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    Romantic Period Poets Essay (3030 words)

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    Be sure to get familiar with the terms Restoration (of the Stuart to the anarchy [see Harmon and Holman, page 432]) and the Augustan period (after Emperor Augustus- because of the emphasis on the classics). Earlier in the 17th century the puritans had overthrown King Charles; in 1700 the Act of settlement prohibited a catholic from being king or queen. The great fire of London in 1666, enable Londoner to remake their cities, see http:London. Lanolin-about. Com/ features/rebuilding. HTML. And in 1662 the Royal Society was created to further scientific study. [We will see reason’s role evaluated in Swifts works.

    Also, “A Modest Proposal” parodies the genre of scientific proposal for which the Royal Society was doted. ] This was a period of political and military unrest, British naval supremacy, economic growth, the rise of the middle class, colonial expansion, the rise of literacy, the birth of the novel and periodicals, the invention of marketing, the rise of the Prime Minister, and social reforms. Key names include Mary Woolgathering (the rights of women; marriage was still an economic transaction; women were still considered property) and John Wesley (the founder of Methodism).

    Key words to describe the period include “fade,” “complacency,” and “decorum. ” Appearances mattered. [Keep this in mind as we study The Rape of the Lock. Wit was a key concept as well (Harmon and Holman, pages 538-39), which is related to supersaturate, the art of concealing art. In this period people also emphasized studying the English language. A key work: Samuel Johnny’s Dictionary of the English Language. Literature was didactic, self-examination was important (hence diaries and letters), and as Pope says “the proper study of mankind is man” (see Essay on Man, Epistle II, section l, line 2). Satire was an important genre: satire simply means a literary genre that ridicules/ lampoons the society. Other good terms to know: epistolary novel and Eric couplet. ] We have been able to get a concise grasp of the preceding period that heralded in the Romantic period. This period as we know it, according to Wisped see it as a philosophical, literary, artistic and cultural era which began in the mid/late-18th century as a reaction against the prevailing Enlightenment ideals of the day (Romantics favored more natural, emotional and personal artistic themes), also influenced poetry.

    I will say that Romantic era is seen as an important literary movement which began in West Europe during 17th century and went on till the second half of 18th century. Its characteristics which reflect in the artistic, literary and intellectual works of that period continue to influence artists even in this century. Let’s gather adequate knowledge on the characteristics of this movement. Romanticism emerged as a reaction against ‘The Age of Enlightenment’, which emphasized on reason and logic. Pioneers of the Romantic period wanted to Romantic Pet dye mammas detour are able to tar paramount Importance. Publicity’s by Word: neoclassical period heck creation. Sure TA get f monarchy [see Harmon Emperor Augustus- became century the purl’,del’, hack priorГ?liter catholic troll features/rebuilding. Tern sclerosis;c study’, [We Will Proposal” parodies the g noted. ] This was a per 101 O’Connell( grouter. The iris ere of the nave’ an r ‘gilt’, tot considered improper} am describe the period Incline concept as well (Harmon the art of concealing art. Language. A key work: S was and as Pope says “the pr that r;douses,’ lampoons heroic couplet_l We have that heralded in the Ron ere MIM/large-Tern center the day (Romantics favor also poetry. Important areaway mover went am till the second h even ‘n Chic, Let’ movement Romanticism while h revvedВ±sized 011 re break away from the conventions of the Age of Enlightenment individuality and experimentation. The Romantic Movement in Germany, although the main source of inspiration came f ideologies of the French Revolution. The Industrial Revolute the same period, is also said to be responsible for the develop movement. Goethe was the man during the Or with philosophy.

    He led the strum and Drag was the found Much of the philosophy was based on turmoil and emotion Goatee’s novel Faust is a good demonstration of such turbo Romantic Era was the near worship of nature. Romantic writ often compared human existence to that of nature. For ex. Withering Heights, she uses dark sky and a twisted, old tree ND feeling of character. It is important to pay close attention all Romantic reading. This era as early stated appeared in c Enlightenment. You could go as far as to say that Romantic Enlightenment thought itself, a crisis which shook the comfy philosophies out of his intellectual single-mindedness.

