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Western Civ: Renaissance

After the Dark Ages what city lit up the world?
The enterprise of renaissance engineering is the recovery of what knowledge?
ancient knowledge
New rulers of Italian city-states emerged, who are they?

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Wealth and power bought what?
art and architecture
What resource was necessary for the prosperity of Siena?
water, so they built the botitine water tunnels
system of thought based on the characteristic of humans rather than any supernatural authority
rebirth of wars, plague, church decline, and political instability
Florence become the new what?
What was the centerpiece of the renaissance architecture? Why?
St. Maria Cathedral in Florence, because there were no flying buttresses, new domes, and a new brick laying technique
Which Brunelleschi innovation is a cornerstone of engineering today?
Single point perspective
Pope Sixtus V cleaned up Rome by doing what?
killing vandals
What is the Age of Recovery in the Renaissance?
affecting politics and art, and a new interest in ancient culture
What is the Emphasis on Worldly Things in the Renaissance?
an increased wealth, which caused urbanization and the enjoyment of material things
What is the Emphasis on Individual Ability in the Renaissance?
a new social idea, and a new regard for human worth
Humanism, arts, and the classics were what movement?
a cultural movement
What were the different Renaissances?
Italian, English, and. Northern
traditionally called the father of Renaissance
Petrarch did not see a conflict between who?
human potential and faith
Sculptures were used for what?
city in central Italy that is generally accepted to be the starting point for the Renaissance
There was a constant conflict between who in Florence for power?
Families would finance what to establish their legacy?
art and architecture
The Medici’s
family in Florence that financed many Renaissance artists
How long did the Medici’s rule?
13th-17th century
Medici Bank
one of the most prosperous banks in Europe and the vehicle for Medici’s wealth
The Medici’s introduced what new idea?
income tax
Lorenzo de Medici
the magnificent responsible for bringing Florence to the pinnacle of her height
Who was the first Renaissance Man?
Lorenzo de Medici
Lorenzo encouraged people to contribute to what?
the “greatness of Florence”
Who did Lorenzo conscript?
Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Donatello
Leonardo Da Vinci
considered one of the greatest painters of all time
What were Leonardo’s talents?
architecture, anatomy, painter, musician, mathematician
Are there any universal tricks for anatomy?
No, but his sparked a new study of the body
Who developed the single span bridge?
Leonardo Da Vinci
Codex Leicester
notebook contains all the Da Vinci’s writings on science
What are some famous works of Da Vinci?
The Baptism of Christ, Annunciation, Adoration of Magi, and the Mona Lisa
famous sculptor known for his shadow relief making statues appear deeper than they actually were
Bronze David
first free standing nude classic since the Classical Greek time
Renaissance painter and sculptor known for his marble David and the Sistine Chapel
Where did Donatello began art?
Where did Michelangelo began art?
What are some famous works of Michelangelo?
Sistine Chapel,
Julius II asked who to design his tomb?
Moses by Michelangelo
Michelangelo’s famous depiction of Moses with horns for Pope Julius’ tomb
known for grace and perfection of his paintings
Where did Raphael began art?
Where was Raphael buried?
School of Athens
showed Raphael’s love for classical learning
What is Raphael’s
School of Athens
Filippo Brunelleschi
architect known for his design of the Dome in Florence
Niccolo Machiavelli
famous Renaissance political philosopher who wrote The Prince
The Prince
guide book of how leaders can gain and keep power to Lorenzo de Medici
The Prince said that sometimes evil must be performed in order for what?
the greater good to be achieved
thoughts on the proper way to run a republic, complete with checks and balances
Dante Alighieri
considered the first writer to embody the spirit of the Renaissance
Who was exiled from Florence?
Dante Alighieri
Who write the Divine comedy as an attempt to reconcile his life?
Dante Alighieri
taught that the Earth was another planet revolving around a fixed sun once a year spinning on it’s axis
Where did Copernicus study?
Heliocentric Theory
sun centered universe
credited with being the first to use the telescope for astronomical purposes
Who invented the pocket comb, thermometer, and ball point pen?
Who was arrested and tried during the Inquisition?
Northern Renaissance
Renaissance movement in Northern Europe
Nation State
centralized power in the form of a nation with defined political boundaries
medieval art that dominated Northern Europe, was dark and more emotional
Norte Dame
most famous Gothic Cathedral
When was the.Norte Dame built?
1163-1345 CE
Who owns Norte Dame?
state of France
The Notre Dame was what?
a source of civic pride, a monument to the monetary success of France
Who were Northern Renaissance artists?
Pieter Bruegnal the Elder,
Pieter Bruegnal was known for what?
landscapes and peasant scenes & dark and grim paintings
Who invented the essay?
Michel de Montaigne
What work had a profound influence on writers including Shakespeare?
Michel’s essay
The Essays
Montaigne’s commentary on the issues of his time
known for his criticism of the Catholic Church
Who presented arguments but didn’t attack people?
Praise of Folly
satirical attack on the traditions of the Catholic Church
English Renaissance
cultural and artistic movements in England from the 16th-17th century, also called the Elizabethan era
War of Roses
civil war fought for control of the throne of England between the houses of Lancaster and York
What sets back learning and starts social upheaval?
War of Roses
Henry VIII
cut ties with the Catholic Church because he wanted a divorce
Who had six wives?
Henry VIII
Who were Henry VIII’s wives?
Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleve’s, Catherine, and Katherine Parr
Who advised the Pope to retaliate after the excommunication?
Thomas Cromwell
Act of Supremacy
placed the king of England in charge of the church
Anglican Church
name given to the English Church
Who reinstated Catholicism in England?
Mary Tudor
How many executions did Mary Tudor led over religious reasons?
over 300
John Milton
English poet who wrote Paradise Island
Paradise Lost
story of the fall of man and the conflict between the eternal foresight of God and free will
Thomas More
challenged Henry VII’s claim to head of the English Church, and was executed
William Shakespeare
English poet and playwright regarded as the greatest writer of the English language
theater that a company of playwrights and actors including Shakespeare helped build
Lord Chamberian’s men
acting troupe Shakespeare was a member of
the art of painting on wet plaster

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Western Civ: Renaissance
After the Dark Ages what city lit up the world? Italy The enterprise of renaissance engineering is the recovery of what knowledge? ancient knowledge
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