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Golden Age of Piracy




Words: 902 (4 pages)

Piracy can be defined as any theft or other violent action, without authorization by public authority, committed on the seas or in the air outside the normal jurisdiction of any state, for private benefits. But in this research we are talking specifically about software piracy which became a global phenomenon nowadays. Piracy is known as…

Samsung Note 7 Failure Case Study



Words: 854 (4 pages)

Competition is common among companies that produce the same products. Two of the most well known competitors that are in the electronic market are Samsung and Apple. For years, they have been competing to produce the most popular technological devices. Each competing to be on top. Constantly creating individual and innovative ideas. With the need…

Artificial Intelligence a Help Not a Threat


Information Technology


Words: 1003 (5 pages)

AI will end up the human’s life.! This is what most people think about the future of life on earth. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a System or a Machine that acts and works like human and it has been developing since 1955. Improvements to AI have produced significant advances in deep learning, image and speech…

The Android Smartphone Risks in Software Development Companies in the US



Words: 1899 (8 pages)

Introduction Android smartphones were rapidly changing the personal and work environment. The modern smartphone devices were driven by modern mobile technologies. The Android smartphones were used for a variety of purposes including capturing the information, accessing sensitive data and sharing the information. The smartphones have found its ways in the work environment and these smartphone…

The Software Application Requirement



Words: 416 (2 pages)

Introduction In that paper, we discussed the software application requirement for addressing the client Millenia’s technology needs. I remember the company’s IT project staying within twenty-five thousand dollars. There are just ten workers, including a couple of innovative executives, visual planners, deals staff, a money related accountant, and an office manager, with the business person…

Essay on Imbalance Between Software and Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering



Words: 1626 (7 pages)

While software development is a type of engineering, there is an apparent disparity between the percentages of engineering projects that fail and software engineering projects that fail. Statistically speaking major engineering project have a failure rate between 10% and 30% based on personal experience as a retired US Army civil engineer. That is in stark…

Discourse Communities Essay (377 words)


Words: 377 (2 pages)

To be a part of a discourse community, one must be credible, possess factual knowledge and draw on the values of its members to be accepted into the community. At the same time, a person must learn typical ways people in that community communicate and argue. They share a certain genre—type of writing. Members of…

AOL 6.0 is the newest version of the AOL software Essay


Words: 679 (3 pages)

AOL and service. We’ve streamlined the look, enhanced our most popular features and services, and added an array of other exciting innovations to bring the AOL service to a new level of ease of use and everyday convenience, and to give current members and other online consumers even more reasons to enjoy the benefits of…

Software Piracy: A Big Crime With Big Consequences Essay


Words: 700 (3 pages)

Software Piracy: A Big Crime With Big ConsequencesImaging for a moment that you come across an advertisement saying you canmeet up with an individual who will break into a store, disarm all of the alarmsand will hold the door open for you as you walk inside and take anything youwish. This criminal offence occurs every…

Descartes discourse on method Essay



Words: 909 (4 pages)

Understanding Descartes’ Method of DoubtClear your mind, if you will, of everything you have ever seen or known to be true. To begin understanding Rene Descartes’ method of doubt, you need to suspend all prejudice and prior judgments and start with a clean slate “for the purpose of discovering some ultimate truth on which to…

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