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Natue in Chinese Landscape Painting Essay



Visual Arts

Words: 887 (4 pages)

There is also a dramatic use of perspective to show natures greatness. In traditional China, training in painting was important as part of a general cultural education and preparation for a professional career. 1 The professional artist would normally study under a master within a local school. 2 When these painters were not painting, they…

Famous Chinese Horse Painting Essay



Visual Arts

Words: 387 (2 pages)

In the sass while playing in a hidden cave in Lascar, Prance, many children found a remarkable painting on the wall. After telling about their findings, researches and explorers visited the cave and it Vass then they saw the “Chinese Horse”. The art got its name because it resembled the ceramic horses of the Han…

Chinese Pottery Essay (466 words)


Words: 466 (2 pages)

The earliest Chinese pottery of which we have any records is the Neolithic ware from the river plains and loess highlands of north and north-west China. It was made between 5000 and 2000 B.C. and contains bowls, jars, pots and beakers of low-fires earthenware. This pots were not turned on a wheel but were buildt…

Fictive Motion in Classical Chinese Poetry Essay


Words: 3837 (16 pages)

In cognitive linguistic, fictive motion refers to the description of castles that do not really exist. In ancient Chinese literature, expressions such as ( ) and ( ) may well be a typical illustration of fictive motion. Others like “fin -unlatch” and are examples in classical Chinese poetry. Given the particular form of the latter,…

The Chinese Zodiac Essay (1616 words)


Words: 1616 (7 pages)

Even in modern society, this kind of marriage still exerts a great influence and in the following paragraphs, a systematic description of this marriage form will be presented. Finding a partner “Marriage was for continuing the ancestral line and creation alliances between families -; too important a duty to be left in the rash hands…

A Chinese Poem translated by Ezra Pounds Essay



Words: 1145 (5 pages)

“The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” is a poem originally composed by Li-Po in 701-762 AD, then translated by Ezra Pound. The poem was translated in 1915 and was published as part of Cathay, Pound’s collection. This “Letter” Poem is not written in rhyme, however the images and musical tones found within the prose compensate for…

Blue-and-White Islamic Pottery on Chinese Themes Essay



Words: 4028 (17 pages)

The great traditions ol Chinese porcelain have inspired over the centuries a wide variety of imitators. At times in the history of art an imitative tradition, beginning as a backward look toward past glories in faraway lands, takes its own (orm and shape, developing into a major creative force with new directions. Such is in…

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Dialects Mandarin, Jin, Wu, Gan, Xiang, Min, Hakka, Yue, Ping, Huizhou
Early forms Old Chinese, Middle Chinese
Language family Sino-Tibetan, Sinitic
Native speakers 1.2 billion (2004)
Native to Chinese-speaking world
Regulated by Ministry of Education (Mainland China), National Languages Committee (Taiwan), Civil Service Bureau (Hong Kong) ·Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (Macau), Chinese Language Standardisation Council (Malaysia), Promote Mandarin Council (Singapore)
Standard forms Standard Mandarin, Standard Cantonese
Writing system Chinese characters, (Traditional/Simplified), Transcriptions:, Zhuyin, Pinyin (Latin), Xiao’erjing (Arabic), Dungan (Cyrillic), Chinese Braille, ʼPhags-pa script (Historical)

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