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    Theatre Arts Essay (3704 words)

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    My name is John but my mother, Jenny, calls me Jack, probably because that was the name of my biological father, her prom date when she was only 18-years- old. Conceived in the backseat of a 1990 Pontiac Trans Am 24. Yearlong, she gave birth to me nine months later when she was barely 19-years-old. Now 42 years-old but looking ten years younger, my Mom is a real MILL with a striper’s body and a movie star’s face.

    She told me that before her prom date could put a ring on her finger to make me legitimate instead of the bastard that I am today, he joined the Marines, went off to war, and never returned, Being that she can’t even remember his last name, she doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead. My kid sister Emma, half-sister actually, was born two years later when my mother got a job striping off her clothes while dancing around a pole for tips to support me. One of her special lap dance, private customers got her pregnant.

    Even then, with her having more than a few special lap dance customers, she isn’t know which one of her private customers was my sister’s Daddy. Being that she was so fertile, my mother should have kept a notebook of who she had sex with when. I’m just glad she had her tubes tied with the birth of my sister. One bitchy off sister is enough. A good looking woman Who lived alone With two small kids Without a job, unable to work and on welfare, she always had some man sniffing around her and Willing to support her in exchange for sex.

    I guess men would rather give money to her than to waste their money at a strip club for a special lap dance from a stripped who had God knows what diseases. At least they saw that my Mom was trying to do the right thing by raising and caring for her children. Still, when seeing my Mom out in the world without us tagging behind, probably because she was so young and looked more like a teenager than she did a twenty- something-year-old, ex-stripped of a woman , one would never think that she had two kids.

    As far hack as I could remember, I’d hear her moaning and, whichever new man she was with, I’d hear him groaning while they had rock star, mattress squeaking, and head banging against the headboard Humping one another so hard and o fast, my Venetian blinds kept time with their humping by bumping against my window. Sexually excited listening to my mother having sex and being that always wished that I could have rock star sex with her too, never viewed her as a normal son would view his mother. Much like every Other man she’s been with and she’s been with many, I viewed her as a sexual object to be lusted over and desired.

    Especially at my testosterone filled age, always horny, believing that sex is all that wanted, never considered that what really wanted was to have incestuous sex With my mother. Not a typical childhood and grateful for that, at least she didn’t abort us or put us up for adoption. A loving mother, always cooking and cleaning, she always tried to make the best home that she could for us. Now that I’m of age and earn decent money, I help support her and my sister. It’s the least that can do for all that she’s done for me in raising me and in making me the man that I am today.

    Maybe because we don’t share the same father but instead of her calling me John or Jack, my sister calls me jerk because she’s a hitch, Notwithstanding her calling me names, the fact that I hate her doesn’t stop me from spying on her and peeping on her while trying to see her naked. Then, whenever see something of her that a brother shouldn’t see of his sister, I ogle her while masturbating over her, Like mother like daughter, my sister is a good looking broad, Much like my mother, like mother like daughter, she has a wicked hot body. Again, much like my mother, like mother like daughter, she’s a slut too.

    After a long, cold, boring winter, summertime sexy fun is finally here. Today is the first day of summer. “Hooray! ” A voyeur’s dream come true, love the summer’s hot, humid weather where sexy, slut women wear less clothes and show more skin. As if my voyeurism hibernated with the cold and with women wearing pants and pantyhose under their long skirts, the selfish batches that they all are not to show their legs, women’s exhibitionism was non-existent in the wintertime for the sake of them keeping warm. The summertime is the opposite with women taking it off instead of putting it on.

    Rather wanting to be cool than to be hot, oxymoron to me, when they remove their clothes, the cooler they are the hotter they are. No more coats and jackets to hold down short, light skirts that blow up with the summer breeze in the way of a loose leaf floating on a current of air. Short skirts with panties instead of pantyhose for me to see what I shouldn’t see when women bend, stoop, sit, and climb up a flight upstairs ahead of me are my summertime memories to make. Low cut blouses, especially those without a bra, that give me down blouse, side blouse, and up blouse views are all part of my summertime, entertainment fun.

