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Family Health Essay

A healthy family – a healthy nation.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of human health, as it is by far the most important aspect of life and reason for happiness for almost everyone. The value of health promotion should be seen not only on the level of a single individual but rather on a social scale and language. Taking into consideration the fact that the most important element of society is the family, the preservation and health promotion is the primary task for its every member. Thus, the issue of improving the health care system should come as a priority for each state. One must not forget that health promotion includes emotional, social, physical, language, and mental well-being. Each of these components should function properly and be well-looked after.

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Ways of health preservation within the family

Nowadays, people encounter diverse health problems and barriers mainly due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise, bad habits, inappropriate language and unreasonable lifestyle choices.

There are differing points of view, as far as learning styles for health care. However, one of the most effective measures that help humanity avoid health issues is eluding stress. One`s emotional state is affected by diverse factors of the outside world. External ones include diverse types of environments we are exposed to, such as work, school, university, relationships with other people, and all the challenges a person encounters on a daily basis. Internal factors comprise one`s general health condition, learning styles, emotional well-being, and the amount of sleep. Mental health is of equal importance with the physical one. To preserve it, one should avoid emotional overload and stressful situations. Look on the brighter side of the life. A key to physical health preservation is the right lifestyle and learning styles.

It is only us who can make our lives full by taking care of it; it is also us, however, who can ruin it by smoking, alcohol and other bad habits. One of the major components of everyday health care is fresh air.

Many people work in the enclosed space and have the huge barriers. Apart from it, we usually commute by car, being practically deprived of fresh air. When possible, take a walk or try to work outdoors. Do it as often as you can.

Another undoubtedly important step to health preservation is water. Specialists advise to drink from 6 to 8 glasses per day, in order for one to feel better. In addition, of course, we cannot but mention nutrition as a necessary process in maintaining human life, for good food is the basis of a person`s health. The food we eat is the source of energy that the body later spends on other activities. Consuming more vitamins and minerals will help you stay healthy and good-looking. That is the main rules of the learning styles that lead to the healthy life.

Apart from food, one more element that contributes to one`s physical state is a healthy sleep. According to diverse studies, the optimal sleep duration is 7-8 hours. Getting enough sleep is the basis for good health.

Another essential part of human physical well-being is a sport. Choose the kind of sport that you like the most and try to do it several times a week, or, if it is not an option, get engaged with morning exercises. According to the researchers, as much as 15-20 minutes of exercise per day can make you healthier and increase your life expectancy. From the differing points of view, one more integral aspect of a healthy lifestyle is the high moral and ethical values of a person. Greater emphasis should be placed upon the formation of an individual`s consciousness. After all, if every person takes to a healthy lifestyle, the whole society will be healthier.

Therefore, one must begin to adhere to these health care principles, however simple they might seem.

The role of health care workers.

Whether it is to the better or to the worse, our health depends not only on ourselves, the way of life we stick to, our cultural beliefs and worldviews, but also on the health care workers in whose hands we are.

The health care authorities of each country should work towards improving its citizens` well-being by providing them with high-quality medical services.

  • Qualified health care workers. Doctors and nurses who work with patients must have appropriate patient education. Moreover, they must continuously improve their skills in the field, attending training sessions and seminars, doing internships in other countries, sharing experiences, because it is their hands where we put the most important things – our life and health. Therefore, errors in this occupation are not allowed, for even the smallest one can become fatal.
  • Interactions with the patient.

In the modern world, health care workers should be able to find the right approach to all people according to their age, gender, and cultural beliefs and destroy their barriers. After the patient is diagnosed with a disease, his doctor and nurse are supposed to take care of him. To overcome differing points of view, there is a unique bond, a special relationship built between the patient education and the health care workers, the patient and the nurse, which come together into a chain “the doctor – the nurse – the patient”. Everyday health care workers and activities are connected with diverse psychological and emotional factors.

On the basis of it lies the ability to understand the patient. Everything aforementioned contributes to the development of a special method of patients` treatment that combines the behavior of health care workers, nurses together with possible reactions to it and their manifestations, altogether constituting a distinctive psychological technology. In the course of the illnesses progression, at its separate stages, the knowledge of the communication psychology contributes to solving problems and difficulties connected with the development of the disease, directing the patient and nurses towards the recovery. Appropriate psychological training helps to get to know the patient. Everyone engaged in communication with the ill needs the ability to recognize and register certain phenomena, or even guess of the individual`s state from what he or she failed to mention. The ability to distinguish the factors that affect the nurses’ and patient’s physical well-being significantly facilitates the process.

General regularities of the emergence and development of professional relations with their reflection in one`s cultural beliefs help to understand the essence of medical ethics, morality, and patient education. The patient who turns to a doctor for help becomes the object of certain professional influence. We should remember that, from a differing points of view, the doctor and nurses have to deal with the object of the highest complexity a human being. The diversity of factors that determine the beginning, course, and ending of any illness exposes a doctor and nurses to an extremely difficult episodic (cognitive) task, which he must solve as quickly as possible. Not only are people rather complex phenomena, but they are also the most valuable objects of influence, for every person is a unique personality. Therefore, the diversity of relationship between the doctor, the patient, and the nurses is primarily a personal, subjective, hence, social one. The social function of medicine has a certain impact on subjective relationships and is manifested in the moral consciousness as a norm, which requires subjugating the interests of a doctor to those of society through his attitude to a patient and nurses.

Health literacy

Very few people outside the health care field have a sufficient level of skills and knowledge to understand medical information. Studies and patient education have shown that about 12% of the United States adult population has minimal health literacy and cultural beliefs, and even the basic task of determining the dose of a non-prescribed drug for a child or understanding the text of the drug insert left them absolutely clueless.

Therefore, the authorities should provide necessary patient health literacy. There are diverse health promotion strategies to “enlighten” the citizens in the field of health care, from sharing the publications on interesting and useful medical topics to conducting online seminars in order to improve health literacy. In general, everyone should have some basic knowledge of health promotion, dangerous illnesses and ways to overcome them, and some major drugs for the first medical aid. In addition, people have to know how to provide first medical aid itself and be educated at the health literacy.

Health care for everybody.

It is important not to forget about the diversity of strata and cultural beliefs of the population, since not every one of us has the opportunity to visit a doctor, to conduct disease-preventing activities, or to buy the necessary medicines.

That is paramount to ensure that medical institutions provide a basic complex of medical services and health literacy to anyone in need, regardless of their financial situation, and without demanding unreasonably big payments for it.

It is also necessary to create programs able to improve the quality and efficiency of health care, to increase the general physical state of all segments of the population, to strengthen the demographic situation, to create appropriate conditions for establishing healthy lifestyle among the citizens and to handle strong patient education.

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Family Health Essay
A healthy family – a healthy nation. It is difficult to overestimate the value of human health, as it is by far the most important aspect of life and reason for happiness for almost everyone. The value of health promotion should be seen not only on the level of a single individual but rather on a social scale and language. Taking into consideration the fact that the most important element of society is the family, the preservation and health promotion is the primary task for its every memb
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Family Health Essay
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