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Fine Arts K12 Unit 3: Test

Whic h of the following describes how Joseph Paxton designed the Crystal Palace?
Paxon made the iron structural support visable
What characterist of Daguerreotype does Louis Daguerre capture in The Artist’s Studio?
Daguerre captured a great amount of detail, pattern, and texture
How does French Artist Rosa Bonheur use Realist conventions in Plowing in the Nivernais: The Dressing of the Vines?
She depicts an everyday, contemporary scene without idealization
Fine Arts K12 Unit 3: Test

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Which statement describes The Gleaner by French realist and nauturalist artist Jean-francios Millet?
The figures are painted asa they really appear, with solid shapes and earthy colors
What statement best describes American Realist painter Henry Ossaawa Tanner’s The Thankful Poor?
Dramatic lighht and shadow created mood and convincing space in a scene of contemporary life
What statement best describes American Realist painter Winslow Homer’s artistic approach in Prisoners from The Front?
Homer based his oil painting on preparatory sketches that he made in the field
Which statement best describes French Impressionist Claude Monet’s approach to painting?
monet painted a subject multiple tims, under different lighting and weather conditions
What type of subject matter did French Impressionist painters such as Piere-Aguste Renior depict?
Vignettes of carefree Parisians enjoying leisure activities
How did American artist Mary Cassatt incoperate an impressionist convention in Mother Combing Her Child’s Hair?
She used loose strokes of vibrant color
How did French Impressionist artist Edgar Degas incoperate characteristics of Japanese Woodblock prints in Four Dancers?
He cropped figures off the edge of the picture
What definition best describes the pointillism technique the french impressionist artist George Seurat use in A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte?
placing tiny dots of pure color next to each other on a canvas that blend together when viewed from a distance
what statement Best describes French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne’s approach to painting?
He carefully arranged hos composition using patches of color to show the surface planes of an object
How did Post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin convey emotion in La Orana Maria
by using bold colors and organic lines and shapes
How does Wheatfield with crows by Post impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh show the threat of a coming storm?
The paint has short, Slashing brushstrokes in vibrant hues the intensify each other
How did Norwegian painter Edvard Munch incoperate symbolist conventions into his painting The Scream?
Munch used the figures and the landscape to communicate personal feelings and ideas
What is a distinguising feature of Aguste Rodin’s sculpture Burghers of Calais?
Movement and emotion are captured through textural variations
How did Louis Comfort Tiffany incoperate a convention of Art Noveau in Magnolias and Irises?
Tiffany used curvilinear and organic shapes drwn from the natural world
Which sentence best describes the wat that Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta designed the interior space of his building?
Horta oversaw every detail, from bainister to stain glass, to ensure a unified effect.
Which pair of statements best describe a difference between Reallist and Impressionist paintings?
Impressionist painters applied pure color to canvas; Realist painters mixed paint on a palette
In what way are these paintings of Impressionist Piere Auguste Renoir and those of Post-Impressionst Vincent Van Gogh similiar?
Both paintings have color and brushwork that expresses the artist’s impression of or emotion about a subject

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Fine Arts K12 Unit 3: Test
Whic h of the following describes how Joseph Paxton designed the Crystal Palace? Paxon made the iron structural support visable What characterist of Daguerreotype does Louis Daguerre capture in The Artist
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Fine Arts K12 Unit 3: Test
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