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Renaissance art card

describe the byzantine and renaissance influences on venetian artist
describe the byzantine and renaissance influences on venetian artist
byzantine’s use of color, light, and texture. and the renaissance concern for reality.
when the venetian artist combined both byzantine and renaissance what did it produce
a new school were emphasis was placed on color and painting technique.
1 of the first venetian masters
1 of the first venetian masters
Renaissance art card

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how did giorgione and artist before his time use landscape differently?
artist before his time used landscapes to fill in the spaces around their figures giorgione used it to set the stage and create a mood in his paintings
what are advantages of oil paint
it allowed the artist to create more delicate changes in hue, intensity, and value
what did giorgione avoid doing
he avoided hard edges, and lines and bathed his subjects in a soft, golden light.
what were giorgione’s most important contributions to painting
his treatment of the landscape and his use of color.
describe the figures in titian’s the entombment
the figures are powerfully built and more expressive. he created a highly emotional scene. the mourners are carrying christ to his tomb this helps to direct your gaze to christ between them
why did giorgione and titian both use shadow in their paintings
to arouse your curiosity and to involve you with their painting. they challenge you to use your imagination to complete the most important part of their pictures: the faces of the main characters
list 3 ways titian conveyed the power of doge andrea gritti in the portrait of this 80 year old ruler
its as if the doge is about to burst out of the picture, a curving row of buttons curls up the robe leading to the stern, defiant face and the visible brush strokes
what is painterly technique
creating forms with patches of color rather than with hard, precise edges
what is mannerism
a deliberate revolt by artist against the goals of the renaissance
what is the protestant reformation
a movement in which a group of christians led by martin luther left the church in revolt to form their own religion, began in 1517
why did mannerist artist seek imbalance and restlessness in their work
a nervous art created to mirror a world filled with confusion. figured were painted with impossible poses and with unreal proportions they preferred slender elegant and graceful figures which began to look less natural and more supernatural.
four different events taking place simultaneously in parmigianino
the madonna is enormous, the baby seems to be drinking from the mothers lap, the mother shows no concern, people crowding in at the left corner
describe the way matthias grunewald used gothic and renaissance styles in his art
dreams and visions of gothic art, he only used renaissance ideas only to make his pictures of these dreams and visions more vivid and powerful
how did albrecht durer make the new renaissance style his own style
he studied perspective and the theory of proportions in order to capture the beauty and balance found in italian paintings then he applied what he learned to his own art
explain the similarities between the paintings of hieronymus bosch to those of the italian mannerist. how are his pictures meant to be viewed
mirrored the growing fears and tensions of the people during that uneasy period. as stories and as symbolic messages
how did pieter bruegel follow bosch’s influence in his work? what does he share in common with other flemish painters
they can be seen as a parable, a story that contains a symbolic message. and his concern for detail ties bruegel more firmly to jan van eyck than any other italian renaissance artist
How was hans Holbein involved in the marriage of King Henry viii to Anne of Cleves
He painted the portrait of Anne, which King Henry vii wanted Holbein to paint her as accurately as possible.
What was the counter reformation ?
an effort by the catholic church to lure people back and regain its formal power
What role did art play in the counter-reformation movement
to stamp out heresy and encourage people to return to the church
what is baroque art
a style characterized by movement, vivid contrast, and emotional intensity
describe the baroque style emplified by ll gesu and san carlo alle quattro fontane
among the first to use features that signaled the birth of the new art style, the huge sculptured scrolls at each side of the upper story are a baroque innovation unite the wide facade
what set baroque sculpture apart from sculpture of the previous 200 years
space and movement sets baroque sculpture apart from the sculpture of the previous 200 years
which italian artist gave baroque art its unique look and changed the course of european painting during the 17th century what are some of the characteristics of his work
Michelangelo da Caravaggio gave baroque art its unique look and feel. Light is an important part in his paintings. Which was used to make his figures look more real and human
Why is artemisia gentileschi signifying and who was her main influence?