    Bathing suits that show too much and bikinis that show it all, summer is my best season to voyeur women. “Women, women, women, I love hot, sexy women, especially and specifically my where of a mother and my sexy, slut sister. ” Even with all of the women that there are out in the world, I don’t know what t is about my mother and sister but I’m so very sexually attracted to them. If I could have sex with them. Without hesitation, would. If could make them my sexy batches and my sexual slaves, without thinking about the repercussions of having incestuous sex with my mother and sister, I would.

    But too confident and too strong willed, they have minds of their own. Being that as it may, going with the flow, anything to have sex with them, I wouldn’t mind them making me their sexual slave. They are two women who will never allow a man to control them. They are the ones who take the control by teasing men while flaunting men their hot bodies while acting so innocent by making their flashes appear accidental. Every day I masturbate over making love to my mother and bucking my sister, Every day masturbate over imagining them blowing me.

    Wishing could have an incestuous threesome, I’d love for my mother and sister to suck my sock while I fondled their big breasts and fingered their nipples. In addition to it being the first day of summer, a day to celebrate semi-naked women, today is my slut sister’s twenty-first birthday. Never seeing it coming but hoping that one day would, today is the day that changed my life forever. Never Will have another day to match this day. Masturbating about it daily, as if it all happened yesterday, I’ll remember this first day of summer for the rest of my life. Happy birthday Emma,” I said giving her a birthday card and a gift, some perfume, along with a kiss on her cheek, When I kissed my sisters cheek, something I’ve never done before, being that don’t like her as a person, nonetheless my personal telling for her, a flash of sexual excitement hit me in the way of a glass of cold water being thrown in my face. With the both to us growing up in a broken home and having a troubled childhood, it then that I realized that I’ve never been as physically close to y sister as I was then when I kissed her cheek.

    Because she has such a smoking hot body with such a pretty face, I’ve always wanted my sister, ever since she turned eighteen but it was then that wanted her in the way that never wanted her before Instead of her being my kid sister, she avgas a woman now and I was a man. “Thanking Johnny,” she said beaming and looking up at me with her big, blue eyes in the way that I imagined her looking up at me while on her knees with my bib hard, hairy sock buried in her sweet, pretty mouth. Maybe because I gave her a gift, she called me Johnny instead Of jerk. Or the iris time, she looked at me in the lustful viva that I look at her. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part, maybe in the way that I had sexual feelings for her, she had sexual feelings for me too. It’s amazing the things that go through my mind when sexually fantasizing about having sex With my naked sister and, for that matter, when thinking about having sex with my naked mother too. Suddenly, a sexual, incestuous fantasy like no other controlled my mind and I couldn’t think of anything else but my mother and sister naked. Naked, naked, naked, I’d so love to see one or the other or the both of them naked.

    Instead of kissing my sister on the cheek, I wished I could have lifted up her short skirt, pulled down her white, bikini panty, put her across my lap and paddled her round, firm, naked ass twenty-one times with another hard slap for good luck. I wonder what she’d say or do if I dared do that, pull up her short skirt, pull Devon her white, bikini panty, put her across my lap, and paddle her round, firm, naked ass twenty-one times with another hard slap for good luck. Would she like me doing that to her or would she be angry? Would sexually excite her or would it gross her out that her brother spanked her naked ass? Wow! Just the thought Of pulling up her short skirt gave me an erection. Just the thought of pulling down her white, bikini panty against her will made me wild With sexual desire for her. Just the thought Of forcing her across my lap to slap her round, firm, naked ass made me wish that I could have sex with my sister. Had an erection just thinking about spanking my sister. I had an even harder erection just thinking about having crazy, wild sex with my sister after spanking Setting the precedent, if only I could spank my sexy’ sister on her birthday, I imagined doing the same to my mother on her birthday. Imagined pulling up y mother’s short skirt, pulling down her white bikini panty, putting her across my lap, and slapping her round, firm naked ass on her birthday too, As if was really doing it instead adjust thinking about doing it in my mind, could really imagine her reaction if I did spank her naked could really imagine What she’d say if spanked my mother on her birthday on her naked ass in the way that wanted to spank my sister on her birthday on her naked ass too. “Johnny? What the Hell are you doing? I imagined my mother trying to turn away from me to deny me a peek of her panty clad ass when I pulled up her short skirt and held it there in place. What the Hell has gotten into you? Put down my skirt this second,” I imagined her saying with the back of her short skirt raised up to her lower back. A futile attempt, imagined her trying to swat my hand away. Another futile attempt, I imagined her trying to pull, turn, and twist away from my grasp. “Relax mother. Today is your birthday. Happy birthday mother. I’m just giving you your birthday spanking,” imagined saying to her while reaching beneath her skirt to pull down her panties.

