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    A Day When Everything Went Wrong Essay

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    It was raining heavily early in the morning. I could hardly get up from the bed after spending the whole night trying to finish my assignment. How I wish I could have a little more rest. I took a glance at the alarm clock and was shocked that it was already 6. 30 in the morning. Definitely, I will be late and I quickly got up, and managed to get myself dressed up. At the same time, waking my two children up and urging them to wash up and dress up as quickly as possible. We did not have time for breakfast and went straight to school.

    Due to the heavy down pour, the traffic movement was very slow and I was anxious during the jam which lasted for quite a while. By the time I reached school, it was already 7. 45 in the morning. I was already late for 20 minutes. I was so mad when I heard my two children murmuring among themselves that I was not able to wake them up earlier and thus causing them to be late to school. I did not bother much because I was rushing to enter the class which suppose to start at 725a. m. The headmaster was standing outside his office staring at me angrily and it reminded me an on incident the day before.

    He has actually asked me to attend a week-long course which I refused. The reason is because I had just finished a mathematics course of ten days. There are so many younger teachers where he should ask them to attend to. He seems to be very dissatisfied with me and more over I was late. As I enter the classroom, I could hear the students whispering among themselves about me being late to school. I pretended that nothing had happened and start to teach my class as usual. I felt uncomfortable during the whole lesson but it did not last long as I was saved by the bell and next was my free period.

    I intend to take my breakfast because I was starving. Just then our GPK I Madam Wong came holding a stack of document telling me, “You need to enter this data into the computer system. It is very urgent and I hope you can finish it as soon as possible. ” I was very angry because such work can be done by a school clerk. I was thinking why I need to deal with so much paper work where I have student’s examination paper to mark, input students score to the system, reporting student learning progress online.

    I was fully occupied until I do not even have time to do my own household chores properly and to supervise my children’s homework. But, anyway I still have to comply because it is an order. I had a very quick breakfast and started to deal with the document for an hour when the bell rang. It was time for me to go to a standard 3 mathematics class. Just when I enter the classroom, the class monitor reported to me that a girl was not feeling well. I found out that she was having a fever and as I was trying to help her up and bring her to the restroom, she vomited onto my dress.

    I was in a mess and thought what a bad day and so unfortunate. I brought her to the restroom and contacted her parents. After a while they came to bring her back home. Then only I had time to clean up myself. Finally the bell rang and it is time to go home. As I was packing up and preparing to meet my children, my colleague, Miss Lim came rushing to me telling me my son fell from the stairs, hurting his head. I rushed for my son and found out that he was crying and his head was bleeding. Together with my other children, we went straight to the hospital, where the doctor attended and gave him a few stitches.

    By that time, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon. I was driving home when my car collided with another car. The other driver was asking me to compensate him because I had accidently damaged the back of his car. With no choice I paid him RM100. By the time everything was settled, I was very tired and drove back home. Before long, my husband came home. When he found out that his son was injured and the car was damaged, he was angry. He blamed me for not taking good care of our children. I argued back that it was an accident and I need to attend to my work too.

    He misunderstood the whole situation and put the blame on me. I was really hurt. I have just enrolled in a university long-distance course, to comply with the Ministry of Education, to enhance all primary school teachers to university status. There is a lot of assignment waiting to be completed and lots of book to read. Am I able to finish my university course? Can I work out a way to strike a balance between family and career? Oh! What an unlucky day! Everything seems to be not right. I hope that the clock could move faster so that I can say goodbye to this unfortunate day.

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