    The conscious of their unique destiny. In fact, it was self-conics one of the keys elements of Romanticism itself. The philosophies were too objective they chose to see huh uniform. The philosophies had also attacked the Church be reason. The Romantics attacked the Enlightenment because of the emotions and creativity. The philosophies had turned thinking machine a robot. In a comment typical of the Or Haziest (1778-1830) asked, “For the better part of my life all I William Godwin (1756-1836), a contemporary of Haziest sake have read all the books? Christianity had formed a matrix situated himself. The Enlightenment replaced the Christian mechanical matrix of Newtonian natural philosophy. For the nothing less than the demotion of the individual. Imagination spontaneity and freedom were stifled choked to death. M from these intellectual chains. Though Romantic elements literature since several centuries, it was the publication of L f poems by William Wordsmith and Samuel Taylor Coleridge forth the Romantic period. Literature was the first influenced by the waves of Romanticism, although the con all the art terms.

    There were many unique aesthetic that in sensibilities of the Romantic poets, these could be consider nationalism, love for nature, exoticism, emotion versus ratio In terms of the supernatural, The Romantic supernatural and included it in their works. Gothic fiction e Romanticism after Horace Walpole 1764 novel The Castle fascination for the mysterious and the unreal also led to the romance, which became popular during this period. Supers an _ ‘ the be seen in Coleridge Kabul Khan’, The Rime of the Ancient Marine Belle Dame Sans Merck.

    The Romantics borrowed heavily from the folklore and the popular the earlier eras, literature and art were considered to belong to the educated people, and the lower classes were not considered fit to e the language used in these works used to be highly lyrical, which w from what was spoken by people. However, Romantic artists took no being influenced by the folklore that had been created by the mass people, and not by the literary works that were popular only among echelons of the society. Apart from poetry, adopting folk tunes and of the very important characteristics of Romantic music.

    As the Room interested and focused upon developing the folklore, culture, langue traditions of their own country, they developed a sense of Nationalism reflected in their works. Also, the language used in Romantic poems easy to understand by the masses. The Romantics greatly emphasize importance of nature and the primal feelings of awe, apprehension man on approaching the sublimes of it. This was mainly because revolution, which had shifted life from the peaceful, serene country chaotic cities, transforming man’s natural order.

    Nature was not only its visual beauty, but also revered for its ability to help the urban m identity. Along with Nationalism, the Romantics developed the love of the ex and mysterious locations were depicted in many of the artistic work period. Though this was not exactly apposite to the Romantic ideal separate factions were never formed. Exoticism is also one of the m characteristics in art, along with sentimentality and spirituality. Unlike the age of Enlightenment, which focused on rationality and Romanticism placed human emotions, feelings, instinct and intuition everything else.

    While the poets in the era of rationality adhered to rules and regulations while selecting a subject and writing on it, the trusted their emotions and feelings to create poetry. This belief can from the definition of poetry by William Wordsmith, where he says spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. The emphasis on emotion the music created in that period, and can be observed in the comps musicians like Weber, Beethoven, Schumann, etc. Beethoven played role in the transition of Western music from the classical to the Room As the Romantic period emphasized on human emotions, the posit the poet also gained supremacy.

    In the earlier times, the artist was who imitated the external world through his art. However, this define in the Romantic era and the poet or the painter was seen as a create which reflected his individuality and emotions. The Romantic pierce be seen in Coleridge Kabul K Dame Sans The Romantics borrowed heave the earlier eras, literature and educated people, and the Lowe the language used In these WAC from what was spoken by poof being influenced by the folklore people, and not by the literary echelons of the society. Apart’ tot the very . Important character interested and focused upon c traditions of their own country fleeted in their works.