    Then, in one sexually excited swipe, I imagined pulling down her panty all the way down to her ankles. As much as her puss was exposed to me, there a sight o behold was my mother’s shapely, naked, ass ready to be spanked. So round and so firm, this wasn’t just anyone’s ass, this was my mother’s ass. “Oh my God! How dare you pull down my panties? ” Controlling her by tightly holding up and onto the back to her skirt hem, I imagined my mother deeply protesting While struggling to free herself from my horny hold. “Don’t you dare look at my naked ass. Pushing on her upper back, I imagine bending her forward. “Don’t you dare look at my puss. I mean it Jack. Don’t you dare look at your mother’s cent. ” “It’s okay mother. I’m not going to rape you. It’s your birthday Mom. My birthday fit to you is forty-two slaps on your naked ass with one extra hard slap for good luck. Then, later, knowing how much being spanked will sexually excite you,” imagined saying while sliding a slow hand over her puss lips and a stiff finger inside, “just like your slut daughter did on her birthday, you can blow me. ” Instead of kissing my sister on the cheek.

    I wanted to take her in my arms and French kiss her as if she was a woman picked up at the bar and who had invited me home for hot sex. Instead of kissing my sister on her cheek, I wish could have kissed her ass and tossed her salad before licking her puss while reaching p to feel her big its and finger her erect nipples. Instead of merely kissing my sister on her cheek for her birthday, wish I could have made love to her and really pounded her puss to give her a happy bucking birthday orgasm, I’d love to watch and hear my slut sister Cumming. Johnny! Oh Johnny. I’m going to UCM. I’m Cumming. Lick me faster. Finger me deeper. Don’t stop. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God,” “Happy bucking birthday Emma,” I imagined saying to her while she was still in her bed naked while reveling in the afterglow of having an orgasm. “Oh Johnny, thank you. I’ve been so looking forward to this day, my birthday and he first day of summer, when you pound my puss and give me a happy bucking birthday orgasm,” imagined her saying with wild, sexual enthusiasm while basking in her sexual afterglow. Is there something that I can do for you? ” I imagined my sister feeling my erection through my jeans while looking up at me seductively. “Yeah, you can suck my sock bitchy,” imagined saying to her while unzipping myself, pulling out my tock, grabbing a handful Of her hair, and jamming myself in her mouth. “Suck my sock Emma. Suck it. Suck it bitchy. Need to UCM in your mouth. ” Alas, nothing more than a sexual fantasy that was motivated by her twenty. Iris birthday today and the first day of summer, I’d love to do to her all that imagined doing to her.

    Instead of her being my bitchy, sexy, slut sister, wish I could make her my bitchy, sexy, slut lover, A love,’hate relationship, suddenly wanted my sister in a way that I’ve never wanted my sister before and in the way that I’ve always wanted my mother. Consumed why incestuous sexual thoughts, if only my sister wanted me as much as I want her, I’d do her. If only my mother wanted me as much as I want my mother, I’d do her etch). In the way that so many men have experienced one or the other, if only I could have a horseshoe with my where of a mother and slut a sister, this summer would be the best summer ever and I’d be a happy man.

    Alas, knowing that I’d never have sex with my sister or with my mother, I knew it was all just a sexual fantasy. Alas, knowing a threesome with my sister and mother was out Of the question, the only time I’d have sex with them is in my dreams. At the very least, being that the summer was finally here, could ogle their nearly naked bodies out by the pool while masturbating myself in my room. “Happy birthday Sis. ” I imagined holding my sock in my hand to show her my facial birthday gift that wrapped especially for her. Think of my sock as a special Hostess Twinkle,” imagined saying to her. “l tied a bow around my sock for you to untie before you suck me to reveal the creamy surprise inside. ” “Oh thank Johnny. I can’t wait to unwrap your sock and suck it. Yum, can’t wait to swallow your creamy surprise, ” I imagine Emma saying while being so appreciative to my birthday present and grateful to not only suck my sock but also to swallow my UCM. A family tradition, if only once a year on our birthdays, how hot would that be for my sister to suck my sock on her birthday and on my birthday too?

