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    Music Appreciation Elements of Music Essay

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    Pitch, Dynamics and Duration. Tone Color also known as timbre pertains to the distinguishing attributes of one voice or instrument from another. A good example is the tone difference between a saxophone and a guitar, or even between a nylon and steel string guitars. Pitch mainly has to do with the relative highness or the lowness of a sound. It is determined by the frequency of the vibration of sound. Smaller objects (shorter strings) produce high pitch notes while larger objects or longer tiring produce low pitch notes.

    Dynamics is the loudness or softness of a musical sound. Dynamics is a result of the amplification of a vibration. When a tone is amplified louder than the tones that accompany it we call that accent. Duration is the amount of time that a musical note is played. The longest time a note is played is known as a whole note and it takes four counts in a bar. A variation of time and how they are played creates beats and rhythm. 2. The six main categories of musical instruments are; Strings instruments which include the violin and the double bass.

    The violin is among instruments played by drawing a bow over the strings, while the double bass is in the group of those played by plucking the strings with the fingers or plectra (Pizzicato). String instruments can produce more than one note at a time. Woodwind instruments such as the clarinet can only play one note at a time and are usually for melodic solos. Woodwind instruments such as the saxophone and the oboe rely on reeds to produce their sounds. Brass instruments are such as the trumpet of which the sounds are produced from the musicians’ lips as they blow into the funnel heaped mouth pieces.

    Percussions are mainly instruments that are struck by hand using a stick of some sort. Examples of such instruments are the xylophone, the glockenspiel, and the bass drums which are struck with two hammers. The piano is a perfect example of the category of instruments known as keyboards. The keyboards produce their sound when vibrating strings held under tension by an iron frame are struck by a felt-covered hammer. Pressing any of the keys on the piano causes the hammer to strike the strings. The piano also has three leg pedals that allow the layer the produce various tonal effects.

    Synthesizers are instruments that are among those that electronically produce and amplify sound. They generate, modify and control sound allowing for a wide range of tone, pitch, and duration. Most synthesizers can be made to produce the desired sounds by means of keyboards. Symphony orchestras contain string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Sometimes keyboards are also added in such orchestras. 3. “Longing” by Richard Wagner starts off moderately soft but in manner that reshow’s a sense of urgency, looming conflict or storm.

    It begins with the string and woodwind sections playing relatively soft notes but with short durations that are accompanied by the accentuated intermittent beats of the drums and cymbals and the double bass. That gradually leads to the brass section playing louder and the Music Appreciation Elements of Music By Unarmed playing in a staccato creating a sense of anger, confusion and turmoil. Then the mood suddenly changes to mellow and calm as the woodwind section lead the others into a soft and slow tempo. All instruments are played in a similar manner during this part of the composition.

    The dynamics of the music again abruptly changes as the loud brass and percussion sections heighten the sense of unrest and anger as before. After a slight moment where the orchestra almost sounds like it is coming to a complete silence, all the sections once again play louder but with a slower tempo and notes being played for longer durations, and that leads to the resolution of the musical piece. For me, the music signified the contrasts in human life, the ups and he downs, anger and frustration, the serene and calm moments.

    In the rhythm and the beats, I imagined of how things could change abruptly or gradually. 4. “Take the A Train” is an upbeat Jazz piece to which the dominant brass section gives a brilliant and merry mood. The bass and drum also contribute to this feeling with their steady and constant beat. The loud and high pitched trumpets, the flurry of piano solos, the fast and seemingly carefree drum rolls all contribute to give one the impression that this is a song about enjoying a beautiful sunny day, anticipation, excitement and looking forward to something good. . Identifying all the instruments in “The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra” was not easy. The orchestra however was comprised of string, woodwind, brass and percussion sections. Within these, I recognized number of instruments. I heard the timpani, tuba, oboe, trumpets, double bass, cymbals, viola, violin, cello, the bass drum, triangle, xylophone, castanets, bells, and a snare drum being played with brushes. “The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra” has a repetitive melody.

    It appears that the different instruments – strings, the woodwinds, brass and percussions – are playing that same melody one after the other as would athletes in a relay race. I felt it was a very Jovial music which represented the characteristics of inquisitiveness, learning, sometimes fear to proceed, and sometimes the eagerness to advance quicker. I imagined the feelings of failure when the music was very soft and played at a slow tempo, and yet again I also experienced the triumph when the dynamics changed louder, the tempo was faster and the brass section was dominant.

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