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    A Day to Rejoice Essay (678 words)

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    Bringing a new life into this world is a treasured moment. The mother is happy the time has finally come. The family waits patiently for the arrival of the newest family member. The doctor only hopes there is not any complications with the baby or the mother. These days, nurses, doctors, and hospitals do a wonderful job to ensure that this precious moment is as relaxed and worry free as possible. Dr. Summer Kirby knew from an early age that she wanted to be a doctor. She was committed to her education at an early age; earning valedictorian at her high school and receiving a full scholarship to the University of Oklahoma.

    Dr. Kirby now works at Mercy Hospital as both a primary care doctor and also a delivery doctor. She takes great pride in her work as a delivery doctor. When her younger sister, Britney, became pregnant for her first time, Dr. Kirby was overwhelmed with joy at the thought of bringing our new niece or nephew into the world. The induction time for my other sister Britney’s delivery was scheduled at 11am so I knew I had time to get up and get my workout in before I needed to head over to the hospital.

    I arrived about an hour early because my mother had driven my sister to the hospital that morning, and I wanted to visit with her too. I scrolled through the automatic glass doors into the main entrance to the hospital as I made my way to the delivery wing. Fortunately, I already knew how to get there since I used to date one of the delivery nurses that works there. As I make my way through the hallways and automatic doors, I finally made it to the delivery rooms. I pressed the call button on the wall so the nurses would allow me access to the delivery room where my sister lay in the hospital bed.

    Family members filled the whole room. There was a rocking chair next to the bed, which I thought was nice, and a three-seated couch in the back of the room against the window. Needless to say, there were not enough seats to go around so everybody stood against the walls and visited with one another. Dr. Kirby entered the room a moment behind me and informed everyone it was time to induce Britney’s labor. I had not even said hello to everyone before we were herded to the waiting room. My mother and the soon-to-be father stayed with Britney while the rest of us anxiously waited to hear that everything had gone okay.

    Britney had chosen to take an epidural so the delivery was finished within thirty minutes, to everyone’s astonishment. Dr. Kirby came back to the waiting room a little while later and gave us the news we all were waiting on. Britney and the baby were doing fine, and we could all go back to visit. As the whole family made their way back into the room to see Britney and the new baby boy, Bricen, I went to the nurse’s station to talk to Dr. Kirby. She was gleaming with joy that the delivery had gone so well, and that she was the first person that baby Bricen saw as he entered this world.

    She feels it created a special bond with her nephew. She also said that she made sure to stitch Britney back up “really good,” as that is one of her duties after the delivery. Now that the baby had been delivered and Britney had been tended to, the rest was up to the nurses to monitor the baby and run a few tests. Dr. Kirby did a wonderful job delivering her new baby nephew, and she was proud and honored to be the doctor to do it. It was truly a blessed day for everyone involved. Not only did we welcome a new member to the family, but for my sister to deliver my other sister’s baby made the moment that much better!

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