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    Interpersonal skills (1241 words)

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    Among all of them, the following are the top 5 most needed interpersonal skills

    Can talk with ease to people at all levels in the organization

    • Person known for it:

    Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft)

    • Person with this skill whom I know:

    Karan Singh -Software Asset Management lead during my internship

    • Barriers to this
    1. A pre-conceived notion that the higher management people will not pay attention to what we talk.
    2. Fear that the current skillset is not enough to talk
    • Steps to acquire it
    1. Giving up fear and speaking with confidence
    2. Observing people with this skill and learning from them.

    Communicates goals clearly

    • Person known for it:

    Subhash Chandra Bose (Indian Freedom Fighter)

    • Person with this skill whom I know:

    Mani Sai- my colleague during internship

    • Barriers to this
    1. No properly set goals.
    2. Fear that the goal might not be communicated clearly and correctly.
    • Steps to acquire it
    1. To have a proper understanding of what goal must be communicated.
    2. To improve on communication skills and to practice.

    Takes risks appropriately

    • Person known for it:

    Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla)

    • Person with this skill whom I know:

    Sharath- President of my first internship company which was a startup.

    • Barriers to this
    1. Not sure of whether the risk taken is a calculated risk or not
    2. Inhibitions that the risks are not worth and that it might ruin the good name that he has earned.a
    • Steps to acquire it
    1. To start with a belief that we can do it and achieve success.
    2. To move along with the technology and gain understanding so that we can get better ideas.
    3. Believing in oneself and have a proper understanding of what a calculated risk is.

    Is sought as a consultant / mentor / coach

    • Person known for it:

    Nelson Mandela

    • Person with this skill whom I know:

    Swami Sukumaran- my internship manager

    • Barriers to this
    1. Being trusted by everyone.
    2. Always possessing a positive attitude that helps people to stay and listen.
    3. Ability to visualize a situation and giving proper advice
    • Steps to acquire it
    1. To always helps people who approach for help
    2. Try to motivate people whenever they are not fine by stating examples of successful people and the struggles they have faced.
    3. Trying to be a good listener when they try to speak.

    Uses time as a strategic resource

    • Person known for it:

    Stephen Hawking

    • Person with this skill whom I know:

    Ravi Akula- my technical head and mentor during internship

    • Barriers to this
    1. Not being able to prioritize tasks
    2. Sudden appointments that might crop up
    • Steps to acquire it
    1. To have a daily to-do list and to ensure completing it.
    2.  Meditating to understand how to cope up with anxiety and not to waste time in unnecessary things.

    How Do I Help Myself Learn?

    The result indicates that I have a slight preference for active learning as I have a score of 3 in it. It also indicates that I am slightly more intuitive and global as my score is 1 in both. However, it says that I am more inclined to visual based learning with score 7 in it.

    Being an active leaner mostly always pushes me to do things rather than to sit and just study. Hence whenever I am in a class which is not so into active readers, I try to identify people with my mindset and try to form small study groups with them. I ensure that we share the information that we understood in the class and make discussions that help us in getting a much better idea about the topic.

    Being a person with an inclination to intuitive learning, I try to encourage the study group to involve in problem-solving and implementing whatever is learned. I try to bring in more focus on new technology and try to accept challenges and work towards completion of it rather than just doing what has already been done.

    I also tend to read the topics with many facts involved in the early morning as I feel very fresh and active at that time. I tend to show more interest on new things rather than facts, and hence I try to grab and retain the things that are meant to be memorized by connecting it with some pictorial representation, and that is where my visual inclination is quite evident in the score.

    I try to retain the most part that I learn based on some pictorial representations or charts. I prefer such a technique as it helps me remember for a longer duration. I prefer a class where the explanation is done with creative techniques. I prefer it when the teaching is done with a lot of presentations containing some flow charts or diagrams of what they are trying to explain. I try to prepare my notes with a lot of colorful pictures that help me to correlate and remember. Also, when it comes to block diagrams, I try to represent each with a different color, that helps me recollect better in a test.

    Also, I am a global learner than a sequential learner. I prefer going step by step sometimes but mostly inclined on getting a bigger picture first as it helps me in involving more into the topic. As it is mostly not possible most of the times, I prefer to take a glance of what is being taught the next day in the class by just skimming through the topic, and during lecture get the detailed idea of it. Also, when I am trying to learn something new, I first give a quick reading to get a higher-level view and then get into details. Following all these techniques will help me learning better and retaining better.

    Personality Type

    ESFJ is Extravert,Sensing,Feeling and Juding. ESFJs are joyful. They are people who help others and also expect back the same from them. They have a good ability to supervise tasks.

    They generally are people who love to socialize than to be for themselves. They are people who do not like conflicts. They are people with low tolerance and they are always concerned about making everyone around them happy.

    They like to lead and always enjoy the company of others. They are creative people and always like to be surrounded by people to listen to them. They like hanging out with friends and family and never hesitate to start a conversation.

    They pay attention to even the small details that mostly others avoid and remember them. They prefer having an organized and well ordered routine. They always seek attention and also they bring in cheer and happiness even in dull situations. Famous people with this personality includes, William McKinley, former President of the United States.

    The test reveals my personality as ESFJ. I am mostly a person who initiates a conversation in most situations and try to put in effort to keep up with the conversation. Also, I am more of an emotional person and give more importance to people and try to help if anyone seeks help from me. Also, I always like being surrounded by friends and family.

    I always try to bring in better mood and cheer around me. I always try to have an organized life. I have a habit of maintaining daily task lists that help me complete tasks without delays and with more accuracy. I believe in my daily routine. However. I try to be flexible when ever situation demands me to accommodate certain things which were not planned before.

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