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    The Annotated Mona Lisa Part 4a: The Rebirth of Art: Renaissance

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    Why are the Middle Ages called the Middle Ages?
    They fall between twin peaks of artistic glory: the Classical period and the Renaissance
    Lifelike art was created in the renaissance because of a shift of interest from ___ to ___
    supernatural to the natural
    The rediscovery of what tradition helped artists reproduce visual images accurately?
    How did the painters of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries go beyond Greece and Rome in technical proficiency?
    the expansion of scientific knowledge, such as an understanding of anatomy and perspective
    What era is defined as the beginning of modern painting?
    The Renaissance
    What were the top four breakthroughs of the renaissance?
    1. oil on stretched canvas
    2. perspective
    3. the use of light and shadow
    4. pyramid configuration
    What were the three most important artist of the early renaissance?
    Who laid the ground work for 3D painting in the eraly renaissance?
    who recaptured the central discovery of classical sculpture, contrapposto, in the early renaissance?
    Whose work, titled the Birth of Venus, marked the rebirth of Classical mythology?
    The culmination of what discoverers is referred to as the High Renaissance (1500- 1520)?
    renaissance discoveries like composition, ideal proportions, and perspective
    What is the most admired and most reproduced image in all of art? Who was its artist?
    The Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci
    Who is referred to as the “Renaissance man”
    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Which painting is the world’s most revered religios painting? Who painted it?
    The Last Supper. Leonard Da Vinci
    Why did the Last Supper begin to disintegrate, even in its artist’s own life time?
    Leonardo experimented with oil/tempera emulsion of his own invention that failed to bond to the plaster.
    What artistic acheivement of Leonardo Da Vinci predicted major discoveries and inventions of succeeding centuries?
    His sketch books
    Which artist broke all the rules, believing that creativity was divinely inspired?
    Which artist preferred to work in solitude, refusing to train apprentices or allow anyone to watch him work?
    Who described his technique as a sculpture as “liberating the figure from the marble that imprisons it?”
    How was Christ’s body so accurate looking in Michelangelo’s “Pieta?”
    his dissection of corpses
    Whose last words were, “I regret that I am dying just as I am beginning to learn the alphabet of my profession?”
    Who carved, “Pietd”
    Who painted the Sistine chapel?
    What do the 340 human figures on the Sistine chapel ceiling represent?
    the origin and fall of man
    What gloomy fresco did Michelangelo finish 29 years after the Sistine Chapel ceiling, encompassing the entire wall of the chapel?
    The Last Judgement
    What scene was depicted in “The Last Judgement?”
    Michelangelo depicted Christ not as a merciful Redeemer but as an avenging Judge with such terrifying effect that Pope Paul III fell to his knees when he saw the fresco. “Lord, hold not my sins against me!” the pope cried
    In his later years, what did Michelangelo devote himself to?
    Of the three major figures of the High Renaissance school (Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael), which was said to be “so gentle and so charitable that even animals loved him?”
    Of the three major figures of the High Renaissance school (Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael), which died at the age for 37?
    Who painted the “School of Athens,” that embodied the High Renaissance in its balance, sculptural quality, architectural perspective, and fusion of pagan christian elements?
    Whose paintings became muted, almost monochromatic after his wife died in 1530?
    Whose painting, “Bacchanal of the Adrians,” shows a pagan wine party containing the major ingredients of Titian’s early style: dazzling contrasting colors, ample female forms, and asymmetric compositions?
    Whose style was based on simplified forms and measured proportions? Italian Renaissance art or Northern Renaissance art?
    Italian. Northern renaissance art included lifelike features and unflattering honesty.
    Whose art was of prosperous citizens and peasants? Italian Renaissance art or Northern Renaissance art?
    Northern Renaissance. Italian Renaissance art was of heroic male nudes.
    Who put emphasis on visible appearance instead of underlying anatomical structure? Italian Renaissance art or Northern Renaissance art?
    Northern Renaissance
    Who used the new medium of oil painting, an invention by his brother, to achieve a peak of realism?
    Jan van Eyck
    Why was Jan van Eyck such a convincing detailist in his paintings?
    He was triained as a miniaturist and illuminator of manuscripts
    What was one of the most celebrated paintings of the Northern Renaissance, painted by Van Eyck, using every object to symbolize the painting’s theme, the sanctity of marriage?
    Arnolfini Wedding
    What does Bosch’s, “Garden of the Grotesque,” suggest?
    Inventive torments meted out as punishment for sinners. Grotesque fantasy images – such as hybrid monsters – inhabited his weird, unsettling landscapes
    What was the name of the strategy Bruegel used in his famous painting, “Hunters in the Snow,” making the foreground sharp and the background hazy to show depth?
    atmospheric perspective
    Who were the rock stars of the German Renaissance?
    Griinewald (religious paintings)
    Diirer (technically perfect prints)
    Holbein (portraits)
    “The French Ambassadors” by Holbein is characterized by what?
    Northern penchant for symbolic knickknacks
    accurate textures
    Diirer was know for making art in what medium?
    What is the oldest technique for making prints?
    Late Renaissance artists, or Mannerist, were at an impasse since art had already been perfected by Da vinci and Michelangelo. What did these artists therefore decide to do with their art?
    replaced harmony with dissonance, reason with emotion, and reality with imagination
    Mannerist painters were known for what characteristics? both in their paintings and in the personality.
    odd, dark, of sinister qualities. irrational and unsettling
    What is the most striking feature of El Greco Paintings, i.e. “Resurrection?”
    eerie, unearthly illumination flickers over the canvases, making his style the most original of the Renaissance
    Ridiculously elongated hands were hallmark of what artistic style?

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