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Essays About High School

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The Last Day of High School – The First Day of the Rest of My Life Essay

The last day of my high school career is fast approaching and I can only imagine how I”ll be feeling when I step out of S.F. Austin”s grounds for the very last time. Throughout these four years, I have felt a lot of urgency about graduating high school. I didn”t think that the time to…

Being a High School Sophomore Essay

Everyone knows that sophomores can be overconfident in their knowledge, immature, and juvenile. It’s the time in your high school life where you’re not considered a little freshman anymore but instead an older more mature individual because of your ranking. Rather than being a positive role model to younger classmates, I was instead a sophomoric…

High School Speech Essay

I want to start off this speech with the one quote that keeps me moving forward and has kept me motivated through high school. Michael Jordan once said, “If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everybody has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into…



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My High School Expectations Essay

I can’t wait to go to high school. The whole transition from middle school to high school excites me. Now that the school year is almost over, it is finally coming up. The big transition from an eighth grader to a freshman is scary for most, but it is exciting for me. I cannot wait…

My Memorable High School Years Essay

“My high school years were memorable years” to what extend is the statement true from your experience. 300-500 words This statement “My high school years were memorable years,” is true to a certain extent due to my personal experience. The years that were not memorable started in grade ten. I was seen as an outcast…

Life After High School Essay

The day after I finished high school seemed like a new life will begin. A life that is full of responsibilities, challenges, difficulties, and problems. Now is the time that I should depend on myself. The date was 6th June 2012, I was eighteen years old with absolutely no knowledge about what will happen in…

Now that I’m a High School Senior Essay

After about 12 years of hard work and education, I am finally a senior. I am at the top of the high school hierarchy. I remember watching my siblings graduate and thinking, ”When will it be my time? ” Now, all of a sudden, it is! This year is a year of “lasts”; last first…

Personal Narrative Essay Example High School

It was just the beginning of my high school life. I was just a snotty-nosed 8th grader, stepping into a whole new world. It was nothing like middle school. I didn’t know anything about high school, or how it worked. I didn’t know that by just thinking to myself, “oh this is going to be…

Personal Story of a High School Student Essay

It was another wonderful autumn day in southern Minnesota. It was a Friday in September. The warm weather was starting to fade, as it always does in Minnesota, but there was football to be played that night, plus it was the eve of my 16th birthday. I was particularly excited, because in my family owning…

Reflections on High School Essay

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… ”; this story is interesting because it is still being written. As a junior in the Early College Academy, I will never get to experience being a true senior. High School has been a lot of things but mainly it’s just been the…

Remembering My High School Years Essay

My 12th grade year in High School was a triumph. I felt like I had every obstacle possible against me not to finish, but I was determined not to fail. I fought hard to continue through my senior year of high school. The weight on my shoulders was heavy. I was living in Framingham, Massachusetts,…

Rethinking My High School Education Essay

As a young child, high school was glorified and looked at as the most amazing and important four years of your life. High school seemed like another world too my peers and I. The excitement of experiencing this consumed me as I anticipated to eventually becoming a high school student. During my 8th grade year…

Short Story – My Senior Year of High School Essay

The story I am going to tell you about takes place about 13 years ago back in 2001 in a town called Cowiche Wa. Cowiche is a small farm town dominated by the apple industry. It’s about a group of high school kids who thought they were just going out like any other Friday night…

The Challenges of High School Essay

Being a student drained with assignments, events, projects, laboratory exercises, paper works and some are friends issues is truly difficult, but think that if you have goals in life and you really want to achieve it as soon as possible you will do all the things you can even there are hindrances. Each one of…

Came high school, and in Mrs. Krawet’s Global Stud Essay

youies I class I sat next to this energetic guy namedRobert, who joked about the no-brained teenagers working in 7-11’s, made fun of the way ourteacher dramatized the pronunciation of the Huang-Ho and Yangtze Rivers, and satirized theteacher’s methodology of hand-signals for facts, generalizations, and cause/effect. Finding commonground in our senses of humor, and love…

