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    Music Concert Paper Essay (803 words)

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    She then became a teacher of music that was also, the former Principal Horn of the Metropolitan Opera. The instruments that were used, the trumpet and the horn are considered part of the Brass family in music. The entire recital performance was about an hour and a half long. I was mostly surprised that the performance started on time. In addition, there weren’t any introduction of the performance at the start of the show. Or did they announce who was coming out to begin. The lights were dimmed to indicate the show was about to egging.

    The sitting of the concert hall was very different from any other show that I attended. The audience was seated in a semi-circle, facing the stage. The audience consisted of many students, elders, middle aged Caucasian people, and families. There were also several microphones hanging from the ceilings. As the performance entered the stage, they were both dressed in dark suits with white shirts. They were similar to watching an entire orchestra play in a concert hall. The concert was divided into seven recitals. The first piece played was by Gabriel Fare.

    According to the Wisped, “he was a French composer, organist, pianist and teacher. He was also one of the foremost French composers of his generation, and his musical style that influenced many in the 20th century’. Mr.. Fare was also known for one his most famous vocal pieces that were composed of caked “Par©s UN rev©”. These were poems of songs. They was referred to the English definition which mean “after a dream”. Due to the fact that the song originally was a poem, the meaning had a strong interpretation. The interpretation the song was described as a romantic an awakening light.

    The song was written between 1870 and 1878. It consisted off set of melodies for a solo voice and a piano. In my opinion, this performance the Horn, played by Tremor Knuckles was the solo voice. While the piano, in this case, the Organ was played by David Ball. As the first piece begins, both the trumpet and organ start to play at the same time. The time signature for this piece was played in 4 over 4 in each measure. The music starts off in quarter notes, as if you were listening to marching sounds. In my opinion, the piano dominated the music in this piece.

    The diatonic scale went from soft sounds to extremely high-pitched notes. The repetition of the music was sequential. In my opinion, this style of music was used to have the melody to make you feel like something devastating is about to happen. The rhythm of the music felt gloomy and depressing. The entire piece felt dark and cold. The piece played was not my favorite. When I listen to music, I want to feel like I am relaxed. I also listen to music to feel uplifted. Even though, it is believed that this was one Gabriel Fare most famous pieces.

    I felt that want to feel the happiness in his this piece. Although, we listened to five additional recitals, my favorite piece of music that was played at the end of the performances. It was entitled “Toccata and Purge”. It was composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. According to Wisped, he was a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist and violinist of the Baroque Period. The song “Toccata and Purge in D minor” was also considered to be one of his most famous “pieces of organ music”. However there is no autograph manuscript of the Bow’ 565 that exist.

    The piece as performed by Tremor Knuckles, David Rachel, Andrew Fierier and Kelly Classical Minsk. Again, they were all students at the Jailbird School for Dance, Drama and Music. The piece was my favorite because of many things. It all of the students played the horn collectively. There wasn’t the piano or organ playing at the same time. In this piece, I was able to concentrate on one sound of the horn. It was the dominating instrument because there were four of them playing in sequence at the same time. It was fascinating. The measures of the music ascended from high to low.

    The tempo was extremely fast. It sounded like they were playing 16th notes in the piece. In my opinion, the syncopation assimilated the superhero “Superman”, as he would run into a phone booth to change into his costume to fly up into the sky. I felt a sense of being in a whirlwind, as my heart raced to get out of it. The piece appeared to be motivating, as well as exciting. Overall, my experience at the Gaillardia School for Dance, Drama and Music was very eventful. I enjoyed, as well as respected those who play music to levels of some of the greatest composers of our history have done.

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