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    The Influence Of Technology in Both the Artist and the Art Essay

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    How is technology changing art today?

    Technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade and has changed the way that we live our lives. The introduction into our world of pc”s, internet and mobile phones has greatly influenced the way that we live. Communication with people all over the world is a simple key press away. These advances in technology have opened many new doors for us all, whether we work in a technological area or whether we just have a home pc. Not only has technology had a huge effect on every day life but also in all areas of arts and science. However, how is technology changing art today?

    Throughout history, technology has had an influence over both artists and art. Human nature demands that we explore the unknown. Over the years there have been many great artists, engineers and scientists, none more so than Leonardo Da Vinci. An artist, but also with non artistic pursuits in anatomy, botany, cartography, geology, mathematics, aeronautics, optics, mechanics, astronomy, hydraulics, sonics, civil engineering, weaponry and city planning. An amazing man whom many feel was born ahead of his time. Leonardo”s work is a great example of how art and technology can work together to create masterpieces. One of the keys to Leonardo”s success was his rule of premise; “Although human subtlety makes a variety of inventions……it will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature, because in her inventions nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous.” (Leonardo) This simple observation by Leonardo is something that helped him greatly with all of his creations. Leonardo died in 1519, however even in today”s hi-tech society; scientists, artists and engineers still look to his work for inspiration. Technology has come a long way since Leonardo was alive and with it the arts have naturally progressed alongside.

    The purpose of technology is to solve problems and make life easier for us. The introduction of computers as an art medium is changing the way artists work. All new multimedia software lets us do several things including; animation, illustration and audio all at once on the same screen. Whereas prior to this we would have to buy vast amounts of expensive equipment and create everything separately, ultimately prolonging production times. Computers also offer us options like saving our work at any stage in the process, creating undos if we don”t like what we have done and creating multiple copies of our work by just clicking a button. They do however have their disadvantages. Artists have become complacent and lazy due to the ease of using a computer and this can result in poor artwork. There is also the issue of copyright which many people will ignore as they download images from the internet and put their own name to it. Technology has brought many great things into our lives but they are far from perfect. Many will argue that computers are more trouble than they are worth!

    With this in mind, what does the future hold for computers being used as an art medium?

    Computers will continue to advance in the same way that they have done. There are too many inquisitive minds out there for the progression to ever stop. We only have to look at companies such as Adobe to see this. In the Three years that I have been using Adobe Photoshop there have been four upgrades of the package and this progression doesn”t seem to be slowing down. The future seems very exciting with the only boundaries being the human mind. As Dick Jude says; “They hold the tradition of the paintbrush in one hand and the potential of the pixel at the fingertips of the other.”

    No matter how advanced the technology becomes it will never be able to recreate the human mind, therefore, the artist will never become surplus to requirements. “I have had people ask me what I use expecting to hear of exotic software and hardware. The truth is that it is what you do with it that counts and there is still no substitute for good ideas and traditional drawing skills.” (Fred Gambino) The human mind is the root to any idea and the computer is no different to the paintbrush. Without the artist the computer or the paintbrush wouldn”t be able to create anything. They are both simply artist”s tools!

    “One of the greatest misconceptions about modern movies is that visual effects are generated by computers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Human inventiveness is the most important ingredient and it always will be. Computers offer amazing new possibilities, but the underlying challenges of movie illusions are the same today as they were nearly a century ago when the industry was young. People, not machines drive the craft of visual effects.”(Piers Bizony)

    This statement shows us how computers are now one of the main and key tools in creating special effects for film. Gone are the days when it would cost thousands of dollars and take up enormous amounts of time to create special effects physically. Most effects can now be done fairly easily and very effectively in the computer, saving both money and time.

    This quote also brings me aptly to my conclusion. Technology is not changing art it is influencing art, just as it always has done. It is true that the technology is becoming more and more advanced, however it is also true that art will naturally progress and advance alongside technology. Today”s technology offers us new and exciting ways of creating art and the potential is immense. We must never forget that without the human mind and creativity there would be no art, there would be no technology and there would be no creation.

    “remember, the music is not in the piano” (Otl Aicher).

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