    Also, TTL easy to understand by the ma: importance tot nature end the man on approaching the subsoil revolution, which had shifted I chaotic cities, transforming ma its visual beauty, but also revel Identity. Along with Nationalism. The RCA and mysterious locations were period. Though this was not separate dictions were never t characteristics In art, along wit unlike the age of Enlightenment Romanticism placed human ere everything else. While the poet rules and regulations while sell trusted ere. R emotions and fee from the definition of poetry b’ spontaneous overflow of pope he created in that peril musicians Like Weber.

    Beethoven role in the transition of Western As the Romantic_ period Memphis the poet also gained supremacy who Imitated the external world in the Romantic era and ere PC which reflected his individuality as the creator is best encapsulated by Spare David FRR “the artist’s feeling is his law”. It was also the first Tim first person were being accepted, as the poetic person the poet. Notable six most well known English taut with example of their work: * William Blake – The Ma * William Wordsmith – The Prelude * Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Rime of the Ancient Mar

    Byron – Don Juan “Child Herald’s Pilgrimage” * Per Unbound “Adonis” “Ode to the West Wind” “Cayman Odes “Hyperfine” “Indention” Although chronologically earliest among these writers, late addition to the list, prior to sass’s, romanticism w all these six poets of Romantic era, William Worrywart show how this history, philosophies and the unique a William wordsmith (7 April 1770- 23 April 1850), the which a writer makes persuasive in his/her work) of hi the human mind, the beneficial influence of nature, the praised the power of the human mind.

    Using memory could overcome difficulty and pain. For instance, the s Few Miles Above Tin tern Abbey’ (1798) relieves his 10 nature, while the leech gatherer in “Resolution and In cheerfully in the face of poverty by the exertion of his powers of the mind are available to all, regardless of a background. This democratic view emphasizes individual Throughout his work, Wordsmith showed strong sup and artistic rights of the individual, including the pop 1802 preface to Lyrical Ballads, Wordsmith explained mind and poetry.

    Poetry is “emotion recollected in tar transforms the raw emotion of experience into poetry Later poems, such as “Ode: Intimations of Immortality’ resource of the inspiring material that nourishes the act Wordsmith’s work, nature provides the ultimate good All manifestations of the natural world-?from the high flower-?elicit noble, elevated thoughts and passionate observe these manifestations. Wordsmith repeatedly nature to an individual’s intellectual and spiritual dove with nature helps individuals connect to both the spirits Wordsmith explains in The Prelude, a love of nature humankind.

    In such poems as “The World Is Too Much 1802” (1807) people become selfish and immoral when nature by living in cities. Humanity innate empathy a irrupted by artificial social conventions as well as by contrast, people who spend a lot of time in nature, such retain the purity and nobility of their souls. In Wordsmith’s p magical, magnificent time of innocence. Children form an intent so much so that they appear to be a part of the natural world, the human, social world.

    Their relationship to nature is passim thirst belle children feel Joy at seeing a rainbow but great terror at seeing 1799, Wordsmith wrote several poems about a girl named Lu age. These poems, including “She dwelt among the untutored “Strange fits of passion have I known” (1800), praise her beau Air example CB their 1 untimely death. In death, Lucy retains the innocence and esp. Willing Bladderwort unlike the children who grow up, lose their connection to Nat aver,n – Don Juan “Chill lives.

    The speaker in “Ode: Intimations of Immortality’ believe in nature because they have access to a divine, immortal world reach maturity, they lose this connection but gain an ability t Although chronological good and bad. Through the power of the human mind, paretic can recollect the devoted connection to nature of their youth. Run throughout his works include wandering and wanderers, shoo ho the s ministry, eight. The speakers of Wordsmith’s poems are inveterate w inurn. ‘rural (7 solitary, they travel over the moors, and they take private wall a ;eerier makes highlands of Scotland.

