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    Goals In My Personal and Professional Life

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    My goals in life have been successful since I was a kid playing sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, football, karate and boxing. That was a long time ago when I was 7 years old. These six areas that are measure in our style of life are personal, professional, spiritual, financial, educational and community goals. I personally don’t focus on setting goals on other areas then ones that I’m usually use to. But that doesn’t mean that I will work towards the other goals any time soon. The only reason some of us have goals that we are comfortable to accomplish mostly every day is because we been in that environment and situation before to where setting goals in that criteria is so easy to get than any other that we are not familiar with. So, as that said, during this assignment I will talk about the six areas of life on how to set a goal and attain it.

    Personal Life

    Personal goals are goals that you set yourself to accomplish on what you enjoy doing. Like myself I enjoy being active, competitive, playing sports, and to better myself either by eating healthy, staying fit and exercising every day. Having personal goals is what keeps us moving forward and believing oneself that we can accomplish anything that we desire for the good of the individual. I myself have been dedicated to go to the gym every day to get better results for my body. The only way to get better results and to reach my goal is to manage my time wisely during the day. The only way I can learn in order to stay fit and be competitive is to bring friends or others, with you to push you and yourself to show that you are not there to play around but to get results. The only way that I could measure my progression is by seeing myself in the mirror and see some definition on my body or people giving me compliments. The only challenges I have in order to achieve my goal is by going less of the weight as you normally do and the other is my sleeping and school schedule to recuperate my body for the next day to work out again and go 110 percent. The only advice I can give to anyone or myself is to be discipline and go after it day by day. Sometimes in life I don’t focus on my personal goal as much as I want to because every day is a different day in which I have to put my personal goal to become pro or to make a name of myself aside for other situations that have in store for me every day such as helping out the family, working a lot of hours overnight, studying for the next exam or even procrastinating doing this assignment and that is life and that’s why sometimes I don’t focus on my personal goals as much as I want to. I personally think that having a personal goal is most important than anything else because it benefit us to be a better version of ourselves and have time of our own to put things together for the greater good of our time in this world that we live in.

    Professional Life

    Professional goals are goals that I have not achieve in life yet because I have been in school since the beginning of my life. Yet that doesn’t mean I can set goals in the future whenever I graduate from college, I would like to improve my skills and capabilities while working on my future position. Having professional goals can help focus on where I need to improve and what steps I need to take. In the professional world I would like to become a marketing manager where I can improve my public speaking, presentations, and social networking to where I can present a brand for a specific target of groups in order to get sales revenue from them. Also, to get my employers opinions if a certain target group would buy a product that is trending in social media. When I get the opportunity to do this it will help me by getting experience and have a feel of the field and wanting to work at the real world where I can be a professional worker and have professional goals not by working in a company but to get better on the position I am in and socialize the people around me to know them better and have connections.

    Spiritual Life

    Spiritual goals are no other than any other goal, it’s like setting a goal for yourself and believing on what you believe on and helps mark the direction for which you aim on. My spiritual goal is to make clear on what I believe in. Setting a goal by reflecting on my actions and show much compassion about my beliefs and finding connection between me and god on what I do every day and pray and try to go on mass on Sundays. I would love to be spiritual by connecting myself with god. I believe in god as much as I believe in myself that there are no other people that will take care of me but him. The only way to acquire god within my life is to go to mass on Sundays and confess my sins for him to accept me by who I am. The way to progress this action is to go to church and read the bible occasionally on what god did and take it to heart. The only way to measure progress is to participate lent or church activities to be open for god. The only challenges I have in this experience is that believing that there is a god who I am worshipping and that god is really out there to protect us or is it where you just saying that god exist, and everything is going to be okay.

    Financial Life

    Financial goals are like personal goals that you set yourself to how you spend and save money. Financial can be a short-term goal or a long term. I my own have a financial goal to save up money to buy myself my first new car. I have a checkbook to manage on what I’ve spend my money throughout the whole month and if I see unnecessary spending on things like wants instead of needs than I would just cut it off a bit and save more money by not buying stuff that will make me take longer to buy a new car. The only way for me to save up a lot of money is by working on seasonal jobs to get more money before I go to school again. What I can do is to save money on what I need to spend for my school, books, phone and other stuff to keep in contact with my family and study for my education. The way I will measure my progress is how much I spend monthly and if a particular month go out of range than I will stop purchasing stuff that is killing my dream to buy a new car. The challenges that will be expected for me that whenever I go shopping or see something that is good for that moment in time, I will buy it and will regret it moments later on why I spent my money on a want instead of a need.

    Educational Life

    Educational goals are goals you put to yourself during school on what you going to get throughout the semester. Every semester when I’m at school and the classes I choose to take I have a educational goal that I will pass every class with either an A or a B because that will improve my GPA and it will make me not worry about the class as much when we are getting close to the end of the semester. The only way I get good grades in each class is to do the assignment on time if possible and to do any extra credit if given in order to stay on top of the class. The only way to have a certain goal in mind is to take every class and think of it as a one and done class because I really don’t want to retake a class which will affect my GPA and wasted money on it and most importantly held me back from graduating on time. My goal is to graduate in Spring 2021 to get my bachelors and make my mom and dad proud to become the first generation to have a degree that is under my name. In order to graduate on time is to study every day and get stuff ahead of time. The only way I can continue to grow is by learning any subject and assignment that teachers assigns us to do and knowing that I can do it properly with no problems. The challenge that I think that will affect me by achieving this goal is that I second think myself during big exams and I also procrastinate on assignments in the last minute when is due.

    Community Engagement

    Community goal are goals that will satisfy the person knowing that he or she will make an impact in the world. My community goal is to be involved or volunteer in more of the North Texas food bank where you go and put food in boxes and put it on a pallet and stack it up before it goes to places where people that have no food and give it to them because they need it the most because they are homeless and have nowhere to live and by doing that I’m making an impact in the community that some of the foods I put on the box are sent to individuals that will get it and open it and eat it and may be his or her first meal of the day which makes me happy to do this. I have the courage to go out there and help my community as much as I can, I might not be heard or known by the people who get the food that are put in boxes but to me it means so much to where it’s a personal thing to me to keep it on the low because I don’t want people to know that I do this because for the fun of it, I do it because it impacts on people who need it more than me. The only way that I will measure my progress is when the people that work for the food bank tell us that we shipped many numbers of boxes and that those boxes will be able to feed about one thousand or more people. The only challenges that I will expect to experience this is that I don’t have any transportation to get to a food bank and school takes up the whole day for the whole week, which leaves me to have the weekends off but I will have homework due during those days meaning that there’s is no time to make a difference in my community.

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