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    Are you demonstrating the academic skills needed to succeed in college? Essay

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    I am demonstrating the academic skills that are essential to perform at a high caliber as a college student. Since being in college biology I have introduced to the skill that I need to succeed in college. Week one I received a CR grade, week two I received a 70%, week three I received an 80%, week four I received a 77%, week five I received a 77%, and week six I received a 60% due to major lab grade. The grades that I have received are from KS connect. I think with the help of my metacognitive skills, I have been able to succeed in this class.

    The three metacognitive skills that stick out to me the most are; self-regulation, meta-memory, and meta-comprehension. I use self regulation by checking the weekly assignments on black board, knowing that it is my job to see find the assignments by myself. I think that this skill is needed in college because the professors are not going to hold your hand throughout college and they expect you take the initiative and do things on your own. The next skill is meta-memory, or knowing your own memory strategies. This skill, to me, was very important on our first exam. I learned that I learn best by repeating things over and over again.

    Having good studying strategies will help you in college because there will be many tests and I will need to have good studying strategies. Last but not least is meta-comprehension, being able to monitor the degree in which we understand is the most important. After self-evaluation, I learned that in order for me to really focus is that I need to give my full attention, and leave all of my distractions at the door. While I am in college I cannot let the information that is being taught to me slip by. I do not perform better in a course that expects me to perform at that of a college student, much like biology 104.

    This class is the only one that has laboratory assignments and according to the data I collected this class is my lowest grade. This week I have a 75%, in AP world history I have an 85%, in PC apps, in Art history I have a 93%, in English I have a 96%, in math I have an 89%, and lastly in Intro to theatre I have a 98%. My hypothesis said that I preform in classes that are of college curriculum, and I was right. The reason to this was because of the lab that we recently did, I received a low grade due to the lack of skills that I have on doing labs.

    In the classes that I do not have labs in I am doing much better. As I was looking at my data I noticed that its not just the labs themselves, but it is also the amount of reading required for this class, I was never fond of reading. I need to fix that about myself, I need to have the discipline to read everything that is assigned. In conclusion, I am not utilizing my self-regulation skill and need to fix that for next quarter and beyond. In my junior class, and the seniors who are enrolled in this course, males preform academically better than females based off of the past biology exam.

    Data that I have, received from Mr. Patino, shows that six girls have scored less than a C- and only one boy scored less than a C-. Unfortunately this does not back up my hypothesis stating that boys are not smarter than girls. Looking at my class as a whole I have noticed that the boys are very completive when it comes to school. For example, when the teachers called the students to a sign up for AP classes I saw that there were more boys than girls, I was very surprised. I think that that competitive attitude gives the boys the ability to preform academically better.

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