The first women in history to have a significant impact on the art of her time her influence is Caravaggio
What artist wholly captures the dynamic spirit of the baroque style and how
Peter Paul Rubens. His paintings reveal the rich colors of Titian, the dramatic design. Of Tintoretto, and the powerful, twisting figures of Michelangelo. And caravaggios use of light to illuminate the most important parts of his paintings he also added detail that earlier Flemish artist used to create a great dramatic force
Why did the highly religious baroque style have little impact in holland? What did they prefer
The baroque style was limited mainly To catholic countries, where it was the style of the counter reformation
What are genre paintings? What did artists do once these paintings became popular?
Scenes from everyday life. People began began to speacialize
What is the most noticeable quality of Fran’s Hal’s potraits
A fleeting expression
What was rembrandts specialty? What is his remarkable accomplishment in the night watch?
The study of light, shadow, and atmosphere. Handling light for dramatic effect so obvious.
Which Dutch artist was thought to be a painter of interiors? How are people featured in his paintings?
Jan Vermeer the people in his paintings are less important than the organization of the composition and the effect of light on colors and textures
At the louvre museum in 1893, who was discovered as the true artist of a painting originally thought to be by Fran’s Hal’s Who influenced this artist?
Judith leyster caravaggio’s dramatic use of light and dark. And other Dutch artist
In Spain what sight change occurred in religious arts
They used the same religious subjects as el Greco
How do the paintings of jusepe de Ribera differ from those of baroque painters like Rubens
The figures at the far left and right both stare at you. You can observe the meeting from the 2 rivals
List least three ways Velazquez used space to intrigue the viewer in las menianas
You see the scene stretched out before you and by looking in the mirror you see the science continuing behind you. The world beyond the room which he allows you to glimpse through an open door. Light from a window illuminates the foreground while the background is veiled in soft shadows
What subjects did french rococo artist consider most suitable for their paintings
Love and romance
How did they style of rococo art differ from that of baroque art
Greater control of elegance grafter use of delicate colors and curved graceful patterns
Who was considered the greatest of the French rococo painters and what is his best known works features
Antoine wa
How did Fragonard tie together the parts of his competition the swing
He used axis lines and contour lines to tie the parts of his competition together
What kind of painting Grew in popularity in eighteenth-century England? What contributed to its popularity?
Pottage painting, wealthy people invited foreign portrait painters to England
Which artist ultimately became the favorite potrait painter of English high society? Why?
Thomas Gainsborough for his delicate brush work and rich glistening pastel colors
What kind of people did William Hogarth prefer to paint and what gave him the most pleasure in art? What was he criticizing in his series of paintings marriage á la mode?
Painting the common people that he found on London streets and taverns. Nothing gave him more pleasure than exposing the immortal conditions and foolish customs of his time
What is satire?
The use of sarcasm or ridicule to expose and denounce vice or folly
For which type of work is air Christopher wren best known? Name the best known example for his work
St. Paul’s cathedral
Why is Francisco Goya considered the bridge between art of the past and art of the present?
people could rely on their own personal visions to move in any direction they wished
The use of sarcasm or ridicule to expose and denounce vice or folly
a style characterized by movement, vivid contrast and emotional intensity
The arrangement of dramatic contrasts of light and dark value
A painting style emphasizing the carefree life of the aristocracy featuring control and elegance with delicate colors and a playful use of line
A painting style characterized by distorted figures and compositions with a sense of uneasiness
During the _________ the Catholic Church attempted to lure people back from Protestantism and regain its former power
Counter reformation
_________ was appointed the court Pinter for Spain’s King Phillip iV
Diego Velazquez
______ painted a powerful potrait of venices doge Andrea gritti
Rembrandt expertly used ________ to crate atmosphere in his paintings
Light and shade
William Hogarth did a satire of ____________ in his series of paintings marriage à la mode
William Hogarth did a satire of ____________ in his series of paintings marriage à la mode
Every level of society

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Renaissance art card
describe the byzantine and renaissance influences on venetian artist
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Renaissance art card
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