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    My Folk Dance Experience Essay (523 words)

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    This was a great class that I took. I took this class because I love dancing even if it in my room in front of the mirror with the door closed. I have a great experience. I loved that I was able to become close with more upperclassman. I also feel like since I was the most enthused and voicetress in the class that made more people want to open up to the class. I loved that was able to teach the second graders how to do a new dance that I had just learned how to do myself. I enjoyed them wanting to learn how to do these dance. I was so nervous performing in front of them. I did not want to see me mess up.

    I just wanted to do the dance correctly so that I will have an impact on them. I wanted them to see older students doing an older dance and them wanting to do the same dance that we did too. But knowing that I messed up just made me want to have more fun doing the dance than looking so serious with a fake smile on my face. Which that smile on my face, ties into me dancing at the senior center. I am pretty sure the roles were reverse. I am pretty sure that the older people did not want to mess up in front of a bunch of college students, but at the end of the night we, the college students were ones messing up with a smile on our faces.

    I was so happy to dance with them. They were so kind to us and patient with us when we did not get a dance immediately than some students. At the end of the night we were all happy and wanted to download some of the songs that we heard that night. I figured out that my favorite dance out of all the dances I learned was the North Kerry Set Fig. 1. I think I like this dance so much because it was a very energetic just like me. We did a lot of hopping and moving around the body so much that I never had time to take a break. I also love medieval movies, so I felt like this is one of the dances that could have during that time period.

    I could appreciate a class more than I did this class. My teacher Mrs. Sarnelle is such a sweet teacher. She was a very great teacher and she expected so much from me, which made me what to do great in her class. This class also allowed me to become more of a leader than just sit back and do whatever the instructor told us to do. I was able to help people become more of a good dancer. I am very happy that I stood back when I needed to and stepped up when I needed to. This was a great class and I will miss it next year, but I will recommend this class to people here at Mary Baldwin College when I am gone next year.

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