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Art History and Appreciation Module 8

Instead of looking to the past to paint from, modern artists look to…
the present
Unlike earlier artistic periods, modern art was defined by…
many different artistic styles
Because artists sought stability and peace, they were attracted to the art of the …
Neoclassical style
Art History and Appreciation Module 8

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Neoclassical artists painted solid, smooth, three-dimensional forms that reflected the sculpture of
Ancient Greece and Rome
Romantic artists felt that ________ stirred the imagination and made great subjects for their artwork
Far-off places
The Romantic idea reflected the fact that many people were tired of…
political unrest
What mood is created in turner’s paintings through the use of soft colors and shadows
Impressionism was named by
an angry critic
Claude Monet was most interested in painting…
how light changed so quickly in a painting depending on the time of day
To their first audiences, Impressionistic paintings appeared to be…
just quick sketches
Impressionistic painters often worked…
Impressionists usually applied paint to their canvas in…
small dabs, dashes, and globs
Berthe Morisot looked to what for the inspiration and subject for her paintings
family members
French sculptor Auguste Rodin created artworks similar to artworks of the…
Which art style borrowed the loose painting technique of the Impressionists, but included subjects with more feeling and form?
Claude Monet
Not a Post-impressionist artist
Which artist left his career and family to go to Tahiti to live and paint?
Paul Gauguin
Who is the only American artist to have been invited to exhibit with the Impressionists in Europe
Mary Cassatt
Whose action-filled, swirling painting shows a small boat struggling against raucous waves and a vision of a ghost ship looming in the distance?
Albert Pinkham Ryder
Which new art form was influenced by the decoratve art style of Art Noveau
theater posters
An art style that attempts to capture the rapidly changing effects of sunlight on objects
A work of art showing mountains, trees, or other natural scenery
Art style that borrows from the style and form of ancient Greek and Roman artists
A term used to describe the various styles in painting after impressionism
An art style in which everyday scenes and events are painted as they actually look
An art style that focuses on dramatic and exotic subjects
France’s official art exhibition
An American Realist whose paintings tell stories of outdoor activities
An artist who was Louis XIV’s painter, but later took part in the revolt against the king
An African-American artist who studied with Thomas Eakins
Van Gogh
An artist whose goal was to capture his own deepest feelings about the subject he was painting
A leader of the Romantic school of painting
An original member of the Impressionistic movement who later became a leading painter of Post-Impressionism
A painter who spent an important part of his life in the South Seas on the island of Tahiti
Compare and contrast the Romantic and Impressionistic styles of painting
-Romantic: exotic people, costume and places, loose painting style
-Impressionistic: very loose painting technique, follow effects of light on objects, looks like sketches

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Art History and Appreciation Module 8
Instead of looking to the past to paint from, modern artists look to... the present Unlike earlier artistic periods, modern art was defined by... many different artistic styles
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Art History and Appreciation Module 8
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