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    survey of music

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    The first violinist in an orchestra is known as the
    The only place to see a live performance of “classical” music is in a major urban center like New York or Los Angeles
    the following is a term that can be used to label a piece of music that is composed?
    Composition and work
    At the concert, a program will tell you
    The names of the performers and the pieces on the concert
    Which of the following is NOT a recommended technique to study music?
    a. Putting the music examples on as background for relaxation
    i. Other options:
    1. Listening to a recording multiple times
    2. Seeing a live performance of music
    Technology has affected the way people consume music.
    Understanding a bit about the music before listening to it can help develop a deeper appreciation toward it
    Performers of “classical” music typically dress in
    Black formal wear
    In a Western orchestra, which instrument provides the note that the ensemble tunes to?
    Oftentimes in a concert there is a break where you can move around. This break is called the
    When is the best time to arrive at a “classical” concert?
    At least 20 minutes in advance of the performance
    Which of the following is NOT a tradition in live Western “classical” music performances?
    a. Audience participation on the stage
    i. Right answers
    1. Knowing when to clap
    2. The dress of the performers
    If a performance is well received, an audience can request a (an) ________ by extended applause.
    In a concert in which a symphony is performed the audience is generally expected to clap
    Only at the end of the final movement
    At a “classical” concert you can come and go at will.
    Music can be described in the language of words.
    The interweaving of melody and harmony produces ____________ in music
    A single-line texture is known as
    A texture that combines a melody with an ornamented version of itself is called:
    Monophonic texture is the simplest musical texture.
    A round is based on the principle of ____________ where each voice enters in succession with the same melody.
    A texture in which all voices move together in the same rhythm is called:
    Which of the following textures is based on counterpoint?
    One person singing Happy Birthday with simple chords accompanying the melody produces a _________ texture
    The best description of melodic idea that is presented in one voice, then restated in another, is
    A work that is comprised of a strictly imitative musical texture is called a:
    A melody, whether sung or performed on an instrument, is often referred to as a
    The early Christian church had very little power in Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
    During the Renaissance, lands new to the Europeans were discovered, including
    The Amaricas
    Our understanding of the musical culture of ancient civilizations is limited by the few fragments of music that have survived
    The violent series of events that took place as part of an attempt to capture the Holy Land from the Muslims is known as:
    The Crusades
    The beginning of the Middle Ages is marked by the
    The fall of the Roman Empire
    One woman composer and author who was active in church society in the Middle Ages was:
    Hildegard of Bingen
    The Renaissance marks the passing of European society from a predominately secular society to a more sacred one
    Musical literacy in the cultivated middle and upper classes in Renaissance society is marked by the rise of the musician who plays for the love of music and not professionally, known as a(n) _________ musician
    The act of supporting an artistic project, either financially, intellectually, or both, is known as:
    The art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome was of little interest to artists and writers in the Renaissance
    The main European port for cultural exchange of Eastern luxuries was
    During the Middle Ages all power came from which religious organization?
    The Roman Catholic Church
    Culture in the Middle Ages was largely shaped by the rise of:
    Which secular leader in the Middle Ages promoted a strong, centralized government?
    The surge in rational, scientific problem solving in the Renaissance is called
    The Middle Ages span nearly one thousand years
    The most idealized woman in Western culture during the Middle Ages was
    The Virgin Mary
    Professional women musicians made their mark in society
    One of the major advancements in the Renaissance was the invention of printing, pioneered by
    Johannes Gutenberg
    Trade flourished in the later Middle Ages when a merchant class arose outside of feudal society
    Early notation used neumes, little ascending and descending signs written above the words that suggested the shape of the melodic line.
