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    Elements of Arts Essay (483 words)

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    Line Line is one of the elements of art. You can find lines “O’Hare you look. There are many different kinds of lines. Here are some common lines: ay joining lines together, you can make shapes. Lines can also be used to create textures. Glossary Term: Shape Shape is one of the elements of art. When lines meet, shapes are formed. Shapes are flat. Some shapes are geometric, such as squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, and ovals. Other shapes are organic or irregular. These are geometric shapes. Organic shapes look like things from nature. Glossary Term: Space Space is one of the elements of art.

    Space is an empty place or surface in or around a work of art. Space can be dimensional, tatterdemalion’s, negative and/or positive, You can easily see the positive Dawson-Tobago, 1996 and negative space in this sculpture. Public art sculpture (title unknown) by Ace Artists also create positive and negative space in two-dimensional artworks, Glossary Term: Texture Texture is one of the elements of art. Texture is the way something feels when you touch it. Artists also create the illusion of texture in artworks such as paintings, drawings and prints. How would you describe these different textures?

    Glossary Term: Value Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. You can get different values Of a color by mixing its shades and tints. Principles of Art Glossary Term: Balance Balance is one of the principles of art which describes how artists to create visual weight. Artists think about how to make their works balanced by using elements such as line, shape and color. There are several ways to balance an artwork: Symmetrical (formal) balance means both sides of an imaginary line are the name, Asymmetrical (informal) balance means each side of an imaginary line are different yet equal.

    Glossary Term: Contrast Contrast is one of the principles of art which creates excitement and interest in artworks. Two things that are very different have a lot of contrast. White and black have the greatest contrast. Complementary colors also have high contrast. Artists use high contrast to make something show up. In Whitfield With Ravens, Vincent van Gogh used high contrast colors to make the yellow wheat fields stand out against the dark blue sky. Glossary Term: unity unity is one of the principles of art. unity is the feeling that everything in the work of art works together and looks like it fits. Gustavo Collegiate used shape to create unity. Repetition of shape and color can make an artwork unified Glossary Term: Variety Variety is one of the principles of art. Variety occurs when an artist creates something that looks different from the rest of the artwork. An artist may use variety to make you look at a certain part or make the artwork more interesting. Jasper Cropper painted a large tree to create variety in his landscape, “In the Valley,”

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