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Introduction to Art Test #7 Essay

Which of the following is one way da Vinci set Judas apart from the other apostles in The Last Supper?
He painted Judas’ face in shadow
In the last supper, da Vinci grouped the deciples into
da Vinci’s major facination with the human body was the _____

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Brunelleschi put windows in the drum of the Florence cathedral to ___________
Let light in.
Which artist made an impact on the Renaissance first?
The twisting and turning figures in Michelangelo’s paintings make them appear to be ___________________
in constant movement.
This painting was the largest fresco painted at the time.
Last Judgement
The Gates of Paradise weighed ______
3 tons.
Masaccio painted some figures smaller than others to make them appear _____________________
Further back in space.
“The form dwells within the stone, my chisel serves only to reveal it” was said by ____________
Masaccio made objects look more distant by painting them to appear _________________________
duller, lighter, and bluer.
John the Baptist paid the Tax collector with a coin found from ______
a fish.
He always said a prayer before he started painting
Fra Angelico
What painting was similar to that of our current nativity scene?
Adoration of the Magi
With __________, artists could produce a smooth glaze that would give more brillance to the colors in their paintings.
oil paints
The use of oil paints could make a composition appear to be ___ from within
________ is credited with the invention of the oil painting technique.
van Eyck
_______ is a paint made of dry pigments, or colors, which are mixed with a binding material.
In the Adoration of the Lamb the figures are arranged so that the ____ is emphasized as the center of interest.
_________ was important in Gothic art and later, in Northern European art as well.
In Northern European art, a dog was a symbol of _______
__________ are a mizture of dry pigments with oils, turpentine, and sometimes varnish.
Oil paints
In the Descent from the Cross, Weyden used _______________ to force the viewer to focus on the drama of the scene.
a shallow space
____________ used Gothic building techniques to construct the dome for the Florence Cathedral.
Artists found new areas of interest from which to draw ideas because of the intellectual _______ that was taking place around them.
______________ is a way of drawing figures or objects according to the rules of perspective so that they appear to recede or protrude in three-dimentional space.
When using oil paints, artists could work more ______, which enabled them to put more details in their paintings.
Unlike the Italian artists who worked in fresco, the Northern European artists who used oil paints had more time to add _______ to their work.
Many details in Northern European paintings had ________ meanings.
A mixture of glue and a white pigment such as plaster, chalk, or white clay is called _____
van Eyck used __________________ to create the illusion of deep space in the Adoration of the Lamb.
aerial perspective
Leonardo was mostly facinated with the brain as he believed that was where the ____ was.
Time when some artists mixed Renaissance ideas with Gothic ideas in their artworks.
Early Renaissance
Wealthy Italian family who gave generously to the arts.
Period of great awakening
Architect who discovered linear perspective.
Painter who is regarded as the first important artist of the Italian Renaissance.
Graphic system that showed artists how to create the illusion of depth and volume on a flat surface.
Linear perspective
Used linear perspective to introduce a greater feeling of space in the Gates of Paradise.
An interest in the art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome.
Uses hue, value, and intensity to show distance in a painting.
Aerial perspective
Way of showing figures relative distances from the viewer.
Overlapping figures
One of the most important inventions of the Renaissance; made books about Greek and Roman ideas much more available.
Printing press
Used light and shadow in The Holy Trinity to make figures appear solid.
Painted frescos in the Vatican Palace that celebrated the four domains of learning.
Period of art that Renaissance artists wanted to get away from.
Culture whose artworks Renaissance artists wanted to imitate.
Greco- Roman
Painting onto wet plaster with water colors.
Allowed artists to paint figures so that they seemed to move deeper into a work.
Linear perspective
Architect from whom Michelanglo borrowed ideas about dome construction when he was designing the dome for St. Peter’s in Rome.
Painting in which da Vinci used line to lead the eye to Christ.
The Last Supper
Painted well known Bible stories on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
What does this item symbolize in the painting by van Eyck, “The Arnolfini Wedding?”: Dog-
What does this item symbolize in the painting by van Eyck, “The Arnolfini Wedding?”: Lit Candle-
Presence of God
What does this item symbolize in the painting by van Eyck, “The Arnolfini Wedding?”: Fruit-
What does this item symbolize in the painting by van Eyck, “The Arnolfini Wedding?”: Shoes-
Holy event is taking place
The Pietà is a sculpture or painting of the Virgin Mary mourning over the body of Christ.
In The Last Supper, da Vinci used linear perspective to make the painting seem like a continuation of the dining hall.
Michelangelo did not want to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel because ceiling paintings were considered less important than wall paintings during the Renaissance.
Michelangelo was probably more concerned with the religious meaning of the Pietà than with representing perfect realism in the work.
Michelanglo modeled the figures on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling in light and shade so they would look flat and two-dimensional.
da Vinci made many drawings of anatomy, storm clouds, and rock formations.
The purpose of The Arnolfini Wedding was to warn women of the dangers of marriage.
Because of Italian culture, it was easy for women to become artists.
In the Alba Madonna, everyones eyes are fixed on the cross.
In the Descent from the Cross, the distance between Christs and Mary’s hands suggests the void between the living and the dead.

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Introduction to Art Test #7 Essay
Which of the following is one way da Vinci set Judas apart from the other apostles in The Last Supper? He painted Judas' face in shadow In the last supper, da Vinci grouped the deciples into
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Introduction to Art Test #7 Essay
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