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    Early Italian Renaissance 15th century

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    Italian Renaissance Basic Dates
    – 1450-1600
    -1450 Fall of Constantinople to Ottoman Turks
    -1469: Ferdinand and Isabella unite Spain
    -1508-1512: Michelangelo paints Sistine Chapel
    Italian Renaissance
    – Revival of arts and learning
    – less religion and more about humans
    – Humanism: Celebration of all humanity and individualism
    – ancient greek/ Roman influences
    Early Renaissance Men’s Clothing
    until 1475 ish Gothic styles continued
    – houpplande and poulaine
    Early Renaissance ( Post 1475) Mens Clothing
    – jacket (Surcote) similar to middle ages
    – Doublet: worn beneath the jacket (cote/shirt)
    -brimless hat worn post 1475
    leather laces to hold hose up
    – skirted jacked
    -went over the camicia
    – 2 kinds
    – leggings that attached to a doublet
    -or more contemporary tights
    – two colors on a hose
    – coat of arms for Italian families
    Drawers/ Braies
    Drawers/ Braies
    Early Renaissance Women
    – highly educated
    – aristocratic women known for high fashion
    Basic gown
    – working class
    – close bodice
    -hem at floor
    -visible camicia
    -no trains
    -tubular sleeves
    – belt before natural waist
    Upper class gowns
    – sleeveless surcote
    -side laces
    -V-neck on surcote
    – slashed sleeve/ open seam so camicia would poke out
    Women’s Dress Layers
    1. Camicia/chemise
    2. cote/petticoat
    3. surcote/gown
    – headband worn over forehead
    Juliet Caps
    Juliet Caps
    -open net hat on back of head
    Women’s hairstyles
    – elaborate
    – blond hair was ideal ( lemon juice and sun)
    Women’s beauty
    – lead powder to stay pale
    – skin bleaching
    -Pious Egg was ideal
    – plucked out eyebrows

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