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rennissance chapter 29 and 30

wrote The Divine Comedy
painted the Adoration of the Magi
designed florence’s famous dome

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wrote The Prince
made map’s from a bird’s eye view
discovered Jupiter’s moons
invented the printing press
Johannes Gutenberg
Advances in Architecture and Engineering-
most impressive architectural feats of Renaissance
Dumo di Santa Maria
Advances in Architecture and Engineering-
types of arches Brunelleschi used on dome and what he invented to raise food and materials to workers
stone and hoists
Advances in Painting-
4 ways they advanced
lifelike, emotions, realistic backgrounds(depth), 3-D
Advances in Sculpture-
humanist interest in realism =
created figures that look real with emotion, first free standing statues
Advances in Sculpture-
who originally created “David”, a young warrior in bible story who was the first life size nude statue since classical times
Advances in Sculpture-
who did Donatello influence to make their own “David”
Advances in Literature-
writing started to more individual like humanist art, what writing piece was a model of this and influenced writers
The Divine Comedy
Advances in Literature-
how did Petarch and Boccacio cause the words to touch more to people
used local dialect
Advances in science and math-
2 advances in studying anatomy
human eye, circulation in the blood
Advances in science and math-
2 space discoveries
first telescope, the moon’s effect on tides
Florentine Politics and Trade-
family that ruled for 3 centuries
Florentine Politics and Trade-
trade and commerce=
cultural center
Florentine Politics and Trade-
money shift=
thriving bank industry
Florentine Politics and Trade-
largest financial market place in Europe
Mercato Nuovo
Italian painter- freestyle painting, known as the “painter’s painter” for his influence, official painter of Venice
German artist-engraving and woodcuts,famous “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”,study of new proportions
Polish scientist-father of modern astronomy, proposed that earth and planets revolve around sun
Belgian Scientist-discovered human heart has four chambers, wrote “On the Structure of the Human Body”
Queen of Spain-forceful and powerful,supported exploration ex. Columbus, united Spain as a Catholic country
Queen of England-strong minded, gifted student,encouraged exploration and trade, defeated the Spanish Armada
English poet and playwright-actor,poet, famous playwright,wrote “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet”,left lasting mark on the English language
Spanish writer-writer of “Don Quixote”
Italian Renaissance person-accomplished painter,sculptor, architect,engineer, inventor,painted “Mona Lisa”,designed maps, bridges, and weapons
Da Vinci
Renaissance dinner party- Isabella and Elizabeth
both queens
Renaissance dinner party-Shakesphere and Cervantes
Renaissance dinner party-Vesalius, Copernicus, Durer
wrote books(anatomy,science,art)
Renaissance dinner party-Da Vinci,Michelangelo,Titian
location:city-state,center of trade and commerce, cloth trading,dominate by single family, major industry=banking
made florence special
the rich residents in the city could afford to be patrons of talented artists
wealth lead to flowering of culture
creativity, competition,influence from travelers,new ideas+goods, humanist freedom of ideas
florence inspiring others
what word does not belong?patronage,city-states,humanism,feudalism
feudalism,others create the Renaissance
where did Florentines get their building designs
from their study of Greek and Roman ruins
what did renaissance scientists base their work on
what word doesn’t belong-Michelangelo,Machiavelli,Brunelleschi,Boccaccio
Boccaccio, others renaissance artists
Machiavelli wrote in The Prince,’the end justifies the means”, he meant that
anything you need to do o achieve your goal s legitimate
who invented the printing press
Johannes Gutenberg
a result of the printing press
more people learned to read
according to machiavelli, the first concern of a prince should be
preparing for war
what did Elizabeth and Isabella have in common
supported exploration
besides painting what art medium was Durer also well skilled

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rennissance chapter 29 and 30
wrote The Divine Comedy Dante painted the Adoration of the Magi Botticelli
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rennissance chapter 29 and 30
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