    True Statements about Notre Dame School
    a. Composers there wrote some of the earliest examples of polyphony, called organum
    b. The first book containing compositions by composers of this school is called Magnus liber organi
    c. Not True:
    i. Perotin and Machaut are 2 of the main composers
    The first type of polyphony was Gregorian chant (p80)
    The chants of the church only used the major and minor scale patterns found in later music (p75,76)
    The medieval motet usually features multiple texts occurring simultaneously. (p80)
    Hildegard was known for all the following (p78)
    a. Her visions and interpretation of the scriptures
    b. Her poetry and music
    c. Not for:
    i. Her historical writings about the saints
    The text Alleluia, O virga mediatrix is from which portion of the Mass? (p.79)
    The Proper
    The two main services for the Roman Catholic Church are the daily Offices and the Mass. (p76)
    9. The medieval motet can have a combination of sacred and secular texts (p80
    Most surviving examples of Gregorian chant are anonymous (p75)
    A unique feature of Hildegard’s chant is her occasional use of an upward leap of a fifth, lending an expansive feel to the music. (p78)
    Music performed with exchanges between a soloist and chorus is called (p75, 79)
    Responsorial Singing
    The text of the Kyrie has a: (p77)
    Greek text
    Hildegard’s chant Alleluia, O virga mediatrix was intended for performance on a feast day for the Virgin. (p79)
    The texts of the Mass service that are specific to a particular feast day are called the Ordinary. (p77)
    The text setting in Alleluia, O virga mediatrix is mostly syllabic (p79)
    The Kyrie is not a part of the Mass. (p77)
    The liturgy refers to the set order of services and structure of each service. (p75)
    Which voice in the organum carries the original chant in sustained notes? (p80)
    The bottom voice
    Gregorian chant features regularly phrased melodic lines supported by instrumental accompaniment (p75)
    One of the earliest examples of secular polyphony comes from: (p83,84)
    The earliest secular songs that have been preserved are in which language? (p82)
    Which era does Puis qu’en oubli exemplify? (p85)
    Ars nova
    Which statements are true about medieval instrumentalists? (p 86,87)
    a. They were often employed in the performance of vocal music, doubling or accompanying the singers
    b. They took part in dance music
    c. Not True:
    i. They performed only music written specifically for instruments
    The recorder, lute, and hammered dulcimer all were categorized into which group in the Middle Ages? (p88)
    Devotional Services
    The text of Machaut’s chanson Puis qu’en oubli tells of: (p85)
    Courtly Love
    In which poetic form is Machaut’s chanson Puis qu’en oubli set? (p85)
    The repeated text and music heard three times in Machaut’s chanson Puis qu’en oubli is called: (p85)
    The refrain
    Puis qu’en oubli has no repeated musical sections. (p86)
    Machaut’s Puis qu’en oubli is best classified as: (p85)
    Secular Music
    Instrumental music in the Middle Ages was generally improvised rather than played from notation. (p87)
    What event inspired Raimbaut to write his famous epic? (p87)
    The Crusades
    The medieval French chanson can be described as a secular vocal composition set to a courtly love poem. (p85)
    This texture of Puis qu’en oubli is best described as: (p86)
    The text of Sumer is icumen in celebrates: (p83,84)
    Which composer lived and worked during the Ars nova? (p85)
    Guillaume de Machaut
    The lower two voices in Sumer is icumen in sing short repeated ideas known as: (p83)
    An ostinato
    Puis qu’en oubli is in a triple meter with gently syncopated rhythms. (p86)
    The vocal range in the work Puis qu’en oubli is low, best suited for men’s voices (p85)
    Machaut is best described as: (p85)
    A courtier
    The poems of the troubadour and trouvère repertory include: (p83)
    a. Political and moral songs
    b. Love songs centered on the idea of “unrequited love”
    To which category of medieval instruments do the sackbut, crumhorn, cornetto, tabor, and nakers belong? (p88)
    Poet-musicians in Germany in the Middle Ages were known as: (p82, 83)
    The constant imitation from beginning to end in between the voices of Sumer is icumen in is characteristic of its genre, which is : (p83)
    A round
    Troubadours, medieval poet-musicians from the southern region of France, belonged to (p83)
    Mainly the upper classes and the aristocracy
    Which of the following is NOT typical of the Renaissance motet? (p89)
    Monophonic texture and sung in the vernacular
    Guillaume du Fay used L’homme armé as a cantus firmus in one of his masses. (p93)
    The predominant texture in Josquin’s motet Ave Maria . . . virgo serena is: (p91)
