted by shades of red or bright orange. A distorted face done in the cubist style of Picasso shows up in draWings made in times of astronomic bliss. while a more Impressionist style comes out when I am particularly pensive. Sometimes, inspired by Sigmar Polke, a German painter of the popular art movement, I venture into provocative drawings too. Lichtenstein and Warhol have also served as inspirations as their paintings are sexy and unpretentious. When i draw I sometimes add Wit and satire, which I believe makes the drawing more interesting to analyze. More importantly, I enjoy art because it generates powerful messages or sentiments. When Mona Lisa smiles, she captivates people of all races I once saw this painting of Norman Rockwell which portrayed a racial conflict and still remember how bothered l was for one whole evening.

    Rodins The Kiss makes me shudder with passion, while Van Goghs Starry Starry Night gives me a sense of confusion and turmoil. Indeed, as we view the works of the masters, we can’t help but wonder what they were feeling at the time they were creating these gems. Art is history I look at art as a Window to how life was in times past, I can almost feel the energy and Vitality of the 60s through Warhol, the richness and splendor of the renaissance through Michaelangelo, the innocence and serenity of the Philippines countrySIde through Fernando Amorsolo (Filipino national artist). I know that my art simply cant compare with the works of the masters. But I still feel a sense of achievement whenever finish a simple pencil draWing or a complicated acrylic painting feel that have made a mark in life; that maybe, hundreds of years from now, someone will find these works and wonder who made them.

    Hopefully, that person will be able to get a glimpse of my life, my emotions, and my dreams. If one were to ask what my favorite artwork is Id readily tell you that It is this portrait I made for my mother. The portrait was painted from a picture taken during her engagement to my dad, I painted it when I was about 15 years old and I had a wonderful experience when I started drawing her features. Her eyes shone With excitement but her smile was not whole. I asked her what she was feeling during that time, but she clammed up. I became more and more intrigued as I translated her face on paper, I finally asked my grandmother about her strange. hesitant smile and she laughed and said. She had a run in her pantyhose She was worried it might show up in her full-body pictures. Ves, centuries later scholars and artists will see my portrait. They Will wonder about that peculiar smile. iust as the world has about Mona Lisas. I guess they will never figure out that it was all because of a run.

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