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Essays About Chinese

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Blue-and-White Islamic Pottery on Chinese Themes Essay

The great traditions ol Chinese porcelain have inspired over the centuries a wide variety of imitators. At times in the history of art an imitative tradition, beginning as a backward look toward past glories in faraway lands, takes its own (orm and shape, developing into a major creative force with new directions. Such is in…

A Chinese Poem translated by Ezra Pounds Essay

“The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” is a poem originally composed by Li-Po in 701-762 AD, then translated by Ezra Pound. The poem was translated in 1915 and was published as part of Cathay, Pound’s collection. This “Letter” Poem is not written in rhyme, however the images and musical tones found within the prose compensate for…

The Chinese Zodiac Essay

Even in modern society, this kind of marriage still exerts a great influence and in the following paragraphs, a systematic description of this marriage form will be presented. Finding a partner “Marriage was for continuing the ancestral line and creation alliances between families -; too important a duty to be left in the rash hands…



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Fictive Motion in Classical Chinese Poetry Essay

In cognitive linguistic, fictive motion refers to the description of castles that do not really exist. In ancient Chinese literature, expressions such as ( ) and ( ) may well be a typical illustration of fictive motion. Others like “fin -unlatch” and are examples in classical Chinese poetry. Given the particular form of the latter,…

Chinese Pottery Essay

The earliest Chinese pottery of which we have any records is the Neolithic ware from the river plains and loess highlands of north and north-west China. It was made between 5000 and 2000 B.C. and contains bowls, jars, pots and beakers of low-fires earthenware. This pots were not turned on a wheel but were buildt…

Famous Chinese Horse Painting Essay

In the sass while playing in a hidden cave in Lascar, Prance, many children found a remarkable painting on the wall. After telling about their findings, researches and explorers visited the cave and it Vass then they saw the “Chinese Horse”. The art got its name because it resembled the ceramic horses of the Han…

Natue in Chinese Landscape Painting Essay

There is also a dramatic use of perspective to show natures greatness. In traditional China, training in painting was important as part of a general cultural education and preparation for a professional career. 1 The professional artist would normally study under a master within a local school. 2 When these painters were not painting, they…

Within the course of Chinese painting. Part II Essay

Design a series of modern flower and bird paintings as posters divided into 6 main categories of bird and color identity with specific hotel branding, part II Essay Within the course of Chinese painting, there are main three subjects that have been landscapes, flowers-and-birds and figures. Here going to talk about how flower and bird…

American Born Chinese Essay

In American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang, the main theme would have to be identity. Despite the graphic novel consisting of three separate storylines, the main characters in the book all share the same issue – being uncomfortable with whom they are and connected to. If one were to simplify and boil the message…

Essay On Chinese Martial Arts

Martial Arts Tradition in Contemporary China The start of martial arts in China came about for the same reasons it did in every Other culture. In order to aid in hunting activities and to protect against enemies. Along with this, evidence of martial techniques, including those tied to weapons go back thousands Of years. It…

Nu Wa Myth – Chinese Myth And Legends Essay

NuWa Myth – Chinese Myth and LegendsIn every culture there is a god/goddesswho stands out above the others. In Chinese legends the deity thatstands out above the rest is the goddess Nu Wa. In all readings itis only good things that being written about this goddess. She iscredited not only with the creation of man,…

Ancient Chinese Art Forms Essay

Category:HistoryPaper Title:Ancient Chinese Art FormsText:Chinese art is known as one of the worlds oldest found art forms, with piecesdating back to 1500 BC. There are many different mediums used in Chinese art,such as sculpture, painting, and architecture. Sculptures were often mad ofjade, ivory, or glass. Sculpture flourished during the time of the Ming(1368-1644) dynasty. Although…

Chinese Dynasties Essay

Chinese Dynasties: 1. Shang: Also called Yin, dynasty that was China’s earliest historically verifiable state 1766 B.C. to 1122 B.C. A. Reason’s for Rise: Unlike the early accounts of history by the Chinese, there is archaeological evidence of the Shang, who built their cities in northern China around the eastern parts of the Yellow River….

Chinese new year Essay

Part 1 Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year has a great history. In other traditions, by this time in the year, most resolutions – made on December 31 – have been subtly forgotten and placed in a cupboard marked “maybe next year. ” However, all hope is not lost, as there’s a second chance…

Chinese kites Essay

The Kite: China, Fifth/Fourth Century BC. Two kitemakers, Kungshu P’an who made kites shaped like birds which could fly for up to three days, and Mo Ti (who is said to have spent three years building a special kite) were famous in Chinese traditional stories from as early as the fifth century BC. Kites were…

Chinese Kinship Systems Essay

It would be impossible to disagree with the statement that “Chinese kinship is based on male predominance”. In fact this statement may even be under-emphasizing the control and absolute power that males wield across all levels of Chinese society. Of course, where their power initially comes from though, is through the family or termed differently…

Embracing Cultures: The Chinese and The Scottish People Essay

There are billions of people in the world and each of us are different in lot of ways. We all have an event that symbolize our cultures in some way. USA has the 4th of July as a special event to celebrate America independence from the British. The events that take place represent some form…

The Unwavering Chinese Traditions Essay examples

The Chinese Filipino Community has been part of the Philippine community since the early 1900’s. Philippines has become their home since the Spanish colonial era, which is, for many Chinese Filipino about 3 to 4 generations ago. Considering this fact, many Chinese Filipinos living in this country has been born and raised here, thus, making…

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