    What better birthday gift can give my sister than having her blow me and what better birthday gift can my sister give me than by blowing me? Can’t think of anything better than that either, unless it’s to bang my sister and give her a Happy bucking Birthday orgasm. In the meantime, being that today is her birthday and being that I’m so tempted, how hot would that be for me to lift her short, skirt, pull down herewith, bikini panty, and feel my hand all over her naked ass while spanking her’slap! Slap! Slap! ‘ “Johnny! Don’t. Let me go! If only I could, I’d slap her tight, little, naked ass- ‘Slap! Slap! Slap! ‘ “Mom! Help! ” How hot would that be for me to so sexually abuse my sister on the pretense of giving her good luck birthday slaps? Can just hear her screaming now while struggling to get away from me, “Johnny don’t! Let me go! Stop it! Mom! Johnny pulled up my short skirt, pulled down my white, bikini panties, put me over his lap, and is spanking my naked ass,” imagined my sister calling for my mother to rescue her from me. “That’s nice dear,” I imagined my mother saying. I can’t wait for my birthday when your brother does the same to me too. Can’t wait for his birthday when fall to my knees and suck his sock While seductively looking up at him With my gig, blue eyes. ” Wishing could see her with my big, hard, hairy sock in her beautiful mouth, I’d do anything to buck my sister and to watch her suck me while looking up at me with her big, blue eyes. “Johnny stop. You’re hurting me. My ass is all red and sore. ” Alas, just a sexual fantasy, my sister, even the slut that she is, would never do me, her big brother, or allow me to do her.

    She’d never even allow me pull up her short skirt, pull down her white, bikini panty, pull her across my knee and allow me to slap her round, firm, naked ass twenty-one times with another hard slap or good luck. “Oh my God, Johnny, I’m going to UCM,” imagined my sister being so sexually excited from me spanking her. I’d so love to slap her naked ass twenty-one times. “Johnny! I’m Cumming. I’m Cumming. ” I’d so love to give her one, hard, last slap as a good luck slap. ‘Slap! ‘ “Owe! Gasohol,” imagine her saying while rubbing her red ass.

    Now of legal drinking age, no matter that she’s been drinking for years already nap. ‘ay, my where of a mother took my slut a sister, where else, to an all-male revue, strip club, Unbelievable with them being the sluts that they both are and tit me being so horny, just what is my mother teaching my sister by bringing her to a strip club on her twenty-first birthday? A long time sexual fantasy, just hoped to God that they’ll come home so drunk and so horny that they won’t know or care who I am and give me incestuous sex_ A dream come true, I’d love to have sex with my drunken, naked mother and drunken, naked sister. Wow,’ thought to myself. ‘Wouldn’t that be something if they came home so drunk and so horny that they practically raped me instead Of me having to rape them? ‘ Yet, much in the same way of the spanking their naked asses, knowing that loud never happen either, nothing more than a sexual fantasy, it was exciting nonetheless to masturbate over the thoughts of having sex with my mother and my sister. If nothing else and at the very least imagined, too drunk to notice while talking to me, maybe they’ll strip naked in front of me while readying themselves for bed.

    Two tort one, I’d love to compare my mother’s naked body to my sister’s naked body. With their adjoining bedroom doors wide open in the way they’ve been leaving their bedroom doors open lately while undressing I imagined standing in between their bedroom doorways while watching them enders and striping themselves naked in readiness for bed. Distracting them with conversation while staring at their naked bodies, imagined asking them questions about their CFML adventure.

    As if watching a tennis match, going from watching my mother undressing to my watching my sister undressing, I imagined them both removing their blouses and short skirts to stand before me in their low cut bras and revealing bikini panties while telling me all that happened and all that they shamelessly did at the strip club. Then, mindlessly moving their hands behind their backs while incessantly liking While drunk, I imagined watching them remove their bras, first my mother and then my sister, first one cup and then the other, to show me their big its.

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