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    College vs. High School Essay (701 words)

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    High School vs. CollegeAfter going to high school for four years, college is definitely a step up.

    There are similarities, but at the same time more differences. There is still some required classes and homework, but they are different at the same time. Classes in college are bigger as well as the campus, class times vary a lot more, homework takes more time, and the teacher/student communication is a 180 degree change from high school. In high school, classes are usually no larger than 25 students.

    In many classes, it could be even less than that. In college all classes are larger than 35 students, yet most are significantly larger. In general education lecture classes, such as Psychology and management, class sizes can get up to 400 students. Students go into their classes, find a seat in the huge lecture hall, and fade into another face among the silent crowd. With so many students and so many faces in each class, college professors dont personally get to know their students.

    A professor wouldnt even notice if a student didnt attend class one day, or if that person was taking that class at all. In big classes, the professor wont even know a students name by the last day of class. In high school, teachers get to know their students on a first and last name basis within at least the first couple of weeks. High School teachers know each students personality, study habits, and grades by the end of each year.

    In college, a student would be lucky if his/her professor recognized their face. Lecture, lecture, lecture, take notes, read, and take the test. That pretty much sums up an average college course. You come into the class, find a seat, get out your notebook for notes and listen until the end of class. There are no second chances or re-takes on an exam, like in high school.

    It is almost impossible to talk professors into giving extra credit for outstanding participation, because chances are they wont remember it. Half credit for the confusing last question you got wrong on the mid-term? Not a chance; it is either all credit or no credit. To avoid confusion, you must study harder next time. In college, theres no more messing around with exhibitions or group projects. Although one may be used to having extra credit or participation points in high school, don’t expect to see it too much in college.

    Students are tested on what they learned, and thats the end of it. You know it or you dont. There is a set time which school is in session everyday in high school. For example, a high school could hold classes from 7am to 3pm Monday through Fridays for nine months. There, a student plans his of her schedule around school. In college it is exactly the opposite.

    A student can take classes whenever they want to. For example, if a student wishes to work from nine to three, then they can enroll in classes after three and even night classes if they want. Class times vary form 7:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night. A college student can plan their schooling around their schedule.

    Everyone takes the same classes in high school: Math, English, Science, History, and possibly an Art. Everyone pretty much has the same set requirements to meet before each year ends. When in college, students can take whatever classes they want. Classes range from Management Information Systems to Human Nutrition, or Weather and Climate. Depending on what one wants to major in, there are many different class options. You can take whatever class you want, when you want.

    Take your pick. In conclusion, high school and college are two very different worlds of education. The way subjects are taught, the sizes of classes, the schedule of classes, teachers, and courses all vary between college and high school. College is a step up in education; it is a whole new kind of experience. Its not extremely hard, but you just have to push yourself a little more, and step up your study habits and homework skills.

    College and high school are both the same in some ways, but really different in many others.

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