    Active wandering allows the character participate in the vastness and beauty of the natural world. Praised the UT TTL place also allows the wanderer to make discoveries about hi among unknown men” (1807), the speaker discovers his patria traveled far from England. While wandering, speakers uncover of the mind and understand the influence of nature, as in “l cloud” (1807). The speaker of this poem takes comfort in a wall cockroach;T [his deem has returned to the grit and desolation of city life. Recollection him to transcend his present circumstances.

    Wordsmith’s p wanders, roaming from one subject or experience to another, this long poem, the speaker moves from idea to idea through and poetry Poetic distractions that mimic the natural progression of thought WI allows Wordsmith’s speakers to overcome the harshness of t Recollecting their childhoods gives adults a chance to recon power and intense relationship they had with nature as child memories encourage adults to re-cultivate as close a relation All of Seibel as an antidote to sadness, loneliness, and despair. T also allows the poet to write: Wordsmith argued in the 1802 Ballads that poetry sprang from the calm remembrance of pa ‘. . ;tit nature he as lied; experiences. Poems cannot be composed at the moment whew experienced. Instead, the initial emotion must be combined unknown:-f In c,l. CNN PC feelings from the poet’s past experiences using memory and produced by this time-consuming process will allow the poet of his emotional memory to his readers and will permit the re similar emotional experiences of their own. Throughout his p pickle who s states on vision and sight as the vehicles through which India As speakers move through the world, they see visions of great which they capture in their memories.

    Later, in moments of darkness recollect these visions, as in “l wandered lonely as a cloud. ” Here, the daydreams of former Jaunts through nature, which “flash upon that which is the bliss of solitude” (21-22). The power of sight captured b enables us to find comfort even in our darkest, loneliest moments. II Wordsmith describes the connection between seeing and experience in “My heart leaps up” (1807), in which the speaker feels Joy as a rest inbox across the sky. Detailed images of natural beauty abound in poems, including descriptions of daffodils and clouds, which focus o seen, rather than touched, heard, or felt.

    In Book Fourteenth of The P to the top of a mountain in Wales allows the speaker to have a prop workings of the mind as it thinks, reasons, and feels. Symbols in his light, the leech Gatherer etc. Light often symbolizes truth and knowledge. In “The Tables Turned” ( Wordsmith contrasts the barren light of reason available in books “sweet” (11) and “freshening” (6) light of the knowledge nature brings eternally helps people see, and sunlight also helps speakers and char glimpse the wonders of the world. In “Expostulation and Reply’ (1798 of light, or knowledge, within an individual prevents dullness and hell individual to see, or experience.

    Generally, the light in Wordsmith’s represents immortal truths that can’t be entirely grasped by human Imitations of Immortality,” the speaker remembers looking at a mead and imagining it gleaming in “celestial light” (4). As the speaker grow the light of his youth fades into the “light of common day’ (78) of dad speaker also imagines his remembrances of the past as a kind of leg illuminate his soul and give him the strength to live. In “Resolution a Independence,” the ancient leech gatherer who spends his days wan moors looking for leeches represents the strong-minded poet who p face of poverty, obscurity, and solitude.

    As the poem begins, a waned a moor, feeling elated and taking great pleasure in the sights of anta but also remembering that despair is the twin of happiness. Eventuate upon an old man looking for leeches, even though the work is danged leeches have become increasingly hard to find. As the speaker chats man, he realizes the similarities between leech gathering and writing each gather, a poet continues to search his or her mind and the Ian natural world for poems, even though such intense emotions can dad psyche, the work pays poorly and poverty is dangerous to one’s health inspiration sometimes seems increasingly hard to find.

    The speaker of the leech gatherer whenever his enthusiasm for poetry or belief to wane. Conclusively, romantic period was a period against Enlightenment. Nature was highly exalted; emotion took pre as art was concerned. This led to the postulation of David Frederica, that “the artist’s feeling is his law” and Wordsmith definition of Poe pantones overflow of emotion’. Goethe was the man during the R when it comes with philosophy. He led the strum and Drag was the romantic era. Much of the philosophy was based on turmoil and emotion within t human being.

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