Software And High School Essay

The beginning of the 1990’s is marked by the era of computers. Everywhere we look ,we see computers. They have become an essential part of ourevery day life. If the world’s computer systems were turned off even for a shortamount of time, unimaginable disasters would occur. We can surely say thattoday’s world is heading into…


Having a job in high school gives me an edge. As an employee, I havelearned to interact with many different types of people, work together,and learn the value of a dollar. Being employed is one of the best thingsthat has ever happened to me. Participating in a job has offered me manyopportunities to make friends,…

High School Drug Abuse: What Do You Do? Essay

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, among the graduating class of 1997, 54. 3 percent of students had used an illicit drug by the time they reached their senior year of high school: a dramatic increase from the once 40. 7 percent in 1992. The study also…

High School And College Essay

It”s all up to you It”s all over now. No more strict teachers, no moreguidancecounselors that tell you what is best for you, no more restrictions; thisallhappens when you graduate high school. Once you throw that cap in the air,youbegin a new stage in your life that will carry out for the rest of yourfuture….

Censorship in Public High Schools Essay

Category:Social IssuesPaper Title:Censorship in Public High Schools: The War For Our Children’s MindsText:For centuries, parents have wrestled with the question of how to raise theirchildren with the best moral and ethical standings. Along with this questioncome others such as, “What are the right morals?” Today’s parents areno different than they were in the past and…

College vs. High School Essay

High School vs. CollegeAfter going to high school for four years, college is definitely a step up. There are similarities, but at the same time more differences. There is still some required classes and homework, but they are different at the same time. Classes in college are bigger as well as the campus, class times…

What will you be like at your high school reunion Essay

An automobile, a vibrant yellow sportscar, pulls up to the front of the school. Its mirrored windows reflect the faces of a large crowd, waiting breathlessly for the car door to open. A man steps out of the driver’s side, dressed in a formal suit, with the roguish appeal and smile of James Bond, the…

High School Students on the Job Essay

High school students on the jobWe spend four years of our lives attending high school. Going through high school is supposed to prepare us for college and the real world. Throughout these four years we begin to better understand our choices for college majors, but we dont get presented with the financial and time struggle…

Essay on High School Sports And Extracurricular Activities Essay

John Wooden, a legendary UCLA basketball coach once said, “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” High school sports and extracurricular activities might be seen as another set of programs a school has to provide and pay for but for those athletes, it is so much more. These programs issue athletes with characteristics and…

Physical Education In High Schools Essay

My philosophy of physical education in the secondary setting deals with students becoming physically fit. Also, students learn how to communicate with others, especially in a team setting. My philosophy also holds in it different teaching methods. Methods that physical education teachers can use to get the most out of their students. With this philosophy…

High School Journalism: Breaking The Barriers Essay

High School Journalism: Breaking The Barriers Essay Throughout the many trials and tribulations of the adolescent years teenagers try to find many different ways to express themselves and discover who they are. There are different forms of expression including music, art, fashion, and, of course, writing. Whether it is through a personal journal used to…

The Contrast between Traditional Education and Homeschooling

Recently, in our country, there has been a teacher recruitment crisis and teachers are leaving in droves. In fact, this is not the first time this has happened. As a 2017 The Guardian report, about half of teachers are considering leaving. This is mainly because of the heavy workload of keeping track of students, the…

Homeschooling Is the Best Option for Child’s Safety

Education is taken very seriously by today’s society. The education has been and will be always the most important commodity to the future of every child. It is very difficult to get anywhere in life without an education because today in order to become a useful person for your society you need to be well-educated…

Essay About Benefits of Homeschooling

What dreams do you hope your child to be? Maybe a brilliant scientist or a teacher? They can do anything if you provide them with a good education. Do not forget your child with a great education from the comfort of your own home with homeschooling. It takes some necessary adjustments and extensive planning, but…

Make Your Child Shine With These Homeschooling Tips

We learn something new things throughout our lives. Homeschooling isn’t simple, but the article below will build provide a positive understanding of the job that is required. Use life as an opportunity to learn. Daily life offers more than any curriculum. Listen to how they speak and correct mistakes. Let them build you prepare dinner and…

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