There I was, standing high on top of a mountain Essay

There I was, standing high on top of a mountain. Standing alone and feeling the gentle breeze .My friends were all left behind and I wondered if I was lost!

I shouted and tried to find out where my friends were. Once, twice, thrice…I tried, but no reply. I sat there waiting. No one came up for many hours. Where are all these people gone? Not a single clue of their presence. I realize I have come on the wrong track and getting back to the right track seems almost impossible. I can see no way to get back with my friends. I kept thinking of a solution to my problem. What do I do? How do I go? Again I shouted. This time, at God. I called for him, “dear God. Can you hear me?” “I need your help” and so I kept shouting. All in vain. No response. Silence! The only sound I heard was………MY ECHOES! It seemed …… like several voices shouting together. I kept saying, “Oh God! I have so much faith in you. You are the one who is always there for everyone. You help everyone in there difficulties. Help me too. Please God help me” I kept repeating these sentences. God didn’t reply……… he gave me no clue. “Oh God! I have so much of faith in you. You are the only one who is always there to help everyone…”

Then all of a sudden I heard someone saying, “Yes, my child. I am always there for you and here I am talking to you.” I was shocked. Did I really hear something as such or was it just my pretension? Lets give another try………I asked, “Dear God, as you know, I have got fixed into a problem. I have got to reach to my friends or at least get down the mountain. Please tell me what should I do??? Only you can help me.”

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And to my surprise someone did reply. It was God himself! He replied, “Oh son of the Earth! There is a way and I could tell you that…but…can you take it as a challenge? Can you find the way on your own? As, if I were to do everything for everyone in the world then how could anyone have had experienced the best parts of the life??”

“But God…” I was about to say further and he interrupted. “There is nothing like “but”MY DEAR CHILD! Life is a challenge; take it. You like adventures don’t you? I think you do and that’s why you are on this excursion to the mountain. Remember I am always there for those who have faith in them and me too. But everything else, has to be done by you yourself and just see the result.”

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