    a. Imitative polyphony
    Du Fay sometimes used a chant or popular song as the basis for his compositions (p92)
    The following statements are true about Josquin’s motet
    a. The meter changes within the piece, moving from duple to triple and back to duple
    b. The text is a rhymed poem
    c. Not:
    i. Each voice sings a different text praising the Virgin Mary
    The text of Josquin’s motet Ave Maria . . . virgo serena, praises the virtues of: (p89-91)
    The Virgin Mary
    Which is true of cantus-firmus technique in the Renaissance? (p92)
    a. Fragments from either sacred or secular music could serve as the fixed melody
    b. Renaissance composers employed this procedure to unify their Masses
    c. Not:
    i. Only Gregorian chant was used as the fixed melody
    The Catholic Church’s effort in the early sixteenth century to recapture the loyalty of its followers through a return to true Christian piety is known as the: (p93)
    Counter- Reformation
    In which language is Josquin’s motet text written? (p91)
    The text of the Gloria in Palestrina’s Pope Marcellus Mass is easily understood, due largely to its syllabic nature and Palestrina’s frequent use of homorhythm (p94)
    During the Renaissance, the Mass was recited and sung in the vernacular (the language of the people) (p92)
    The Pope Marcellus Mass was written for six voice parts. (p93)
    Which was a recommendation of the Council of Trent regarding music for the church? (p93)
    Make the words more understandable
    How does Josquin provide a contrast in the final two lines of the text, “O Mater Dei, memento mei”? (p91)
    a. In long note values
    b. In a homorhythmic texture
    Palestrina’s Pope Marcellus Mass was probably intended for a cappella performance (p94)
    The harmony of Palestrina’s Gloria from the Pope Marcellus Mass is best described as full and consonant (p94)
    Palestrina’s Gloria from the Pope Marcellus Mass belongs to the Proper, the variable part of the Mass celebration (p94)
    Which of the following make up the sections of the Mass Ordinary? (p92)
    Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei
    Arcadelt’s madrigal Il bianco e dolce cigno features the melody mostly in the high voice. (p97)
    Which instrument heard in Susato’s Three Dances is a cross between a woodwind and a brass instrument? (p102)
    The madrigal flourished principally in France. (p96, 97)
    The performance forces for Arcadelt’s madrigal requires is a four-voice SATB ensemble. (p97,98)
    At which point in the text of Fair Phyllis does the work change to an imitative texture? (p100)
    “Up and down he wandered”
    Arcadelt uses word painting to portray the images in the poetry of this madrigal (p97)
    Fair Phyllis features repeated sections with repeated text. (100)
    a. True
    The Susato dances are examples of which kind of instrumental dance? (p101)
    What meter is heard in Susato’s Three Dances? (p101)
    The mood of Farmer’s madrigal Fair Phyllis can best be described as: (p99)
    Light and pastoral
    Farmer’s Fair Phyllis is set for _______ voices. (p99)
    a. Four
    The musical structure of each of Susato’s Three Dances can be described as: (p101)
    Two sections, each repeated (A-A-B-B)
    Arcadelt emphasizes the last line of the poem in the madrigal by not repeating it (p98)
    Farmer “paints” the first line of the text, “Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone,” through (p100)
    Tielman Susato was well known for his work as: (p101)
    A music printer, a composer, and an instrumentalist
    The principal genres of Renaissance secular music were the chanson and the motet. (p96)
    The English madrigal preceded the development of the Italian madrigal by some twenty years (p99)
    All of the following characterize the Renaissance chanson and the madrigal (p96)
    a. They were set to poetry based on courtly or rustic love
    b. They were written in the vernacular (language of the people)
    c. They often featured expressive devices, such as word-painting, to bring the words and music more closely together
    d. Not:
    i. They were meant to be sung for religious occasions
    Women were barred from secular music making in the Renaissance (p96)
    Specific instruments to be used were often identified in the musical scores for Renaissance dance music. (p99)
    Arcadelt lived and worked in all of the following (p97)
    a. France and Italy
    b. Not: England
    All of the following statements about Fair Phyllis are true (p99)
    a. The texture alternates often between homorhythm and polyphony
    b. The music closing mirrors the action and sentiments of the text
    c. Not:
    i. The text refers to real historical characters
    The recording of Susato’s dances features mostly soft (bas) instruments. (p101)

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