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    Vincent van Gogh Essay (504 words)

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    Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, in Groot-Zundert. As he grew up he was a salesman in an art gallery, a French tutor, a theological student, and a preacher. When van Gogh went to live with his brother in Paris he was influenced by all the new art movements developing and he began to experiment with all the techniques. After he left Paris he lived in southern France. After van Gogh cut off part of his ear he was kept in an asylum for a year. He was the best Dutch painter after Rembrandt van Rijn. On July 27, 1890 Vincent van Gogh shot himself and he died two days later.

    Vincent van Gogh was a painter, and a drawer. When van Gogh lived in southern France, he began to paint scenes of fields, cypress trees, peasants, and rustic life characteristics of the region. He used swirling brush strokes and intense yellows, greens, and blues. (Examples: Starry Night and Bedroom at Arles) Vincent van Gogh loved brush work with crawls, very thick and an inherent movement and awareness of colors. Once Vincent moved to Paris he learned of more colors which helped him to create distinctive dashed brushstrokes. In some paintings he uses bright patches of contrasting colors, Van Gogh essay.

    The way Vincent van Gogh used color and lines express his emotions and they way he felt in the world around him. He believed that the colors he used had their own meaning. He used striking colors and coarse brushwork. Van Gogh used the Impressionists style but added in his own styles too; which lead him to develop a style of unique painting. When he first started to paint he used dark and gloomy colors. But after the development of more pigments of colors and once he was exposed to the work of the Impressionists he was introduced to more bright colors.

    He was also influenced by painters from Japan which influenced him to paint dark outlines around objects and filled the areas in with thick color. He used complementary colors to help make things brighter. His choice of color also depended on his moods. Van Gogh used colors varied from yellow to purple to white. He used chrome lemon, chrome yellow light, chrome yellow medium, vandyck brown, chrome orange, geranium vermillion, carmine, Prussian blue, cobalt blue, emerald green, chrome oxide green, viridian, lead white, and zinc white. Van Gogh attempted to use harmony in many some of his paintings.

    Vincent van Gogh would paint, draw, paint with water colors, graphic works and sketches of letters. The new form of art that van Gogh had created is now called Expressionism. Van Gogh had a large influence on modern day art. Vincent van Gogh has painted more then 860 paintings and has almost 1,200 drawings that have survived. Van Gogh was also an oil painter. He painted mainly on canvas. His paintings normally show the objects people and places in his life but are usually distorted. He used visible dotted or dashed brush marks in his paintings.

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